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Dynasty leagues are sold out for 2016. Orphan teams will be available starting in January 2017. If you do not have an FFPC account, please create one and you will receive email updates on all future dynasty availabilities.

Coming Soon - 2018 League Registration

Live online drafts have a 90-second timer per pick. Slow online drafts have an 8-hour clock.
Slow dynasty drafts have a 12-hour clock.

Open Teams Entry Fee Initial Deposit Prizes Draft Timer Type Rds Roster Deadline  

Dynasty Formats

The FFPC offers these distinctly different dynasty formats: traditional FFPC, Superflex, or Superflex RotoViz TriFlex. Each of the three formats is available in Standard (Std) and Best Ball (BB). The FFPC Standard Dynasty format includes 20-man rosters, starting lineup submission, waivers, trading, weekly head-to-head matchups, and playoffs. The Best Ball Dynasty format features optimized scoring lineups which are automatically started each week for the entire season. No weekly lineup submission is necessary. There are also no playoffs -- the team that accumulates the most total points after 16 weeks wins. Best Ball Dynasty also features 22-man rosters with weekly waivers and trading is allowed.

Superflex Dynasty Leagues rules have the following small differences: QB can be used as a Flex, but only for 1 Flex position. The 2nd Flex can be RB, WR or TE. For Superflex Standard, teams can draft a maximum of three (3) QBs but may go over 3 QBs rostered via free agency or trading. Superflex Best Ball do not have limitations on QBs drafted or rostered.

Superflex RotoViz Triflex Dynasty Leagues have the following differences: The starting lineup is 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 Superflex, 2 Flex, and 1 TE. There are neither kickers nor defenses. There are three flex positions. QB can be used as a flex only for the single Superflex position. The 2nd and 3rd Flex can be RB, WR, or TE. For Superflex RotoViz TriFlex Standard leagues, teams can draft a maximum of three (3) QBs in the maiden draft but may go over 3 QBs rostered via free agency or trading after the draft. Superflex RotoViz TriFlex Best Ball leagues do not have limitations on QBs drafted or rostered.


New owners are required to pay a deposit when registering for a dynasty team. Deposits for each dynasty league are as follows: $100 leagues - $100 deposit, $250 leagues - $150 deposit, $500 leagues - $300 deposit, $750 leagues - $500 deposit, $1,250 leagues - $750 deposit, $2,500 leagues - $1,500 deposit, $5,000 leagues - $2,000 deposit. This is a one-time deposit, payable upon initial registration. Only the league entry fee is due in the subsequent years. Deposits are also required if an owner deals away a future 1st round rookie pick. If an owner decides to leave the FFPC dynasty league, deposits will be refunded provided the team is sold for the full entry fee. If the team is not sold for the full entry fee, deposits will be used to cover the difference between the final selling price and the yearly entry fee. i.e.: If a $750 team is sold for $600, the prior owner would receive $350 of his deposit back and $150 would go to cover the difference between $600 and the actual $750 entry fee. If the team is orphaned by the owner, all deposits are forfeited.

[Starting in 2023, $77-entry dynasty leagues are no longer available as startups but will continue to be listed as orphans when available]The $77 dynasty leagues have a different payment requirement from other dynasty leagues. When entering a $77 league, a two-year payment of $154 is required. This additional $77 is NOT a deposit -- it is payment for the following year's entry fee. Subsequently, the following year's $77 renewal fee will be required to be paid one year in advance. This $77 team renewal payment schedule will continue in perpetuity as long as a team owner wishes to continue ownership of his or her team. Should the owner decide not to pay the $77 renewal fee for the following year, he or she will immediately forfeit ownership of his team with no refunds issued.

Maiden & Rookie Drafts

The Maiden (start-up) drafts take place during the summer, as slow drafts, with an 8 hour limit per pick. The "typical" dynasty format has been slightly modified in the FFPC Dynasty Leagues so that each team will keep 16 of 20 (22 for Best Ball) players each year (including 1 Defense and 1 Kicker) instead of the entire 20 (or 22 for Best Ball) player roster. This is done to encourage competition and also to make the yearly Rookie/FA draft longer and more interesting: instead of a 3 or 4 round draft, this Dynasty Standard format Rookie/FA draft will be 7 rounds each year. The Dynasty Best Ball rookie draft will be 10 rounds each year. Trading is also allowed in both formats, with the FFPC Dynasty Commissioner's close oversight. All Rookie/FA drafts take place after the NFL draft as slow drafts, with a 8-hour limit per pick.

To join the Dynasty League discussion with other owners, please follow FFPC Twitter. Please email the FFPC Dynasty Commissioner at with any dynasty related questions.