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Dynasty Teams For Sale

Below is a list of available FFPC dynasty teams.

  • All teams are listed at their current price, including the 2024 renewal fee. The first person to click the Purchase button gets it.
  • All new owners must pay the full initial one-time deposit regardless of the purchase price. ($0 for $77, $100 for $100, $100 for $250, $250 for $500, $350 for $750, $500 for $1250, $1,500 for $2500, and $2,000 for $5,000 leagues.) Leagues created in 2022 or later have higher deposits.
  • Any $77 league orphan purchase will only pay the future 2025 league fee of $77, as the prior owner has already paid for 2024. There is no initial deposit due for $77 orphans.
  • Please fund your FFPC account with needed funds (including deposits) before or immediately after clicking Purchase on any dynasty teams for sale. Teams will be held for a maximum of five minutes to complete any purchase.

Top Adopters

Adopter Orphans Adopted Total Spend (Entry Fees) Total Spend (Sale Price)
Vael 198 $15,499 $14,986
RaySwallsFinkle 154 $16,055 $14,938
joevangogh 61 $53,000 $25,190
TinaL1222 52 $5,907 $3,106
Redshirt 47 $3,619 $3,543
Talk To Me Goose 44 $3,976 $3,129
jagmerchant 43 $5,091 $4,178
bigpookie 39 $3,003 $2,655
CatLikeReflexes 38 $28,250 $17,125
nouseforffpc 35 $26,250 $9,277

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