What is the FFPC?

You’ve found us! The hard part is behind you, we promise. From this point on, it’s all pure fun and enjoyment of the hobby we all love: fantasy football.

Allow us to explain what the FFPC is and why this is your final stop in search of a fantasy football home.

So is the FFPC another one of those “daily fantasy games” sites? No, we are not a daily fantasy site. We are a season-long site, the old-fashioned kind where you draft your team at the beginning of the season and follow the action each week. Our leagues start in NFL Week 1 and run though Week 16.

The FFPC offers season-long, pay-to-play fantasy football leagues, contests and national tournaments at price levels to match any budget. Have you ever played in a fantasy football league with your college buddies or in your office which had a $25 or $50 entry fee? Well, that means you’ve played in pay-to-play leagues and that’s exactly what we have here at the FFPC. Our leagues start at only a $5 entry fee and go up from there! We also have leagues at $35, $77, $150 and $250 entry fees. Then there are others at $350 and $500, which would be considered “mid-stakes”. Beyond that are the “high-stakes” leagues at entry fees of $750, $1,250 and higher. We even have leagues at $5,000 and $10,000. Yeah, people actually pay that much to play fantasy football and they love every minute of it!

But the FFPC is much more than just a place to play fantasy football and win great prizes. It’s a place to meet other diehards just like you who live and breath fantasy football. Not just meet them online but actually meet in person at our yearly live events in Las Vegas during NFL’s opening weekend! Over 900 fantasy diehards were in Las Vegas last September. Great parties and non-stop fantasy football drafts are spread over an entire weekend. If you come to the FFPC live events just once, you will never want to miss them again!

Now the first question you may ask, is this gambling? How can playing fantasy football for this much money be legal? It’s a great question and here’s the answer. In 2006, the United States Congress passed a bill called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which was signed into law by President G.W. Bush. This law addressed all sorts of gambling issues and made many of them illegal but it also did a wonderful thing for fantasy football. As Wikipedia’s Fantasy Sport page describes, “The bill specifically exempts fantasy sports games, educational games, or any online contest that has an outcome that reflects the relative knowledge of the participants, or their skill…“. This basically means that fantasy football for money is in fact legal, according to federal statute. A lot has happened since the passage of the UIGEA and recently, many states throughout the country have passed laws meant to regulate daily fantasy sports. These laws also impact the season-long companies like the FFPC and as a result, we have gone thru the licensing process in many of these states. We are now licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and New Hampshire, just to name a few. There are some states where we are not yet licensed but plan to be in the new future, like Indiana and Tennessee. For more information on where playing in FFPC has become restricted, please see our Terms & Conditions. If you have more questions on this issue, give us a call at 212-929-FFPC or email us at info@myffpc.com

What about paying prizes? Is your money safe here? Will you get paid if you win the grand prize? This is the area we take most pride in. The FFPC has paid out over $60 Million in prizes since 2008 so our track record speaks for itself. Not only will you get paid, you will get paid fast! The FFPC has set the gold standard in paying prizes just days after the end of the fantasy season. But here’s the best part: since we are a regulated and licensed fantasy sports operator, we place our entire prize pool in a Special Purpose Entity account for the ultimate in prize protection. That’s millions of your prize money, safe and secured!

So what’s next? Well, all our offerings are listed in the Play menu. If you’d like to start a bit slow and “kick the FFPC tire” a little, go to the Classic Leagues & Best Ball page and take a look there. This page contains the lower priced leagues I mentioned earlier which start at $5, $35, $77 and $150 per team. They are individual leagues, made up of 12 teams and are not part of any big national contest with huge grand prizes.

If the big national contest is what you’re looking for, we have two huge contests. One is the FFPC Main Event, our flagship tournament and we also have the largest online contest in the world, the Footballguys Players Championship, each with a massive HALF-A-MILLION dollar grand prize! Want to try something totally different? Take a look at the FFPC exclusive Terminator Tournament. We also have Dynasty leagues where you can manage your team all year round! And much, much more.

We know all of this can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes confusing so if you have questions or something isn’t totally clear to you, send us an email or call us. We’ll help you out right away! We also have a great community on Twitter as well as Facebook. You might want to poke around there too. The FFPC players are a great bunch and are very helpful and welcoming to new players. They all started just as you did.

If you’re in the mood to do some more leisurely reading, you can learn about how the FFPC was created in 2008 by a couple of fantasy players just like you. Meet the FFPC’s management team here.

And now, strap on your seat belt as everything you know about fantasy football is about to change. You’re about to enter the incredible world of High Stakes Fantasy Football and the FFPC.

Enjoy your stay!