Go Bills Wins Million-Dollar Main Event Grand Prize

Marv Levy 6 Is $1,000,000 Winner

2021 Champs Win Consecutive Main Event Titles

For the second straight year in the 2022 FFPC Main Event, the Go Bills franchise owners Dom Baranyi, Sean Stutzman and Nick Costantino went wire-to-wire in the Championship Round and became not only the first-ever million-dollar-winner in FFPC history, but the first back-to-back champions in FFPC Main Event history. The trio tallied a 148 in Week 17 to outlast a furious charge made by Goozer's Mudpuppies and won the million by 11.12 points. Here was their $1,000,000-winning lineup for Week 17:

  • QB - Patrick Mahomes - 29.8
  • RB - Leonard Fournette - 8.7
  • RB - Jerick McKinnon - 22.6
  • RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 7.1
  • WR - Zay Jones - 5.4
  • WR - CeeDee Lamb - 21
  • WR - DeVonta Smith - 20.5
  • TE - Travis Kelce - 14.8
  • K - Justin Tucker - 9.1
  • DT - Philadelphia Eagles - 9

For placing second, Goozer pocketed $200,000. theNorm was able to cash $100,000 for his Bigger Boat squad placing third while TF5858 earns a cool $50,000 for his Laxachusetts team finishing fourth. Rounding out the top-five finishers this year were the Goodfellas owned by jerrypal who receives $25,000 as his prize.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below along with their winnings (pending any stat changes by today):

  1. Marv Levy 6 notoriousDAB 692.1 $1.000,000 + Custom FFPC Helmet trophy
  2. Mudpuppies Goozer 680.98 $200,000
  3. Bigger Boat theNorm 664.59 $100,000
  4. Laxachussetts TF5858 652.49 $50,000
  5. Goodfellas jerrypal 649.76 $25,000
  6. Rum_Ham 6 MJ Titles robabb4 645.17 $15,000
  7. Call God matt972 644 $12,500
  8. Lou & Brew Main Hitimewine.net 643.92 $10,000
  9. Linksanity rlinkowski 641.98 $10,000
  10. HAHAPLZTILT Redd333 639.24 $10,000
  11. RumHorse VII darkhorse15 638.67 $9,000
  12. Rambling Runts - Zeus jrl2002 637.81 $8,000
  13. Geckos Albert Chapman 636.63 $7,500
  14. No Mediocre ME #1 6S 8/15 Pick 5 wmcmillar 636.45 $7,000
  15. TMONEY LEGIONCOMMANDER 635.26 $6,000
  16. M P & Associates JonMar 635.13 $6,000
  17. Team Destructo krobinson98 634.03 $5,000
  18. ForkinGarbage1 Ktone13 632.26 $5,000
  19. Sherm Jr. Pitch12 629.94 $4,000
  20. Livebox #3 Livebox 629.66 $4,000

jpres429 Wins Consolation Round

jpres429's Unluckeh SingingStar won the Main Event Consolation Round and cashed $2,500 for its efforts. The top 10 finishers in the Consolation Round are listed below along with their winnings:

  1. Unluckeh SingingStar ME3 jpres429 692.03 $2,500
  2. Azzurri Azzurri 643.78 $2,000
  3. Glorious Purpose SaintRaider 637.74 $1,500
  4. Bipcoin Bipcoin 636.23 $1,000
  5. Make America Gronk Again patjrybak@hotmail.com 630.19 $750
  6. Naked Boot Legs 5 NBLSF 629.46 $500
  7. T Bag brewcrew36 629.25 $500
  8. Mr. Fantasy Mr Fantasy 621.83 $500
  9. Amish Astronauts Amish Astronauts 617.75 $500
  10. Chip and a Bear eadano 606.44 $500

RV16 Earns 2023 Main Event Bid

Thanks to managing his team to the top of the Toilet Bowl, RV16 will get a free shot at next year's Main Event. Congrats to the top three prize-winners in the division:

  1. M7.2 RV16 832.55 Free Entry – FFPC Main Event ($2,000 Value)
  2. Cornfins8 TJ33 806.3 $750
  3. Sam Mehta’s Team uclarick 802.1 $500

2022 Main Event Overall Leaderboard

(Photo: USA Today)

beastboy Wins $500,000 in 2022 FPC

After putting up 192.8 in the first leg of the Championship Round, beastboy's legendsneverdie999 entry went for 210.8 to come out of nowhere to assume the overall lead in the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship. Thanks to his 149.4 in Week 17, he was able to close out his $500,000 grand prize victory with a 23-point victory over bquerbes' Twinning team. Here is beastboy's half-million-dollar-winning Week 17 lineup:

  • QB - Patrick Mahomes - 29.8
  • RB - Tyler Allgeier - 16.5
  • RB - Travis Etienne - 23
  • WR - Tee Higgins - 0
  • WR - Jahan Dotson - 6.7
  • WR - CeeDee Lamb - 21
  • WR - DeVonta Smith - 20.5
  • TE - Travis Kelce - 14.8
  • K - Brett Maher - 11.1
  • DT - Dallas Cowboys - 6

bquerbes walked away with $150,000 for taking second place in this year's competition with abrown1031 earning $50,000 for managing his Downtown333Brown entry into third. ZP100's Cristiano Ronaldo squad got him $30,000 for taking fourth place and iDocNupe won $15,000 for his 1st & Fifteen team rounding out the top-five teams.

Here are the final top-30 finishers in this year's FPC along with the prizes next to their scores (pending stat changes for Week 17 due by week's end):

  1. legendsneverdie999 beastboy 696.88 $500,000
  2. Twinning 1 bquerbes 673.88 $150,000
  3. Downtown333Brown abrown1031 663.57 $50,000
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo ZP100 662.78 $30,000
  5. 1st & Fifteen iDocNupe 661.8 $15,000
  6. Team Rjeezy rjgrace8 659.88 $10,000
  7. liplay liplay 657.98 $8,000
  8. Smokin' Joes joevangogh 657.29 $7,000
  9. Participation Award 4 paradox 655.88 $6,000
  10. team Akito KyleLeith 655.59 $5,000
  11. StopDropAndRoll JLaps 651.95 $4,000
  12. The Dudes Brisenburg 651.63 $3,000
  13. Butters FBG 2 FantasyActuary 651.23 $2,500
  14. Antar I Richardcranium 650.91 $2,500
  15. BiGLEAGUEBOYS #4 (EG) EvanDonovan 649.26 $2,500
  16. The Football Team BGlaese 646.35 $2,500
  17. Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar Cabes336 643.56 $2,500
  18. deede Seastonemedia 643.5 $2,500
  19. BLACKSHEEP2 sccamata4 642.89 $2,500
  20. Dobbo DobboBeans 642.75 $2,500
  21. Target Hogs pmanor518 642.62 $2,000
  22. FBG8 BillyGoat 642.06 $2,000
  23. Kingpin 2.5 TRoll 641.62 $2,000
  24. Ducks Dynasty 6 DDuck 640.37 $2,000
  25. FLEG txben21 639.69 $2,000
  26. COMPLETELY RIGGED 6 titlepro 639.65 $2,000
  27. Original Gangstas 3 jon1303 639 $2,000
  28. saintsations 2 Saintsations 637.97 $2,000
  29. Ramisees1 ramisees 637.55 $2,000
  30. Doug's Dawgs 3 DouglasGru 637.51 $2,000

fredpagi Takes the Consolation Division

fredpagi was able to outlast everyone else in the consolation round for $3,000 in winnings. Here are the 15 teams that cashed in that bracket:

  1. Philly Faithful 95 fredpagi 680.75 $3,000
  2. RAMS Run It Back 57 jeprams 662.05 $2,000
  3. 4sup5WW11 4sup 659.74 $1,750
  4. Zero bucks given LinemanFitz 655.93 $1,500
  5. Big Earn McCracken jager2727 652.8 $1,250
  6. WE GON RUNITUP dank9 648.05 $1,000
  7. Fat Frankie Inc FPC3 johnpierce80 647.01 $1,000
  8. Loonie Toonies 2 Shaun Z 646.48 $750
  9. Bob Barkley #8X BBBB1111 645.78 $750
  10. 4sup46TW8 4sup 644.67 $750
  11. Bill's Last Stand BillOli 642.08 $500
  12. Flying Hellfish jtmayer12 639.28 $500
  13. Banjo Jamarcus 638.63 $500
  14. doreedo1420 doreedo1420 637.56 $500
  15. COMEBACK SZN iamjeebus 635.35 $500

rthayes Wins Toilet Bowl Crown

rthayes' thegeneral was able to beat thousands of other teams in the Toilet Bowl to pocket some hard-earned cash. Here are the five winners of that division:

  1. thegeneral rthayes 850.7 $1,500
  2. B'Water City WhoDaCapFit 842 $1,000
  3. rcleary1 FBG6 rcleary1 833.85 $750
  4. serum114 (33) serum114 828.15 $500
  5. CMB 4 urbatsch 824.3 $500

2022 FPC Overall Leader Board

DaBerg Wins $200,000 in Best Ball Tourney

DaBerg was able to lead his Fields for the Win team to a 182.65 Championship Week score en route to a single-point victory to cash $200,000 win in the FFPC Best Ball Tournament. His roster for the season in this 20-man, slim format is listed below:

  • QB Jones, Daniel NYG
  • QB Mayfield, Baker LAR
  • QB Fields, Justin CHI
  • RB Carter, Michael NYJ
  • RB Robinson, James NYJ
  • RB Swift, D'Andre DET
  • RB Sanders, Miles PHI
  • RB McKinnon, Jerick KC
  • RB Cook, Dalvin MIN
  • RB Breida, Matt NYG
  • WR Metcalf, DK SEA
  • WR Edwards, Bryan FA
  • WR Claypool, Chase CHI
  • WR Osborn, K.J. MIN
  • WR Woods, Robert TEN
  • WR Moore, DJ CAR
  • WR Smith, DeVonta PHI
  • TE Hockenson, T.J. MIN
  • TE Hill, Taysom NO
  • TE Kittle, George SF

Coming up just short in the Week 17 final were Mjj09qcity and AcropolizArmee21 as they were able to bring home $50,000 for their runner-up finish. For a look at the top 15 teams that made it to the last week of this competition, the list is below, featuring their prizes as well in this $125-entry contest:

  1. Fields for the Win 182.65 $200,000
  2. Rex & Rod 181.65 $50,000
  3. HAMMER @JackTraynor 179 $20,000
  4. TodfromPa 12 170.5 $12,500
  5. Treat's for Albie 7 167.55 $10,000
  6. Rocinate68 164.8 $9,000
  7. Nice Lil' Saturday 164.15 $7,500
  8. Koops Spook 159.9 $6,000
  9. STINKY POLYPS 158.65 $5,000
  10. Rowengartner 4 153.3 $4,000
  11. Set & Forget 3 152.75 $2,500
  12. Smokin’ Joes 152.3 $2,500
  13. Tron10 150.2 $2,500
  14. Big Yellow Joint 3 150.15 $2,500
  15. BB Tourney 5 148.5 $2,000
  16. Mr Bill 148.5 $2,000

Stat Changes & Prize Payouts

Remember, players, that stat updates could still occur in the NFL, but all changes will be made no later than today. You can then expect prizes to be deposited into player accounts beginning after those stat changes have been reflected.

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The main details of the Challenge are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $200 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 7,800 entries.
  • $500,000 Grand Prize
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  • Each team consists of 12 players in an FFPC starting roster format (plus two additional flexes).
  • Each team chooses from 14 playoff teams but only ONE per team.
  • All rosters will be locked by kickoff of the first NFL playoff game Saturday, January 14th.
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later.
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  • Contest runs from the start of the NFL playoffs through the Super Bowl.
  • Each team consists of 12 players in an FPC starting roster format (plus two additional flexes).
  • Each team chooses from 14 playoff teams but only ONE per team.
  • All rosters will be locked by kickoff of the first NFL playoff game Saturday, January 14th.
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later.
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.

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WR: K. Toney (KC), J. Jeudy (DEN), D. Moore (CAR), D. Chark (DET), G. Dortch (ARI), A. Dulin (IND), K. Hamler (DEN), T. Patrick (DEN)

TE: P. Freiermuth (PIT), M. Gesicki (MIA)

2023 Draft Picks: 1.9 (from Butkus), 2.6 (from Purple Rain), 2.7 (from Smokin' Joes), 3.4, 3.11 (from Wyoming Wild Bunnies), 7.4

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