The 2019/20 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge is back!

Launched in 2003, the World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge is entering it's 17th year and is the largest and most exciting playoff contest in all of season-long fantasy football. Now with a record shattering $500,000 Grand Prize and over $1.1 Million in total guaranteed prizes. No draft, no salary cap, no convoluted rules. Just pick 10 players and let 'em ride to the Superbowl. With a $200 entry fee and a chance to win THIS is the way to watch playoff football!

Grand Prize
Prize Pool
Entry Fee
Roster Lock

Saturday, January 4 at 4:30pm ET

Format / Roster

No draft or salary cap. Just choose any 10 players as per rules below


Contest runs the entire NFL playoffs ending with the Superbowl

FFPC Playoff Challenge Details

Duration:The FFPC Playoff Challenge runs the length of the entire NFL playoff season starting on January 4, 2020
with the Wild Card Weekend games and ending on February 2 with the Superbowl
Entry Fee:$200 per team
Contest Capacity:Maximum of 6,500 entries
Guaranteed Prizes:$500,000 Grand Prize and $1,127,250 in total guaranteed prizes paying down to 700th place
Scoring:FFPC scoring rules are in effect. Contest runs from the first week of the NFL playoffs thru the Super Bowl. Each week’s score will be added to your team’s total which will accumulate for the duration of the contest. Super Bowl points will count as DOUBLE the points toward each team’s total.
Format:There is no draft. Simply select your roster as described below. This will be your roster for the entire duration of the contest.
Roster Requirement:Each team will consist of ten (10) NFL players in a FFPC starting roster format:
1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (Flex can be RB, WR or TE)
Roster Lock:All rosters will be locked on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 4:30pm ET. No further roster adjustments will be allowed even for players whose games start at a later time. There is no free agency or any roster adjustments allowed for the duration of the contest.
Important Rule:Each team will choose ten (10) players from any of the 12 NFL playoff teams but ONLY ONE PLAYER PER TEAM.
To be clear, if you choose Tom Brady as your QB, you may NOT have any more Patriots players on your roster, including Kicker & Defense.
Scoring System Overview:4 pts for passing TDs
6 pts for non-passing TDs scored in any way by an individual player
1 pt for every 20 yards passing
-1 point for every interception thrown
1 point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving
1 pt per reception for RBs and WRs (or QB)
1.5 pt per reception for TEs
2 points for 2-pt conversion
1 point for PAT conversion
3 points for every FG of 1 - 30 yards plus .1 point for every yard thereafter
1 pt for D/ST sack, 2 pts for all turnovers
6 pts for all D/ST touchdowns
2 points for every return after a blocked/failed extra point or failed two-point try (i.e. on an interception or fumble)
5 pts for every safety
12 points for every shutout
8 points for allowing between 1 – 6 points
5 points for allowing between 7 – 10 points

See Official Rules for complete scoring details

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