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Get Ready: New Dynos Posted

Build Your Dynasty - Orphans Starting at $1 Available Now

What a massive day it was in the NFL yesterday with a minimum of three teams shaping the future of their franchises thanks to some bold moves featuring Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Cash in on the fresh value in dynasty fantasy football now by making moves on your brand new orphan acquisitions. In fact, numerous available teams have already been posted right here. And if you're not sure if you want to jump headfirst right away, we have numerous orphaned teams for you that are in fantastic shape at both the $77 and $250 levels right now. Many others have just had their prices lowered, such as the one below:

$1250 Dynasty #14 DISCOUNTED TO $299

QB: T. Brady (FA), D. Prescott (DAL)

RB: C. Edwards-Helaire (KC), T. Sermon (SF), K. Hill (GB), A. McFarland (PIT), A. Collins (SEA), R. Mostert (SF), R. Freeman (HOU), M. Gaskin (MIA)

WR: A. Brown (TEN), H. Renfrow (LV), C. Kirk (ARI), A. Thielen (MIN), J. Crowder (NYJ), C. Beasley (BUF)

TE: G. Kittle (SF), J. Doyle (FA)

PK: M. Crosby (GB), D. Carlson (LV)


2022 Draft Picks: 1.6, 2.6, 4.6, 5.6, 6.6, 7.6

2023 Draft Picks: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7

Simply click on the purchase button next to this team or the team you want to take over and start playing dynasty fantasy football at the FFPC today!

2022 FFPC Dynasty Teams For Sale

Take Your Shot at $25,000 Today

Looking to draft for a five-figure grand prize before the NFL Draft? Well, the FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament is drafting now! This tournament will follow best ball slim rules (no kickers or defenses) with a 14-week regular season and single week elimination playoffs from Weeks 15-17 before a champion is crowned at the end of week 17. For just $125 per team, a maximum of 1,152 teams will battle for the $25,000 grand prize with a $133,100 prize pool!

This tournament is running now until April 28th, which is the start of the NFL Draft. However, all rookies are already loaded into the player pool and are ready to be drafted by you!

The main details of the tourney are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $125 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 1,152 entries
  • $25,000 Grand Prize
  • $133,100 in guaranteed prizes
  • 20-Round Best Ball Slim Format
  • 2-hour, 6-hour, 30-second and 60-second draft options available
  • Draft until April 28th
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.
Sit & Go #40169 12 of 12 $125 $133,100 When Full30 sec BBS 20
Slow #406308 of 12$125$133,100When Full6 hrsBBS 20
Slow #405468 of 12$125$133,100When Full2 hrsBBS 20
Live #4052412 of 12$125$133,100Tonight 9p E 60 secBBS 20

Enter the FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament

Do It Live (Or Slow) Tonight

From best ball and best ball slim leagues to victory point and Terminator formats, we have a league made just for you! Join in the fun now with redraft best ball slow draft leagues at entry fees of $5, $35, $77 and $250 open for entry. And don't forget that the 2022 rookie class is included in the draft pool as well.

Last month, we also added the FFPC Varsity format at lower entries, starting at just $35. For those not familiar with Varsity, the standard FFPC starting lineups (including a kicker and defense) are formed through 20-round snake drafts. Varsity leagues feature a 17-week regular season based on total points with no head-to-head action. This format has weekly lineup management and free agency as well.

Slow drafts are filling and launching as soon as they are full, so you can be drafting in minutes. Drafts with 60-second, two-hour and six-hour clocks are available. And be sure to download the FFPC iOS and Android apps for a more streamlined draft experience. The links are below:

Download the FFPC iOS App Here

Download the FFPC Android App Here

Drafts are already popping off daily, so any of you that love early drafting can jump in now and draft your first 2022 Best Ball team today!

Footballguys Early Bird Promo Is Live

In case you missed it, players, the Footballguys Players Championship Early Bird Promotion was launched a couple of weeks ago. Remember, when you register by June 30th and draft by July 15th, you'll receive a free FFPC $35 team credit!

Also, for the second straight year in the Footballguys Players Championship, we will be awarding two separate six-figure prizes. Take your shot at the most lucrative grand prize in Footballguys history today, as the winner of the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship will take home a record $500,000 for his or her efforts, and the runner-up will pocket a cool $150,000 as well. The 2022 Footballguys Players Championship is open for registration, players! Here are the details:

  • Slow and live drafts begin May 1st and run through September 11th
  • $4,390,000 prize pool ($600,000 more than in 2021)
  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $150,000 runner-up prize ($50,000 more than in 2021)
  • Contest will pay down to 1,000th place (150 more places than in 2021)
  • When you register by June 30th and draft by July 15th, you'll receive a free FFPC $35 team credit.
  • Click here for the full details on the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Early Bird Promotion

Join the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Here

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment's notice, I am including this section of the email every week. While you are checking out all things FFPC for the 2022 season, consider this your guide:

The NFL action is heating up with the new league year set to begin next week. Get in now on the ground floor with some great reduced-price dynasty orphans teams located right here.

You also can choose which format you want to draft live tonight (or via a slow draft) with either the inaugural FFPC 'Never-Too-Early' Best Ball Tournament or any of the different satellite leagues that are launching as we speak. And now would be a perfect time to take advantage of that free $35 team credit in the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Early Bird Promotion, too.

Make it a great Wednesday!


Eric Balkman
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