Only Five Spots Remain in 1 PM Main Event

Five Main Event Drafts Open Today

Find Out If 2021 Will Be Your $500,000 Year Now

Amplify your leisure and relaxation this holiday weekend with taking a shot at some life-changing money. The 2021 FFPC Main Event live drafts roll on through this weekend and our best deal all season is live for those of you who are already registered to win some life-changing money.

Remember that you are getting off $400 off the regular price for each additional team you register after your first one. Simply click on JOIN button on the registration page to receive the discounted pricing.

Here is a quick overview of this year’s Main Event:

  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $3.9 Million total prize pool
  • $11,800 league prizes
  • Championship round payouts down to 125th place
  • A hard cap of 3,000 total entries
  • The FFPC is a licensed game operator
  • 77 draft times to choose from
  • 2- & 4-hour slow drafts underway now
Here's today's Main Event schedule:
Main Event ONLINE #345 of 12$1,900$3,900,000 1:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #351 of 12$1,900$3,900,0004:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #367 of 12$1,900$3,900,0007:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #377 of 12$1,900$3,900,00010:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #37B 8 of 12$1,900$3,900,00011:30pm ET

Register For the 2021 FFPC Main Event Here

Here are the FINAL AVAILABLE SPOTS for live Main Event Drafts at Planet Hollywood.
Jump in these drafts now before they fill up!

Main Event IN VEGAS #7 8 of 12$2,025$3,900,000 Sat 9/11 2p P

Book FFPC Live Event Stays at Planet Hollywood Here

FPC Draft-A-Thon Launches Today

As we have since 2010, the FFPC & Footballguys will donate $50 from every filled FPC draft this weekend to a chosen charity. The 2021 DRAFT-A-THON charity is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Also, remember that when you register a three-pack of 2021 Footballguys Players Championship leagues, you're going to get a $50 discount off your third team, and that's good on every three-pack you get from us until this competition sells out! Remember that for the first time in the contest's history, we will be awarding two separate six-figure prizes. Take your shot at the most lucrative grand prize in Footballguys history today, as this competition's winner will take home a record $500,000 for his or her efforts, and the runner-up will pocket a cool $100,000 as well. Here are all the details:

  • Drafts run through September 11th
  • $3,700,000 prize pool
  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $100,000 runner-up prize
  • $350 to enter
  • Buy a 3-pack of teams for $1,000 (save $50)
  • Contest will pay down to 850th place
Check out today's drafts for the 2021 FPC we have for you:
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #27653 10 of 12$350$3,770,000 12:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #3557311 of 12$350$3,770,0001:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #2765511 of 12$350$3,770,0002:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #276566 of 12$350$3,770,0003:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #2765711 of 12$350$3,770,0004:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #3567210 of 12$350$3,770,0005:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #3568312 of 12$350$3,770,0006:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #3441012 of 12$350$3,770,0007:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #353447 of 12$350$3,770,0008:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #3565612 of 12$350$3,770,0009:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #351899 of 12$350$3,770,00010:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #276644 of 12$350$3,770,00011:00p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #272454 of 12$350$3,770,00011:55p E60 sec
Footballguys *DRAFT-A-THON* #2770711 of 12$350$3,770,00012:30a E 60 sec

Join the Footballguys Players Championship Here

Turn $125 Into $50,000 Now

The inaugural Best Ball Tournament may have filled up, but that doesn't mean you'll be without Best Ball Tourney drafting action! That's because we launched the FFPC Best Ball Tournament #2, players! This tournament will follow best ball slim rules (no kickers or defenses) with an 18-round draft, 13-week regular season and single-week elimination playoffs from weeks 14-17 before a champion is crowned at the end of week 17!

Drafts are available daily in a Sit & Go draft format (30-second clock), Slow drafts (2- & 6-hour clock) and scheduled live drafts (60-second clock). Here are some more details on the Best Ball Tournament #2:

  • $50,000 Grand Prize
  • $270,222 Total Prize Pool
  • $125 Entry
  • A hard cap of 2,304 teams
Here's today's schedule for the Best Ball Tournament #2:
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Sit & Go #35498
11 of 12
When Full
30 sec
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #353478 of 12$125$270,22212:00p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #353497 of 12$125$270,2221:30p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3535111 of 12$125$270,2223:00p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3535312 of 12$125$270,2224:30p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3535512 of 12$125$270,2226:00p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3535712 of 12$125$270,2227:30p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3556812 of 12$125$270,2229:00p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3536112 of 12$125$270,22210:30p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #353638 of 12$125$270,22211:55p E60 secBBS 18
$125 Best Ball Tournament #2 - Live #3547212 of 12$125$270,22212:30a E60 secBBS 18

Don't delay, players--sign up today at the link below!

Register For the FFPC Best Ball Tournament #2 Here

Friday Night Termination

The FFPC's Terminator Tournament is truly a unique way to play fantasy football and we're proud to call it an FFPC exclusive. Created in 2009, the FFPC Terminator is actually quite simple. By adding just a few tweaks to the standard Best Ball format, it completely alters it and creates this brand new format that has proven to be exciting and challenging. Did one of your players get injured or is under performing? Terminate him!

Here's the info on this year's edition:

  • $25,000 Grand Prize
  • $116,850 Prize Pool
  • 384 team cap.
  • $350 entry
  • 3-pack for $1,000 (save $50)
Here's today's (and tomorrow's) schedule we have for the Terminator Tournament:
Terminator #35072 4 of 12$350TONIGHT 7:00pm ET
Terminator #3517011 of 12$350Tomorrow 7:00pm ET
Terminator #351719 of 12$350Tomorrow 10:00pm ET

Want win your way into next year's Terminator Tournament? Click HERE to play the $35 Terminator leagues.

Best Ball For All!

No matter if you have a couple hours to kill, or you want to embark on a "fast" slow draft with a two-hour timer or a longer slow draft with a six-hour timer, we've got you covered right now, players! With formats including Slim, Superflex, Terminator, VP, Classic and more, if you haven't jumped in the Best Ball party yet (especially the $5 Cinco de Best Ball), now's the time! Join in the fun now with Redraft Best Ball slow draft leagues at entry fees of $5, $35, $77 and $250 open for entry. And don't forget that the 2021 rookie class is included in the draft pool as well.

Slow drafts are filling and launching as soon as they are full (and we have live drafts scheduled each night, too), so you can be drafting in minutes. Drafts with two-hour and six-hour clocks are available. And be sure to download the FFPC iOS and Android apps for a more streamlined draft experience. The links are below:

Download the FFPC iOS App Here

Download the FFPC Android App Here

Drafts are already well underway, (and so is summer), so jump in now and draft an FFPC Best Ball team today!

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment's notice, I am including this section of the email every week. While you are ramping up for the 2020 season, consider this your guide to all things FFPC:

Get your long holiday weekend off to a great start drafting for a pair of $500,000 grand prizes in both the 2021 Footballguys Players Championship Labor Day DRAFT-A-THON and the 2021 FFPC Main Event! (Remember, you'll get $400 off each additional Main Event team you put into your account as well!) Plus, make sure you're getting in the 2021 FFPC Best Ball Tournament #2 as well! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the draft rooms this weekend!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship