Bills Trio Still Lead Main Event; Heytota Atop FPC

Go Bills Stays in 1st in Main Event

New York Trio Holds 0.23-Point Lead Over Joel Summers

It doesn't always happen this way, but the 2021 FFPC Main Event regular season champs Dom Baranyi, Sean Stutzman and Nick Costantino managed to stay in first place after the first week of the Championship Round, albeit by the slimmest of margins. Their Go Bills franchise tallied a 191.75 to hold off Joel Summers' Mandingos roster by 0.23 points.

Led by Mark Andrews' 40.6, Cooper Kupp's 34.7, Tyreek Hill's 32.8 and Jonathan Taylor's 23, Go Bills is two weeks away from a massive $500,000 grand prize. Behind Summers in third place is BFG, which is run by Patrick Baldwin with Larry Weinhauer's Troy s Boys moving up to fourth. Rounding out the top five after one week in the Championship Round is Rob Linkowski's LINKsanity entry, which is fewer than 14 points off the pace.

Here's the top 20 teams in the Main Event heading into this weekend:

1 Go Bills 1 notoriousDAB 361.93
2 Mandingos JoelSum 361.7
3 BFG Main Team Unlimited 356.8
4 Troy s Boys LarryWei 353.93
5 LINKsanity rlinkowski 348.38
6 Fortunado CJH 348.18
7 Triple H 25 LonDog20 346.51
8 John/Scott Godfather4501 344.43
9 The Leftovers francoven 343.42
10 Soggy Bottom Boys RonHacker 342.39
11 Forditude ME1 KFord 340.12
12 Ducks Dynasty II WC DDuck 338.48
13 No Name tbrze542 337.8
14 Treat's for Albie 2 810ofclubs 336.47
15 Gondwanaland Conqueror Waspguy 335.99
16 Bambinos IV thehairguru 335.16
17 Multiple Borgasms KevinBor 334.72
19 ATX Hustlers 1 ATX Hustlers 333.01
20 Fairways & Greens Main Champ II Halliam 329.69


Bobby Heytota Is New FPC Leader

Spike weeks are always needed to take down a national contest, and Bobby Heytota got one in Week 15 of the 2021 Footballguys Players Championship. In part because of Andrews, Kupp, Hill, Brandin Cooks (29.2) and Taylor, Heytota's R Gee 'Whiz Skins is the new FPC leader with two weeks to go.

Kudos to Elliot LaFleur's Chilling villians and Fantasy Factory teams as they are both in second AND third place overall one week into the Championship Round. Dustin Jerwers has managed his O Negative franchise all the way up to fourth place as well with Marcus Aikin's Jabbers ascending into fifth place, only off the overall lead by just under 20 points.

For a look at the top 40 teams in the FPC, check out the list below:

  1. R Gee 'Whiz Skins rheytota 374.13
  2. Chilling villians BrewTown 372.48
  3. Fantasy Factory BrewTown 360.65
  4. O Negative jerwersdl32 357.9
  5. Jabbers aiki0002 354.6
  6. Huggers1 Tree Huggers 353.84
  7. Murphy's law MonkeyWrench 353.19
  8. 805 Ballers TM travscrub10 350.12
  9. Snell Isle Shooters TeddPoo 348.89
  10. Bo Knows kingofwrest1 347.8
  11. Kingpin 1.7 TRoll 347.4
  12. Clever Whale II Cleverwhale 346.27
  13. tony danza ChronicHusker 345.68
  14. Waves Money Trees 345.02
  15. Flyers 1 Firefly 344.76
  16. Rubin’s Wrath hdr22 344.49
  17. Chasing the Helmet 5 Chasing the Helmet 344.31
  18. RebelFightingCocks SirTreyLancelot 343.87
  19. Major League Infidel TigerandKyKy 343.7
  20. Better than 12th IsaacMar 343.5
  21. Codei bradj62 343.46
  22. hk19 6-5 hkephart 343.45
  23. Armchair Generals Armyof100 343
  24. GREMMINGER Gremminger 342.99
  25. Dear Summer Money Trees 341.6
  26. PLAYOFF Team 8 #8 Hey Boss 341.57
  27. Unified Fields Theory 2 Waspguy 341.51
  28. Dreaming of Sundays PrimetimeAndyDalton 340.86
  29. Fairways & Greens FPC Champ XV Halliam 340.25
  30. Muzi-oHHH (FBG4) LonDog20 340.21
  31. ZC Riley FPC0529b Amy and Mark 339.99
  32. Hammerheads 19 DanThox 339.87
  33. Smashmouth laodallas 339.86
  34. KIMURA 04 Alex Blake 339.1
  35. Relax 02 Chris Holland 338.82
  36. Darkhorse 9/5 #LTCrew darkhorse15 338.52
  37. Nosetalgia Money Trees 338.5
  38. Kingpin 8 TRoll 338.26
  39. Smokin’ Joes joevangogh 337.95
  40. 71 and Breesy BethRic 337.85


Gill Leads Terminator After 15 Weeks

The 2021 FFPC Terminator Tournament has nearly reached its end with Jeff Gill's FISH beating out the other 383 teams at the moment with big-time Week 15 performances like Kupp, Hill, Jalen Hurts' 32.6, Dalton Schultz's 24.7 and Dallas Goedert's 24 leading him to a 191.8 weekend tally. Craig Campbell and the Coytoe Streakers--run by Mike Santos--are in second and third, respectively, fewer than 15 points out of the lead.

Check out the top 10 teams in this contest at the list below:

  1. FISH FISH14 363.75
  2. CC Terminator 3 cjcamp2 354.36
  3. Coyote Streakers MikeSan 352.76
  4. Golden Tanks Sackdance57 347.84
  5. Money in the Bank Hail to Helaire 346.68
  6. Cocktails & Dreams II royalfan 344.67
  7. Trump Train Trumptrain 343.89
  8. Eliminator WalterWhite 340.89
  9. Team zwickel term 4 gzwick26 331.84
  10. $350 bch2453 329.25

850 Will Cash in This Challenge

Out of this year's Championship Round? Not to worry! Registrations are live for the 2021-22 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge. Don't forget that you'll be able to apply your regular season winnings in your account right now to the Playoff Challenge as well.

The Challenge will have 12 starting roster spots rather than the 10 starting roster spots in a typical FFPC starting lineup. The two added starting roster spots will both be FLEX spots (Flex can be RB, WR or TE). With fourteen total playoff teams and 12 starting roster spots, each entrant will need to fade two teams, which has always been the case for the FFPC Playoff Challenge.

The main details of the Challenge are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $200 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 7,250 entries
  • $500,000 Grand Prize
  • $1,289,250 in guaranteed prizes paying down to 850th place
  • Contest runs from the start of the NFL playoffs through the Super Bowl
  • Each team consists of 12 players in an FFPC starting roster format (plus two additional flexes)
  • Each team chooses from 14 playoff teams but only 1 per team
  • All rosters will be locked on Saturday, January 15th at 4:35 pm ET
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.

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The main details of the Challenge are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $35 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 15,000 entries
  • $100,000 Grand Prize
  • $446,250 in guaranteed prizes paying down to 2,000th place
  • Contest runs from the start of the NFL playoffs through the Super Bowl
  • Each team consists of 12 players in an FPC starting roster format (plus two additional flexes)
  • Each team chooses from 14 playoff teams but only 1 per team
  • All rosters will be locked on Saturday, January 15th at 4:35 pm ET
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.

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How To Claim Your Prize

Congrats once again to all regular season winners! Regular season prizes in all leagues have been distributed, and here is what you need to do to get your cash:

  • If you qualified for a cash prize in any league/event, it is now in your FFPC account. No further action is required on your part.
  • If you qualified for a prize with a choice of either cash or entry into one of next year's FFPC events, a Prize Selection window will appear on your MyTeams page. You can make your selection immediately or delay your decision to a later time. Once your selection is made, your prize will be placed into your FFPC account.


  • You are now able to submit your withdrawal request.
  • All prize distribution by the FFPC is processed via check by mail or ACH transfer ONLY.
  • Any cash withdrawal of $600 or more will require a W-9 to be filled out and will generate an IRS Form-1099 for the 2021 year.
  • Please fill out your online W-9 when requesting the cash during the online withdrawal process.
  • Any funds left in your FFPC account can be used for next year's registration. Only funds that are requested for withdrawal are subject to filling a W-9 form.
  • Prizes can be used for the World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge


  • The FFPC offers prize splitting between owners and co-managers for a cash prize total of $2,000 or more.
  • The primary owner will always remain the sole legal prize winner and MUST authorize payment to his co-manager by writing/email. The primary owner may be required to fill out and sign an authorization form indicating the name & address of his co-manager and the amount he should receive. Both the primary owner and the co-manager will each fill out a W-9. Once these documents are received and approved by the FFPC, prizes will be released to both parties. At year’s end, both the primary owner and the co-manager will each receive IRS Form-1099 for their prize awards.
  • Please email Chris Lambert at so she can help you initiate the prize-splitting process.

John Schroeder on HSFF Hour TONIGHT

On the latest Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast tomorrow, I talk shop with the 41st-place team owner in the 2021 Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Main Event Jimmy Wagner. We discuss tough start/sits in the 2021 Footballguys Players Championship, whether Amon-Ra St. Brown and Russell Gage are must-starts in Week 16 and more.

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2022 Can Begin For You Now

It may still be December, players, but registration is open for the 2022 FFPC Main Event, Footballguys Players Championship and all high stakes leagues now. So if you want to jump in on next year's chase for life-changing money or if you wanted to kick things up a notch with one of our high stakes leagues, do so right now and reserve your spot for 2022 greatness!

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Merry Christmas From the FFPC!

Get those lineups in early again this week, players! The NFL is giving us a Christmas Day doubleheader featuring the Browns and Packers in the afternoon with the Colts visiting Arizona in the nightcap.

Also, on behalf of Alex, Dave, Chris, and Mike, I want to wish nothing but the best for each of you this festive season! All of your support for the FFPC continues to be the lifeblood of what we do, and we're so happy that you're a part of it. We can't wait until 2022, and we'll get things started off on the right foot with all of you beginning with the 2021-22 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge!

Thanks for reading, all! Make sure you're getting your entries in both the 2021-22 FFPC World Famous Playoff Challenge as well as the 2021-22 Footballguys Playoff Challenge!

Good luck in the second week of the Championship Round, players, and I'll see you in the chat room TONIGHT with John Schroeder and Ferrell Elliott!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship