World's largest online season-long tournament. Presented by FFPC & FantasyPros

Over $6.04 Million in prizes will be awarded after the 2024 season including a record $1,000,000 grand prize. At only a $350 entry fee, this tournament sets the bar in the season-long fantasy football universe!

Daily online drafts start March 2024. Register and choose your draft date today. You’ll get your draft slot as soon as your league fills – which won’t take long, we promise!

Grand Prize
Prize Pool
Entry Fee
Multiple Team Discount

3 teams for $1,000 (save $50)

Draft Type & Length

20-round online snake draft with a 60-second, 2 hour or 6 hour timer

FantasyPros Championship League Details

Early Bird Incentive & Deadline:Register for the FPC by June 15, 2024 and draft your team no later than June 30, 2024 to receive a FREE $35 team credit toward any $35-entry FFPC league (For slow FPC drafts, simply register by June 15 to qualify). Maximum of three (3) $35 team credits are given per person or account regardless of teams purchased or drafted by Early Bird deadline. $35 credits will be added to a player’s account immediately after the qualifying FPC league fills. To be eligible for $35 credit, FPC teams must be purchased with cash funds. FPC credits are not eligible for the promotion.
Entry Fee:$350 Live and Slow online drafts
Multiple Team Discount Pricing:$1,000 for a three pack of teams ($50 discount)
Contest Capacity:Maximum of 20,004 entries
Prizes:All prizes guaranteed regardless of final entries. Scroll down for details
Draft Positions:Drawn at random & emailed to league, when league is full
Draft Type & Length:20 round serpentine (snake) online draft
Live online drafts with a 60 second timer
Slow online drafts with a 1*, 2 or 6 hour timer (Overnight pause from 2-8 AM ET)
Number of teams:12
Duration:Regular season Weeks 1-12. League Playoffs Weeks 13-14. Championship Round weeks 15-17
Format (Regular Season):Weeks 1-12
H2H matchups
After Week 12, League Playoff standings will be decided as such:
Seed 1) Team with best regular season Record
Seed 2) Team with highest point total
Seed 3) The remaining team with the best regular season record
Seed 4) The remaining team with the highest point total
Format (League Playoffs):Weeks 13-14
Weekly H2H matchups decide League Champion
The top two (2) seeds of each League in the regular season earn an Automatic Berth into the Championship Round. The League Champion also earns a berth into the Championship Round
Format (Championship Round):Weeks 15-17
No H2H matchups, total points only
Team with the highest sum of total points scored from Week 15-17 added to their one-game point average from the regular season is the FantasyPros Champion
Free Agency:Waivers by way of blind bidding (FAAB)
Each team gets $1000 blind bidding “dollars” for entire season
Two (2) weekly free agencies on Wednesday & Sunday
First free agency is scheduled on the Wednesday after Labor Day (September 6)
All bids must be entered by Wednesday 10 PM ET and Sunday 10 AM ET
Weekly Team Management:Yes. Starting lineups and free agency
Week One Lineup Rules:All teams, whether drafting before or after NFL Week One opening game on Thursday, will be able to submit and edit their starting lineup after Thursday’s game, including start/bench players which played in Thursday’s and Friday's game. To confirm, all FantasyPros Championship teams will have the same choice on whether to start or sit Thursday and Friday players retroactively after they have watched that game. Fantasy stats for Thursday’s and Friday's players will count towards Week One scores if they are placed in the starting lineup.
Trades:No trading allowed
Scoring System:FFPC Scoring rules will be in effect (scroll down for scoring details)
Roster Requirement:Twenty (20) total roster spots
Starting Lineup:1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (Flex can be RB, WR or TE)

*1 Hour Slow drafts will ONLY be available as the NFL Season approaches, once 2- and 6-hour slow drafts close.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for eligibility, prohibited players, and other game rules.