Start Up Your Dynasties Before the 2022 NFL Draft

New Dynos From $77 To $1250

Five Different Levels To Launch Your Next Franchise

While we already added $77 and $250 start-ups last month, we now have start-up dynasty action available at the $500, $750 and $1250 levels as well, too. In fact, numerous leagues have already filled and a few others are already close to capacity as well. You can register for them right here, so hop in a new dynasty league today from the selections we have below:

$77 Std. #5276 of 12$154$0$600TOMORROW 9a E8 hrsStd
$77 #52610 of 12$154$0$600Sat 9a E8 hrsBB
$77 SFX #52510 of 12$154$0$600Sat 9a E8 hrsBB
$250 #26212 of 12$250$150$2,250Sat 10a E8 hrsBB
$250 #27111 of 12$250$150$2,250Sat 10a E8 hrsStd
$250 SFX #27011 of 12$250$150$2,250Sat 10a E8 hrsStd
$500 #808 of 12$500$300$4,800Sat 10:30a E8 hrsStd
$750 SFX #5911 of 12$750$500$7,650Sat 11a E8 hrsStd
$77 SFX #53112 of 12$154$0$600Sun 9a E4 hrsStd
$250 SFX #26111 of 12$250$150$2,250Sun 10a E4 hrsBB
$500 SFX #8112 of 12$500$300$4,800Sun 10:30a E4 hrsStd
$750 #6412 of 12$750$500$7,650Mon 11a E2 hrsStd

RotoViz 3FX SFX
$250 #26710 of 12$250$100$2,250TOMORROW 10a E 8 hrsBB
$500 #828 of 12$500$300$4,800Sat 10:30a E8 hrsStd
$750 #6011 of 12$750$500$7,650Sat 11a E8 hrsStd
$77 #52812 of 12$154$0$600Sun 9a E4 hrsBB
$77 #53211 of 12$154$0$600Sun 9a E4 hrsStd
$250 #27212 of 12$250$150$2,250Mon 10a E2 hrsStd

2022 FFPC Dynasty Start-Up Leagues

Also, we have FIVE remaining dynasty orphans posted right here. You can register for them below:

2022 FFPC Dynasty Teams For Sale

Best Ball Tourney Almost 90% Full

The FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament will fill up before you know it, players! This tournament is following best ball slim rules (no kickers or defenses) with a 14-week regular season and single week elimination playoffs from Weeks 15-17 before a champion is crowned at the end of week 17. For just $125 per team, a maximum of 1,152 teams will battle for the $25,000 grand prize with a $133,100 prize pool!

This tournament is running now until April 28th, which is the start of the NFL Draft. However, all rookies are already loaded into the player pool and are ready to be drafted by you!

The main details of the tourney are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $125 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 1,152 entries
  • $25,000 Grand Prize
  • $133,100 in guaranteed prizes
  • 20-Round Best Ball Slim Format
  • 2-hour, 6-hour, 30-second and 60-second draft options available
  • Draft until April 28th
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.
Sit & Go #4016912 of 12$125$133K When Full30 sec
Slow #40949 LAST DRAFT12 of 12$125$133KWhen Full6 hrs
Slow #409418 of 12$125$133KWhen Full2 hrs
Live #4075211 of 12$125$133KTONIGHT 9p E60 sec
Live #4075311 of 12$125$133KThu 9p E 60 sec

Enter the FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament

Best Ball Wednesday, My Dudes

From best ball and best ball slim leagues to victory point, Varsity and Terminator formats, we have a league made just for you! Join in the fun now with redraft best ball slow draft leagues at entry fees of $5, $35, $77 and $250 open for entry. And don't forget that the 2022 rookie class is included in the draft pool as well.

Slow drafts are filling and launching as soon as they are full, so you can be drafting in minutes. Drafts with 60-second, two-hour and six-hour clocks are available. And be sure to download the FFPC iOS and Android apps for a more streamlined draft experience. The links are below:

Download the FFPC iOS App Here

Download the FFPC Android App Here

Drafts are popping off daily, so any of you that love early drafting can jump in now and draft your first 2022 Best Ball team today!

18 Days Until 2022 FPC Drafts

For the second straight year in the Footballguys Players Championship, we will be awarding two separate six-figure prizes. Take your shot at the most lucrative grand prize in Footballguys history today, as the winner of the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship will take home a record $500,000 for his or her efforts, and the runner-up will pocket a cool $150,000 as well. The 2022 Footballguys Players Championship is open for registration, players! Here are the details:

  • Slow and live drafts begin May 1st and run through September 11th
  • $4,390,000 prize pool ($600,000 more than in 2021)
  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $150,000 runner-up prize ($50,000 more than in 2021)
  • Contest will pay down to 1,000th place (150 more places than in 2021)
  • When you register by June 30th and draft by July 15th, you'll receive a free FFPC $35 team credit.
  • Click here for the full details on the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Early Bird Promotion

Join the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Here

Win a $1,000,000 Check From Us This Year

Did you hear the big news? We're going to be awarding a $1,000,000 grand prize to whomever finishes in first place in the 2022 Main Event. We're also giving away nearly $6,000,000 in this year's prize pool as well.

Remember to get in before the early bird deadline, too. Sign up by Tuesday May 31st and receive $100 off your first team. Early bird discount pricing is $1,900 for Online and $2,025 for Live in-person drafts.

Add more teams and save $500 off each additional one. Multiple team discount pricing is $1,500 for Online and $1,625 for Live in-person drafts. Register at the ink below:

Sign Up For the 2022 FFPC Main Event Here

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment's notice, I am including this section of the email every week. While you are checking out all things FFPC for the 2022 season, consider this your guide:

Thanks so much for reading, players! Now's the time to register for some dynasty maiden drafts here and/or grab one of the last five dynasty orphans teams located right here.

Please remember our inaugural FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament is filling up rapidly with two weeks to go. You can draft in that today or any of the different satellite leagues that are launching as you read this email.

Now would also be the perfect time to take advantage of that free $35 team credit in the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Early Bird Promotion as well. Have a great Wednesday, everybody!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship