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Dynasty Leagues Official Rules Dynasty Leagues Prize Structure

Dynasty leagues are sold out for 2016. Orphan teams will be available starting in January 2017. If you do not have an FFPC account, please create one and you will receive email updates on all future dynasty availabilities.

League (click on icon to view prizes) Open Teams Entry Fee Draft Format Rounds  

The $250 leagues will require a $100 deposit. All $500 and $750 leagues will require a $250 deposit. The $1,250 leagues require a $500 deposit and the $2,500 leagues require a $750 deposit. This is a one-time deposit, payable upon initial registration. Only the league entry fee is due in the subsequent years. If an owner decides to drop out of the FFPC dynasty league, the $100, $250, $500 or $750 deposit will be refunded if the abandoned team is sold for the full entry fee. If the team is not sold at the full entry fee, the deposit shall be used to cover the difference between the final auction price and the yearly entry fee. i.e.: If an abandoned $750 team is sold for $600, the prior owner would receive $200 of his deposit back and $150 would go to cover the difference between $600 and the actual $750 entry fee.

The Maiden (start-up) drafts take place during the summer, as slow drafts, with a 24-hour limit per pick. The "typical" dynasty format has been slightly modified in the FFPC Dynasty Leagues so that each team will keep 16 of 20 players each year (including 1 Defense and 1 Kicker) instead of the entire 20 player roster. This is done to encourage competition and also to make the yearly Rookie/FA draft longer and more interesting: instead of a 3 or 4 round draft, this Rookie/FA draft will be 7 rounds each year. Trading is also allowed, with the FFPC Dynasty Commissioner's close oversight.

To join the Dynasty League discussion with other owners, please visit our message boards. Please email the FFPC Dynasty Commissioner at with any dynasty related questions.