Prize Protection

Safe, secure and compliant.

Protecting Your Prizes

We understand the importance of customer trust with regards to prizes and payouts which is why the FFPC has set the standard in prize protection since 2008. We don’t just tell you your money is safe, we’ll show you the proof.

As a start-up event back in 2008, we believed it was vital that customers felt comfortable and secure entering a high stakes fantasy football contest. For this reason all FFPC Main Event prizes were placed in escrow account with Mark W. Yaros, Esq., a licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey. The FFPC became the FIRST and ONLY High Stakes contest to do so.

Beginning in 2018, FFPC Customer Deposits and Player winnings are now held in a separate, segregated bank account held by ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC, the special purpose entity for FFPC, LLC. This Special Purpose Entity was created in compliance with various states’ fantasy sports legislation to ensure protection of consumer funds. The segregated account is established and held in trust for the benefit and protection of authorized FFPC players. Withdrawals will be made from this segregated account, and checks issued may bear the name ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC. ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC funds do not belong to FFPC, LLC, nor are the funds available to creditors, except for players whose funds are held in such account. FFPC, LLC and ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC are forbidden to commingle funds and will function as two separate legal entities.