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NFL players have arrived at training camps nationwide, players, so now's the time to get in on the 2020 Footballguys Players Championship that features a guaranteed $500,000 grand prize and over a $3,000,000 million total prize pool. That's right--we've doubled the grand prize to $500,000! The 2020 FPC contest is capped at 10,800 teams. All prizes are fully guaranteed.

Here are all the details on this year's competition:

  • Drafts have already begun and are going off every day
  • $3,100,000 prize pool (Up $800,000 from last year)
  • Teams are $350 each (or a three-pack of teams for $1000)

You now have the opportunity to draft for your chance to win $500,000 every day until the start of the NFL season.

We already have numerous leagues filled, so if you want to hop in on one, check out the schedule below and click the link at the bottom to register:
Footballguys #25162 11 of 12$350Starts When Full6 hrs
Footballguys #2511211 of 12$350Starts When Full2 hrs
Footballguys #19359 12 of 12$350TODAY 4:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #1936011 of 12$350TONIGHT 7:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #1930411 of 12$350TONIGHT 8:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #1930511 of 12$350TONIGHT 9:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #1930612 of 12$350TONIGHT 10:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #1930712 of 12$350TONIGHT 11:00pm ET 60 sec
Footballguys #1889512 of 12$350TONIGHT 11:55pm ET60 sec

Register For the 2020 FPC Here

Early Draft Slot Deadline in 12 Days

If you haven't already registered your Main Event teams yet, do so now! And remember you can add additional Main Event teams to save another $400 off each squad. Simply click on JOIN button on the registration page to receive the discounted pricing. Also, keep this in mind:

Early Draft Slot Announcement #2:
All teams which are fully paid by Monday, August 17th
will be eligible to receive their FFPC Main Event draft positions
on Wednesday, August 19th.

Here is a quick overview of this year’s Main Event:

  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $3.9 Million total prize pool (UP $800,000 from last year)
  • $11,800 league prizes
  • Championship round payouts down to 125th place
  • A hard cap of 3,000 total entries
  • The FFPC is a licensed game operator
  • 75 draft times to choose from (Up From 59 last year)

2020 FFPC Main Event Draft Dates/Times Here

Don't want to wait for the live Main Events to start? We've got you covered! Join an FFPC Main Event slow draft today: Here are the open leagues we have below:

Main Event ONLINE - 2hr Slow #250498 of 12$1,900When Full
Main Event ONLINE - 6hr Slow #25076 7 of 12$1,900When Full

Planning on drafting live with us at Planet Hollywood? Make sure you're booking your room at the best rates possible today. Here’s a comparison of what you’d pay without our group code (which are reduced further from our 2019 group rates):

Group Discount
Without FFPC
Group Discount

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: Please click the link below to book your stay this year at Planet Hollywood below:


In addition, we once again have the services of our wonderful FFPC Live Event group host, Greg Sidoris who will help you with your stay and any other Vegas-related needs. Please contact Greg at (216) 299-5390. You can also email him at CasinoConnectionUSA@gmail.com.

Register for the Main Event Here

One Month Left For Dynasty

We still have plenty of dynasty options for you going forward this summer, players, but once Eeptember hits the options will be much fewer. Check out the standard, best ball and superflex versions of our dynasty product now. To get in on the action, you can register for 2020 FFPC Dynasty Start-Up Drafts right here, and hop in a new dynasty league today.

If you're looking at building a dynasty team from scratch, sign up at the link below:

2020 FFPC Dynasty Start-Up Registration

Best Ball Drafts & More

Redraft Best Ball slow draft leagues at entry fees of $35, $77 and $250 are open for entry and filling every single day! Whether you want to play a Slim, Double Up, Superflex or Terminator-style league, we've got them right now for you.

Slow drafts are filling and launching as soon as they are full, so you can be drafting in minutes. Drafts with two-hour and six-hour clocks are available. And be sure to download the FFPC iOS and Android apps for a more streamlined draft experience. The links are below:

Download the FFPC iOS App Here

Download the FFPC Android App Here

Drafts are off and running, so any of you that love drafting can jump in now and draft your next 2020 Best Ball team today!

2020 Pros Vs. Joes Recap

Our coverage of the 2020 Pros Vs. Joes competition has wrapped up (special thanks to Darren Armani from FantasyMojo.com for once again doing a fantastic job of putting together an extremely entertaining competition!), but that doesn't mean you can no longer check out what happened. For your convenience, I have links to all six full draft boards below. And as we get more content from the Pros about their drafts, we'll be sure to post them here as well!

Here are the links to the full draft boards from the drafts:

  1. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Slim Shady League #1
  2. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Slim Jim League #2
  3. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Thin Lizzy League #3
  4. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Fatboy Slim League #4
  5. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Skinny Pete League #5
  6. 2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Macho Man League #6

2020 Terminator Off and Running

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb? So what! The FFPC invented the Terminator format! This is truly a unique way to play fantasy football and we're proud to call it an FFPC exclusive. Created in 2009, the FFPC Terminator is actually quite simple. By adding just a few tweaks to the standard Best Ball format, it completely alters it and creates this brand new format that has proven to be exciting and challenging. Did one of your players get injured or is under performing? Terminate him!

Here's the info on this year's edition:

  • $25,000 Grand Prize
  • $116,850 Prize Pool
  • 384 team cap.
  • $350 entry
  • 3-pack for $1,000 (save $50)
The drafts that are coming up soonest are listed below:
Terminator #18713 11 of 12$350Sun 8/09 10:00pm ET
Terminator #1871411 of 12$350Wed 8/19 9:00pm ET
Terminator #187156 of 12$350Sun 8/23 7:00pm ET
Terminator #187169 of 12$350Sun 8/23 10:00pm ET
Terminator #1871712 of 12$350Mon 8/24 7:00pm ET
Terminator #1871812 of 12$350Mon 8/24 10:00pm ET

Want win your way into next year's Terminator Tournament? Click HERE to play the $35 Terminator leagues.

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment's notice, I am including this section of the email every week. While you are ramping up for the 2020 season, consider this your guide to all things FFPC:

Thanks for reading, players! Don't forget to get your early draft slot and save $400 off your 2020 Main Event teams to enjoy at Planet Hollywood or at home beginning this month. And if you haven't already, make sure you're booking your discounted room on the Strip now. Now go on and hop in some Footballguys drafts today!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship