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Terminator Tournament Official Rules Terminator Tournament Prize Structure

The Terminator Tournament is sold out for 2018. Check out the Footballguys Players Championship, FFPC Main Event, Online Satellite and Victory Points Cash Leagues for ongoing drafts.

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The Terminator Tournament is sold out for the 2014 season.

Please check out the Victory Points Money Leagues, Online Satellite Leagues and the Football Guys Players Championship.

What is the "Terminator" concept and how does it work?

Terminator leagues will run in a similar fashion to FFPC Best Ball formats, with no waiver moves (other than as described below) and optimized player scoring. Each team starts with 26 players per roster after their initial draft. There are, however, two unique differences which makes the Terminator format unique in the fantasy football world:

1. Each week, fantasy owners are required to drop - or terminate - a single player from their rosters.

There will be no pickups at any time during the season for any reason - only the weekly drops/terminations. These drops will begin starting prior to NFL Week 1 and continue through the week prior to NFL Week 16. Team owners will be able to execute their weekly drops anytime between Tuesday morning up to Sunday at 12:55 pm EST (or 5 minutes prior to Sunday's kickoff time) on their league pages. This means that players who are playing in the late Sunday or Monday night games MUST be dropped before the Sunday 12:55 pm EST deadline as well. During weeks which have early games on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, any owner wanting to drop a player from a team in these early games must do so 5 minutes prior to that game's kickoff. Please remember that the 12:55 pm EST Sunday deadline will continue to remain for dropping all other players.

It is the responsibility of each team owner to execute the player drop before the deadline. Any drop that is made after the deadline will be considered void and that team will be terminated as per official rules.

Any player or position may be chosen to be dropped and it is up to the skill of each team owner to determine which specific player and/or position to drop on a weekly basis. During the first weekly drop, prior to NFL Week 1, each team will drop one player and their roster will go from 26 to 25 players. In week two, it will go from 25 down to 24 players. In week 3, it will go from 24 down to 23, etc. Prior to NFL week 16, each team will make their final weekly drop and their roster will be down to 10 players entering Week 16.

2. If an owner fails to execute the player drop during any given week by the specified deadline - for any reason whatsoever - his team is "terminated" and is eliminated from the remainder of the Terminator Tournament, both the regular season and the playoff rounds. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Teams which have been terminated will no longer be eligible to win any prizes.

Owners will be able to execute their weekly drops on their league management pages. In case of an emergency or computer issues, owners can also call 1-888-898-FFPC or email to notify the FFPC Commissioners of their designated weekly drop. The email or phone call must be received during the allotted time for weekly drops. The FFPC may also send weekly emails, reminding owners to execute their weekly drops.

Tournament Format & Structure

The Terminator Tournament will consist of 30 leagues, 12 teams per league, for a total of 360 teams and will not be expanded for any reason. All prizes, including the $25,000 grand prize, are guaranteed regardless of final amount of entries. Entry fee is $350 per team.

The Terminator has a 13-week regular season which will run from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 13 followed by the Championship Round and a Consolation Round during Weeks 14 through 16. There are no league playoffs in this format. League winners will be determined on cumulative total points at the end of 13 weeks. Points will be scored on a weekly basis using optimal scoring of all players on each team's roster. The top scoring teams at the conclusion of Week 13 will be placed according to points and will win the respective prizes as stated below.

The top four (4) scoring teams in each Terminator league will qualify for the Championship Round to be held in Weeks 14-16 of the NFL regular season. Based on 30 leagues, there will be 120 teams in the Championship Round. Each qualifying team in the Championship Round will be seeded according to their regular season 13-week average score. Championship Round winners will be determined based on each team's total points scored during Weeks 14, 15 & 16 and added to their one-game point average from the regular season. The team with the most points will win the $25,000 grand prize and be crowned Terminator Champion. Teams with the next highest points will win prizes as listed in the Prize section below.

All teams who do not qualify for the Championship Round will enter the Consolation Round to be held Weeks 14-16 of the NFL regular season.

Teams which did not execute a weekly drop at any point during the season and were "terminated" will be eliminated and will NOT be able to participate in either the Championship Round or the Consolation Round. Teams are required to continue making their weekly drops during Weeks 14-16 and those which do not drop a player will also be eliminated and not eligible to collect award prizes.

FFPC Terminator Tournament Prizes:

Regular Season League Prizes (Weeks 1-13):

Place Prize
1st Free Entry - 2019 FFPC Main Event ($1800 value)
Cash Option: $1450
2nd $350


Championship Round Prizes (Weeks 14-16):

Place Prize
Terminator Champion $25,000
2nd $5,000
3rd $2,000
4th $1,500
5th $1,000
 6th  $750
 7th  $750
 8th  $500
 9th  $500
 10th  $500
 11th  $350
 12th  $350
 13th  $350
 14th  $350
 15th  $350
 16th  $350
 17th  $350
 18th  $350
 19th  $350
 20th  $350


Consolation Round Prizes (Weeks 14-16):

Place Prize
1st $500
2nd $350