Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Leagues Details

Duration:17 week season
Entry Fee:From $100 to $2,500 per team
Startup Deposit:$100 leagues- $100 deposit, $250 leagues - $150 deposit, $500 leagues - $300 deposit, $750 leagues - $500 deposit, $1,250 leagues - $750 deposit, $2,500 leagues - $1,500 deposit, $5,000 leagues - $3,000 deposit
Prizes:Click Prizes tab for details
Draft Positions:Drawn at random & emailed to league when league is paid in full (startup only)
Maiden (First-Year) Draft Type & Length:26 round serpentine (snake) online draft
Slow Drafts with an 8 hour timer per pick (overnight pause 2 AM – 8 AM ET)
Live Drafts with a 60 second timer per pick
Roster Cutdown:Each team must cut-down from 26 to 16 players by March 31st in each year after the maiden season
Rookie/Free Agent Draft:Off-Season Drafts are 10 rounds, will include all rookies and free agents and will take place after the NFL draft as slow drafts, with an 8-hour limit per pick.
All team roster must cut down to 22 players prior to the start of the NFL season
Number of teams:12
Format (Full Season):Weeks 1-17, no playoffs
No H2H matchups, total points only
Optimized starting lineups are automatically started every week
League Winner:Team with the most accumulated points at the end of week 17 is League Champion
Free Agency:Waivers by way of blind bidding (FAAB)
Each team gets $1000 blind bidding “dollars” for entire season
Two (2) weekly free agencies on Wednesday & Sunday
Cutoffs on Wednesday 10 PM ET and Sunday 10 AM ET
NFL players whose teams played on Thursday may be dropped from FFPC rosters on Friday as long as they were not in that team’s Thursday’s starting lineup
First free agency is scheduled on the Wednesday after Labor Day (September 6)
Weekly Team Management:Yes. Free agency and trades. No lineup submission
Trades:Trades are allowed and must be approved by the FFPC League Commissioner
Scoring:FFPC scoring rules will be in effect
Roster Requirement:Twenty two (22) total roster spots during NFL season (varies other times)
Three (3) Injured Reserve (IR) slots
Starting Lineup:1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (1-Flex can be QB, RB, WR or TE, 2-Flex can be RB, WR or TE)

*The NFL has approved an 18 week regular season in 2021, with each team playing 17 regular season games. FFPC Dynasty League rules have been adjusted accordingly.

Important Dynasty League Dates

Team Renewal Deadline:

February 28

Cut Down Deadline #1: March 31
Cut Down Deadline #2: Sunday Prior to start of NFL Season
Rookie/Free Agent Draft: First Weekend after NFL Draft
Trade Deadline: Kickoff of Week 12

FFPC Dynasty Overview

The Fantasy Football Players Championship (“FFPC”) is a fantasy football game of skill that offers guaranteed cash awards to its top entrants. This contest will test a participant’s ability to predict player performance both over time and on a weekly basis, as well as to value certain players and positions within the framework of our scoring system, place appropriate bids on free agents based on the relative future value to the entrant’s team, and create a balanced fantasy team that will maximize scoring output over the length of the season. FFPC award winners are determined based on the criteria listed in the Rules below.

The Fantasy Football Players Championship (“FFPC”) Dynasty Leagues are scheduled as online drafts and require year-to-year commitment from dedicated fantasy owners. The start up (maiden) draft times are to be announced. FFPC Dynasty Leagues will be available at these entry levels: $77, $100, $250, $500, $750, $1250, $2500 and $5,000. The rules below cover the Best Ball Dynasty format of FFPC Dynasty Leagues. All references to FFPC below refer to the Dynasty Leagues.

*Starting 2023, $77-entry dynasty leagues are only available as orphans*

FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Format

  • The FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty format is a semi-managed format, with optimized weekly lineups, weekly waivers, trading, but with no head-to-head play and no playoffs. The highest optimized weekly scores after 17 weeks wins.
  • The FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty format is a 12 team year-round fantasy league, with an initial startup draft of 26 rounds.
  • Each owner is required to draft a starting lineup of 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-FLEX, 1-K, 1-D/ST. If you do not draft a complete starting roster, FFPC commissioners may add a player at their discretion after the draft to ensure a valid roster.
  • Superflex allows the use of the QB at the Flex position. A few other small differences as well:
    • QB can be used as a Flex, but only for 1 Flex position. The 2nd Flex can be RB, WR or TE.
    • Superflex QB passing scoring is 25 yards = 1 point. Interception are minus two points (-2)
    • Superflex Best Ball Dynasty leagues do not have limitations on QBs drafted or rostered.
  • During the offseason, each FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty team will protect 16 players (including at least 1 Kicker and 1 Defense/ST) and release any 6 players.
  • Each off-season, following the NFL draft, there will be a 10 round rookie/free agent draft for FFPC Best Ball Dynasty leagues, in which any player (or defense) not currently owned may be drafted.
  • Prior to the start of the season, each FFPC Best Ball Dynasty team must cut its roster down to 22 players.

How to Enter:

The entrance fees for the FFPC Dynasty Leagues are $100, $250, $500, $750, $1,250, $2,500 or $5,000 per team. There is also a one-time deposit required at initial registration ($77 leagues are only available to be bought as orphans and do not require a deposit – see more details below). This deposit is fully refundable if you ever leave the league and your team is sold at full price (see more details below).

There are two easy ways to enter Dynasty Leagues:

Entrants may complete our online entry form and agree to abide by the official rules and regulations governing the Dynasty Leagues. Upon the completion of the Dynasty Leagues Online entry form, entrants must submit payment using any major credit cards. Payment can also be made via personal check, cashier’s check or money order or ACH (direct bank transfer). Payment sent by mail must be received within 10 business days after the online registration.

Payment by mail can be made with a personal check, cashier’s check or money order for the amount of $200, $350, $750, $1,100, $1,600, $3,500 or $8,000 to reserve their team.

FFPC, LLC. (make checks payable to this company)
1133 Broadway, Suite 539
New York, NY 10010

Future Year Payment Deposit

The yearly entry fee of $77, $100, $250, $500, $750, $1,250, $2,500 or $5,000 for the subsequent seasons will be due by February 28th of each year or may be submitted at any time prior to this date. Teams may not begin off-season trading until the entry fee is paid for the upcoming year.

All entrants are required to place a deposit for their team at the time of initial registration.

NOTE on $77 Dynasty Leagues ($77 Dynasty Leagues can only be acquired through purchasing an orphan. There are no more $77 startup drafts): $77 entry dynasty leagues have a different payment requirement from other dynasty leagues. When entering a $77 league, a two-year payment of $154 is required. This additional $77 is NOT a deposit — it is payment for the following year’s entry fee.

Subsequently, the following year’s $77 renewal fee will be required to be paid one year in advance. This $77 team renewal payment schedule will continue in perpetuity as long as a team owner wishes to continue ownership of his or her team. Should the owner decide not to pay the $77 renewal fee for the following year, he or she will immediately forfeit ownership of his team with no refunds issued.

Dynasty deposits are as follows:

$77 entry leagues – $77 payable for the following year – $154 total entry fee due at registration

$100 entry leagues - $100 deposit - $200 total entry fee due at registration

$250 entry league – $150 deposit – $400 total entry fee due at registration

$500 entry league – $300 deposit – $800 total entry fee due at registration

$750 entry league – $500 deposit – $1,250 total entry fee due at registration

$1,250 entry league – $750 deposit – $2,000 total entry fee due at registration

$2,500 entry league – $1,500 deposit – $4,000 total entry fee due at registration

$5,000 entry league – $2,000 deposit – $7,000 total entry fee due at registration

This is a one-time deposit for startup leagues. Only the league entry fee is due in the subsequent years.

For information regarding the buying, selling and orphan process for dynasty teams, please see the section below titled: Annual Renewal, Sale, or Orphaning of FFPC Dynasty Teams

Trading future first-round picks: : Any team that trades a future year 1st round pick must submit an additional deposit at the time of the trade being processed [Note: $77 leagues do not have any deposit requirement for trading future 1st round picks]. This deposit amount is $50 for $100 leagues, $100 for $250 leagues, $250 for $500, $375 for $750, $625 for $1250, $1,000 for $2,500 and $1,500 for $5,000 leagues and must be in the owner’s FFPC account when making the trade offer. When the trade offer is made, this deposit will be automatically taken out of the FFPC account and held to be applied to next year’s league dues. This deposit will be applied towards the following year’s entry fee or could potentially be used to cover the difference between the selling price and the annual entry fee if the team owner does not return for the following year, opts to orphan the team, and the team has to be heavily discounted. These deposit fees are in effect as of April 10, 2022.

Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League Prize Structure

$77 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


$100 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League

League Prizes (Weeks 1-17)

$250 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


$500 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


$750 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


$1,250 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


$2,500 Best Ball Superflex Dynasty League


Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Leagues Rules and League Structure

FFPC Dynasty League Season will begin the Friday PRIOR to Thursday’s Opening Game in NFL Week 1 and conclude after NFL Week 17. The Dynasty League Off-season will be defined as the remainder of the year other than Weeks 1 through 17. All references to “points”, “total points” or “points total” imply starting lineup points.

FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Leagues

FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Leagues will each be comprised of 12 teams/participants/managers and the regular season will run from Week 1 through Week 17. FFPC Best Ball Dynasty leagues are based on total points, do not have head-to-head play and thus, do not have divisions.

In each of the subsequent years, there will be a Roster cut-down deadline after the conclusion of each NFL Season. All FFPC Best Ball Dynasty format rosters must be cut-down from 22 players to 16 players by 11:59 pm PT, on March 31st of each year.

Failure to do so will result in the league commissioner cutting players for the team in question. Once the March 31st deadline passes, teams may go over the 16 player roster limit.

Maiden (start-up) Drafts will be held online, on a predetermined date and time during the off-season. A random drawing will be used to determine draft order.

Maiden Drafts are for startup leagues only. The Maiden draft will be a slow draft with an 8-hour timer for each pick.

Overnight Pause

All FFPC Dynasty slow drafts will be paused between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM ET (11 PM and 5 AM PT) to protect teams from missing a pick during nighttime hours. Teams may make picks during the pause when it is their turn. All other draft room functionality, like adjusting players, in Queue and turning on/off Autodraft, will be available during the pause.

Example 1 : A team goes on the clock at 7:00 PM ET, draft clock pauses with one hour remaining at 2 AM ET. The clock will stay paused until 8 AM ET, at which time the clock will continue rolling with the remaining 60 minutes. An auto pick will be made at 9:00 AM ET if the team fails to make a selection.

Example 2 : A team goes on the clock at 7:00 PM ET, the clock pauses with one hour remaining at 2 AM ET. The team makes a selection at 5 AM ET. The following team is now on the clock, with the clock still paused. The clock will start to run at 8 AM ET so this team will have until 4 PM ET to make a selection.

Example 3 : A team goes on the clock at 7:00 PM ET, the clock pauses with one hour remaining at 2 AM ET. The team makes a selection at 5 AM ET. The following team had autodraft functionality on, so this pick is made. The following team is now on the clock, with the clock still paused. The clock will start to run at 8 AM ET so this team will have until 4 PM ET to make a selection.

Timing Out On First Pick In Maiden and Rookie/FA Drafts

On rare occasions, a dynasty owner may be sick, unavailable or unaware that a draft has begun. To insure a competitive draft and enjoyable experience for all owners in dynasty drafts, the FFPC will not permit owner’s first selection in Maiden or Rookie/free agent drafts to be auto-selected in cases of timing out (providing the first pick is in the first three rounds).

Please alert the FFPC Dynasty Commissioner if you see an early-round timeout in your league by emailing The FFPC reserves the right to roll back, remove players, pause the draft, hold the draft, and do whatever is deemed necessary to ensure a proper draft for all owners.

Owners are encouraged to draft as quickly as they can and should use their queue, one pick auto, rankings and other features. Please check into the draft often, at least twice a day. As drafts proceed past an owner’s first pick, any time out will be treated as such. If a pick is not made within the 8-hour timeframe (excluding the overnight pause), that pick will be skipped and other picks may be allowed to be made. The skipped team must email FFPC Commissioner at to manually input that team’s draft pick. All draft picks which are made after the skipped pick will stand. Example: if the skipped team had pick 1.04 and 3 other picks had been made before the skipped team contacted the commissioner, the skipped team would then have the 1.07 pick.

Best Ball Superflex format Dynasty Leagues: League structure will be as follows: Each team will have its points optimized based on the highest possible scoring lineup each week. Points will accumulate throughout the season. There are no head-to-head matchups in Best Ball Dynasty leagues. The team with the highest cumulative score between weeks 1 and 17 will be the Dynasty League Champion. The second-highest scoring gets second, third gets third and so on.

Minimum Roster requirements for both FFPC dynasty formats: Each team’s roster must have a minimum of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D/ST at all times during the Dynasty League offseason. During the Dynasty League Season, a 22 player roster is required with a minimum of one player at each required starting position: QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D/ST.

All dynasty owners must draft a complete starting lineup including a kicker and a defense in the Maiden startup draft for both FFPC Dynasty formats. Failure to do so may result in the FFPC Commissioner cutting players as needed and adding a kicker and/or defense.

FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Leagues

During the Dynasty League Off-season, rosters will be allowed to exceed, or be diminished by the yearly requirement of 22 players through trades and rookie/free agent draft acquisitions ONLY. Any team whose roster exceeds the yearly player limit will be required to release the extra players prior to the start of the FFPC Dynasty League Season. The Dynasty roster cut down date is Sunday, September 1st, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT. All teams must be down to a maximum of 22 active players at that time. IR’ed players do not count as part of the 22.

When the FFPC Dynasty League Season begins, any team below the yearly player roster is permitted to make blind bid waiver wire acquisitions to meet the in-season roster requirements.

The starting lineup for FFPC Dynasty League teams is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE), 1 K, 1 DEF/ST.

It is the responsibility of every owner to try to field a competitive Best Ball roster and optimized lineup every week of the FFPC Dynasty League season. Tanking in the form of not doing waivers, not moving Injured Reserve players to FFPC IR, and picking up low-quality players to minimize one’s optimized score is prohibited. Please email to report any obvious tanking issues.

The FFPC Dynasty League Commissioner may (but is not required to) alter a lineup or change a roster move for any team where a roster is fielded with multiple players who are inactive as a result of being on a Bye Week, on suspension, or on their NFL team’s I.R. list. FFPC Dynasty League Commissioner has the final discretion on all lineup/roster changes.

Disputes and Appeals

All disputes and appeals must be submitted to the league commissioner via email whereas he or she will utilize the rules and regulations governing the FFPC Dynasty League to or make all decisions. The league commissioner’s decisions are considered final. The FFPC Commissioners reserve the right, at their discretion, to call for a vote by all league members to help decide certain issues.

If for whatever reason, there is a downtime experienced with FFPC league software, all principal owners can submit an e-mail to the league commissioner at or reporting the lapse and submit any information pertaining to free agent moves, and starting lineup submissions. The time stamp in each email will serve as proof of timely or untimely submission. Once the experienced downtime has been repaired, the FFPC Commissioner will update all information pertaining to starting lineups and free agent acquisitions.

Dynasty League Trading Rules

Trading is permitted in FFPC Dynasty Leagues. All trades are expected to be executed in good faith and with the goal of improving one’s roster over the short or long-term. Unethical trading or roster dumping are not permitted and can lead to trade reversal, sanctions, and banishment from the FFPC Dynasty League without the return of deposit.

Trades are free of charge. A trade becomes official once both teams have accepted the terms of the trade and no protest has been filed.

Trades occurring during the FFPC Dynasty League Season may involve unequal amounts of players. Still, each team must adjust its roster as needed to stay at 20 players or less upon consummation of the trade. In-season trades may include future draft picks for the next calendar year ONLY. In-season trades must be finalized by Sunday at 12:50 pm Eastern for the traded players to be active in a team’s lineup. This weekly trade deadline of 12:50 pm ET includes players whose games start later on Sunday or Monday night. FFPC software may take up to 5 minutes after acceptance to execute a trade.

Players traded that have already played and scored points for the week may remain with the original team until after the week has concluded. The trade will execute on Tuesday morning.

The dynasty trade deadline during the FFPC Dynasty League Season is 12:50 pm ET on Sunday, November 24th, 2024, before the Sunday Kickoff of Week 12 of the NFL season. Trades might execute after the deadline if accepted before the deadline that involved a started early game player (if applicable, see above).

There is no dynasty trading between this deadline and the end of the NFL regular season other than as noted above. No players involved in any trade may be part of another trade until 24 hours after the first trade. This is done to give time for other owners to file a protest, if necessary.

Trades occurring during the FFPC Dynasty League Off-season may involve an unequal number of players exchanged by both teams. Off-season trades may include future draft picks for the next calendar year ONLY. There is no trade deadline during the FFPC Dynasty League Off-season. No players involved in any one trade may be part of another trade until 24 hours after the first trade. This is done to give time for other owners to file a protest, if necessary. Trades can be made January 1, provided the following year’s Entry fee has been paid by all teams involved in the trade.

A trade can be protested by any team not involved in the trade by submitting an e-mail to the FFPC Commissioner at The protest email must detail the specific reasoning for the protest so that the Commissioner can make an informed decision. i.e.: it is not enough to protest a trade with the reason being that it is “unfair”.

If two email protests are received by the FFPC Commissioner for any single trade, the trade will be officially reviewed. The FFPC Commissioner may contact both owners involved in the trade and ask for their reasoning behind the trade. Player values vary greatly in dynasty formats, and this will be taken into consideration when rendering decisions. FFPC Commissioner’s decision will be final and may not be appealed.

IR Transactions

During the FFPC Dynasty Season, a team may place a player on IR if they appear on their NFL teams Injured Reserve List. The team may then replace the IR player and pick up a player via the blind bid waiver wire process. IR moves are free of charge. Any free agent who is listed on IR by an NFL team and is then drafted or acquired via the waiver wire is eligible for the IR list. A team may have a maximum of 3 players on the IR list at any one time. The official site for determining a player’s IR status will be Players on the IR list are eligible to be traded to another team. If an NFL team activates a player on IR to their active roster, dynasty owners must activate or cut that player within the next 3 days during the Dynasty league season. All players must be removed from injured reserve prior to the March 31st roster cut-down date.

IR Qualification

Any player on NFL Injured Reserve, NFL Injured Reserve-Eligible to Return, NFL-PUP list, NFL-NFI (non-football injury) list can be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve. A player that is Suspended or Out for the week cannot be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve.

All NFL skill players that formally Opt-Out for 2021 can be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve.

Any NFL skill player placed on the COVID-19 Exempt list will have IR eligibility. Once he is removed from the list, owners will have three days to activate, trade, or cut the player.

Yearly Rookie/Free Agent Draft

In each subsequent year after the Maiden draft, each FFPC Dynasty League will hold an Off-season draft for rookies and free agents called the Rookie/Free Agent draft. All Rookie/FA Drafts will start on the weekend after completion of the NFL draft, with staggered drafts times between 8 am and 11 am ET. Rookie/FA drafts are slow drafts, with an 8-hour limit per pick.

Drafts will run up until the start of the NFL Season. Drafts MUST be completed before the start of the NFL Season and draft clocks may be shortened as needed and/or remaining picks may be autodrafted if needed.

The Rookie/FA draft will last 10 rounds for Best Ball Dynasty leagues.

Rookie Draft Order for Best Ball Dynasty Format

The bottom 8-9 teams that did not earn prize money will be slotted in inverse order of points scored. The team that scored the fewest points will have the first pick (1.01), 2nd fewest will get the 2nd pick and so on.

The teams that earned prize money will be slotted in inverse order of the TOTAL amount of prize money awarded at the conclusion of the 17-week Best Ball season. In event of a tie between teams, the following tiebreakers will apply:

1. Coin flip.

The Rookie/Free Agent draft is a straight draft, going from picks 1-12, and then back to 1 again. It is NOT a serpentine draft. The team with pick 1.01 will have pick 2.01, 3.01, etc. unless any of those picks have been traded.

Rookie Draft Eligibility

The Rookie/FA draft shall include any NFL free agents that are not on a current FFPC Dynasty League roster, as well as all rookies selected during the NFL draft and rookie undrafted free agents. Any players drafted in the supplemental NFL draft after the start of the Rookie/FA draft will be entered into the FFPC Dynasty League free agent pool and be eligible for pickup at the start of the blind bid process.

FFPC Dynasty League teams will be allowed to carry all drafted players during the Off-season until the Final cut-down date. The Dynasty roster cut down date is Sunday, September 1st, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT.

FFPC Scoring, Lineup Submission and Position Designation

FFPC Best Ball Superflex Dynasty Format

The final weekly optimized lineups will consist of: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex Players (1-Flex can be QB, RB, WR or TE, 2-Flex can be RB, WR or TE), 1 PK. 1 Team Defense/Special Team. Optimized lineups are not submitted by players, but use optimized scoring based on the highest scoring results of each team’s players’ performances.

Player position eligibility and designation is determined by FFPC Commissioners during the pre-season and may be changed any time before the start of the NFL season. FFPC participants agree to accept these designations and understand the final position designations may be different from the time their FFPC drafts were conducted.

The following is the scoring system used for every player in FFPC. Scoring will be calculated to the hundredth of a point. Negative yardage will be counted as a negative score:


  • 0.04 point – 1 yard passing (multiply total passing yards by 0.04. Example: 250 passing yards = 10 fantasy points)
  • 4 points – Passing TD
  • -2 point – Interception thrown
  • -1 point - Fumble Lost
  • 2 points – 2-point conversion


  • 0.1 point – 1 yard rushing (multiply total rushing yards by 0.1. Example 126 rushing yards= 12.6 fantasy points)
  • 6 points – Rushing TD
  • -1 point - Fumble Lost
  • 2 points – 2-point conversion


  • 0.1 point – 1 yard receiving (multiply total receiving yards by 0.1. Example 126 receiving yards= 12.6 fantasy points)
  • 6 points – Receiving TD
  • 1 point – Reception for RB, WR, QB, K
  • 1.5 points – Reception for TEs
  • -1 point - Fumble Lost
  • 2 points – 2-point conversion

Place Kicking

  • 1 point – Made PAT
  • 3 points – Made FG of 1 – 30 yards plus 0.1 point for every yard thereafter.
    Example: a 45-yard FG would be worth 4.5 points

Team Defense/Special Teams

  • 1 point – Every sack
  • 2 points - Every blocked punt or field goal
  • 2 points – Every team takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)***
  • 6 points – Every TD (via interception return, fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked FG return, missed FG return, blocked punt return)***
  • 2 points for every return after a blocked/failed extra point or failed two-point try (i.e. on an interception or fumble). [As per new NFL rules for 2015 season]
  • 5 points – Every safety
  • 12 points – Every shutout **
  • 8 points – Allowing between 1- 6 points **
    5 points – Allowing between 7 – 13 points **
    3 points – Allowing between 14 - 19 points **
    1 points – Allowing between 20 – 23 points **
    0 points – Allowing between 24 – 29 points **
    -2 points – Allowing 30 or more points **

    **Points scored by the opposing team’s defense will NOT count towards defensive points allowed. Only points scored when the defense or special teams is on the field will count towards their defensive points allowed.


FFPC implements Action scoring for all touchdowns. A TD scored in any way by an individual player is awarded to that player whether he is on offense, defense or special teams, whether that TD came as a result of a fumble, interception, double turnover***, lateral, special teams or any other football play. To reiterate: If a player scores a TD during a game and he is on your starting roster, you are awarded 6 points. (The exception is when a quarterback throws a passing touchdown. Those are awarded 4 points.) Please note that this scoring is separate and unrelated from any points which Team Defense/Special Teams may also receive for this TD.

No rushing or receiving yards will be awarded for a TD scored on a fumble, interception, kickoff or punt return.

Touchdowns scored on the offensive team as a result of Fake FG, Fake Punt, Blocked FG or Blocked Punt do not count as Defensive/Special Teams scoring.

*** A double-turnover is when the Offense turns the ball over to the opposing Defense, which subsequently turns the ball over back to the Offense. In this case, neither the Offense’s ball recovery nor any subsequent TD scoring on that particular play is scored as Defensive/Special Team scoring for that team. Defensive team fantasy points for touchdowns, fumble recoveries and interceptions are ONLY scored when the defensive unit is on the field.

*** A fumble by an offensive player through the opposing end zone resulting in a touch-back is not considered a team takeaway and will not award 2 fantasy points for the Team Defense/Special Teams.

FFPC Free Agency Acquisitions and Blind Bidding

The following free agent blind bidding process is the only means by which free agents may be acquired in the FFPC Dynasty League Season. There are no other ways to acquire free agents like ‘worst-to-first’ and ‘first-come-first-served’ or any other waiver methods other than blind bidding as described below.

Any active NFL player which is not on a roster in the individual league is considered a free agent for that league and may be available for pick-up. Players dropped by a team are placed into the free agent player pool and will be available for pick-up (see below for exclusions).

The free agent acquisition process is made by way of “blind bidding”. Each team is given 1,000 free agent “dollars” at the start of a season (not real money), which they may use to bid on free agents during a weekly blind bidding process. Bids will remain hidden from the rest of the league until after all the winning bids have been awarded. Free agent players will be awarded to the team with the highest bid for that free agent, and the winning bid amount will be deducted from that team’s free agent dollars. Besides the winning bid, all other bids for that free agent are considered losing bids and are canceled. At this point, the highest remaining bid by any team for any remaining free agent will be considered. The team with this winning bid will be awarded the free agent and all losing bids for that free agent will be canceled. This process will continue until every remaining bid has been considered.

There will be TWO “pre-season” free agency processes. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6 at 10 PM ET and the second is scheduled on the following Sunday, September 10 at 10 AM ET for all dynasty leagues.

Due to the addition of weekly Thursday games to the NFL schedule, there are now two (2) weekly blind bidding processes. The first “Primary” blind bidding process will take place on Wednesday with the second “Supplementary” process taking place on Sunday.

The deadline for bid submission for Wednesday is 10:00 PM ET and Sunday is 10:00 AM ET.

All free agent NFL players will be available for the Wednesday bidding process.

NFL players which are dropped during Wednesday’s bidding process will NOT be available for pickups on Sunday (Of the same week) and will ONLY become available for next week’s Wednesday bidding process.

Free agent NFL players whose teams played on Thursday will NOT be available for pickups on Sunday (Of the same week) and will ONLY become available for next week’s Wednesday bidding process.

After the completion of Week 1, the blind bidding processes will be available weekly and will continue until prior to Week 17 for ALL teams in the Dynasty Leagues. Rosters will be updated with the results of all successful bids after 10:00 PM ET on Wednesday and 10:00 AM ET on Sunday, following the completion of the blind bidding process.

Bids will be allowed to be entered from Sunday at 12:00 PM ET until Wednesday 10:00 PM ET for Wednesday’s bidding process. A bid will be allowed to be entered from Wednesday at 11:00 PM EST until Sunday 10:00 AM ET for Sunday's bidding process.

All bids will be processed and the rosters updated with the results of all successful bids after 10:00 PM ET on Wednesday & 10:00 AM ET on Sunday, following the completion of the blind bidding process.

All team managers are strongly encouraged to place their bids as early in the week as possible.

All players cut during Weeks 1 through Week 17 free agent bidding processes WILL REMAIN in the free agent pool and will be available to be re-acquired by teams as long as the free agency bidding processes remain open.

FFPC Commissioners and FFPC, LLC. reserve the right to remove a dropped player from the free agent pool or reinstate that player back to its original team, if FFPC Commissioners and FFPC, LLC. determine that doing so is the interest of upholding the integrity of the contest, or that the dropped player would unfairly impact the outcome of the FFPC, or to correct an error. In this rare instance, all participants will be notified and an explanation will be given.

Bidding Tiebreakers for Best Ball Dynasty Format

  • Least total points.
  • Worse previous week score.
  • Virtual coin toss.

Bids shall be placed individually, or in groups, with conditional bids following the primary bid. The top bid is the primary bid in a bidding group. The bids underneath are conditional bids. If you lose the primary bid, the first conditional bid directly below will be considered next. If you lose the primary and the first conditional bid, then the second conditional bid will be considered, etc. The rest of your bidding groups will be processed in the same manner. A maximum of one player can be won in each bidding group. Bids within a group may have different designated drop players. It’s important to remember when placing multiple free agent bids that you cannot win two players if they both have the same drop player. You may not place different bid amount on the same player. In this case, only the highest dollar bid will be considered.

Dollar amounts will determine the preference of bids. Example: conditional bid #3 cannot be a higher dollar amount than the primary bid or #2 bid.

Teams may submit as many bids as they like. There are no limitations as to the number of players that may be acquired by any one team during the course of the weekly blind bidding processes or during the course of the year, provided teams remain within the maximum number of 20 players allowed on each roster.

When placing a bid, please use separate dollar amounts or the primary and contingency bid software to ensure differentiation between the bidding groups.

Teams will no longer have the ability to acquire or bid on free agents once their initial 1,000 free agent “dollars” have been spent. All bids must be in increments of dollars, with no cents. The minimum bid amount is $1.

Bids may only be accepted on each individual FFPC league pages. No bids will be accepted by telephone, email, message boards or any via any other form. In the event that the FFPC league website is not able to accept bids, team managers are instructed to go to, call the 24-hour message center at 1-888-898-3372 or email for further instructions.

FFPC Best Ball Format Dynasty League and Playoff Structure

The FFPC Best Ball Dynasty League is a 26 round serpentine draft using FFPC scoring and lineup requirements with a 17-week regular season. The best lineup automatically starts for each team. Best Ball does NOT have in-season team management (Best Ball Plus HAS free agency via blind bidding).

The 17-week season will run from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 17. There are no playoffs in this league format. League winners will be based purely on total points scored on a weekly basis using optimal scoring of all players on each team’s roster. The top scoring team over 17 weeks will win the league. Prizes may also be awarded to the 2nd and/or 3rd highest scoring teams, depending on the prize structure. In case of the Double Up prize format, top 6 out of 12 teams will win prizes as described in the Prize section.

In the rare case that there is a tie between teams in any of the League Playoff total points competition for Best Ball Dynasty format only, the prizes will be split equally between the two tied teams.

Annual Renewal, Sale, or Orphaning of FFPC Dynasty Teams

This section of the rules will cover the process, procedures and timeline of either renewal, sale or orphaning FFPC dynasty teams.

At the conclusion of each FFPC dynasty season (after week sixteen concludes), FFPC owners have several options for the ongoing ownership of their dynasty team (or teams, hereafter referred to as “teams”). The options are as follows.

Primary option: RENEW and keep any or all dynasty teams.

Renewal is historically selected by 85-90% of FFPC dynasty owners. To RENEW your dynasty teams, owners may use funds or credits on account or add funds by going to your FFPC myTeams page and clicking the Add Funds button. Once funds are added, click the RENEW dynasty teams message on your myTeams page to process team renewal.

Secondary options:

  • RENEW and list any teams for sale with FFPC at your choice of price up to the renewal price.
  • RENEW and list any teams for sale with* at your choice of price.
  • ORPHAN any teams and forfeit all prior deposits and ownership.

Teams MUST be renewed in order to be posted for sale on either the FFPC or on website.

Dynasty teams are considered to be ORPHANS if any of the following apply:

  • The FFPC is notified by an owner that they wish to ORPHAN their teams.
  • A dynasty owner fails to renew their teams by the February 28th renewal deadline.

The earliest date that an owner can SELL or ORPHAN dynasty teams is on Tuesday, December 24th, 2024. Team RENEWAL may be available prior to December 24th, 2024. FFPC will email owners if early RENEWAL becomes available.

To RENEW your dynasty teams, owners may use funds or credits on account or add funds by going to your FFPC myTeams page and clicking the Add Funds button. Once funds are added, click the RENEW dynasty teams message on your myTeams page to process team renewal. Once teams are renewed, you may:

1. If you want to RENEW and sell your teams via FFPC, please email with the Subject line: LIST TEAMS FOR SALE. In the email body, please include your name, FFPC account email, league name and number, team name and your selling price. Please do not email to sell any teams prior to renewal.

    FFPC will list teams for sale by owner until the renewal deadline of February 29, 2024. Once the renewal deadline has passed, teams for sale by owner will be removed from the FFPC site. DynastyDepot remains an option to sell teams until September of 2024.

    2. If you want to RENEW and sell your teams via, please create an account with them and follow their instructions.

      If you wish to ORPHAN your teams entirely, please email with the Subject line: ORPHAN DYNASTY TEAM (or TEAMS). In the email body, please include your name, FFPC account email, league name and number, and team name. As noted above, owners that choose to ORPHAN dynasty teams will forfeit all prior deposits and FFPC will then assume ownership and responsibility for finding new ownership for the following season.

      Any owner that does not renew by 2/29, that also has not emailed to orphan, and has a balance in their FFPC account, will have their teams automatically renewed. Please email if your team was automatically renewed but you would like to orphan your team.

      All new owners must pay the full initial one-time deposit regardless of the purchase price. ($100 for $100, $150 for $250, $300 for $500, $500 for $750, $750 for $1250, $1,500 for $2500, and $3,000 for $5,000 leagues.) Leagues created before 2022 may have lower deposits.

      Any questions regarding the above options can be sent to

      * is a 3rd party marketplace which will provide FFPC owners an opportunity to buy or sell FFPC dynasty teams. FFPC owners are not obligated to use this service. FFPC owners who do use must agree to terms and conditions of FFPC does not own, operate or control

      Draft/Event Information

      FFPC uses its league management service to handle scheduling, blind bidding, transactions, win-loss records, etc. FFPC uses game statistics provided by SportRadar data feed which will be our basis for scoring. Elias Sports Bureau will often have minor scoring changes during the season. FFPC will automatically have the league management software make stat changes as they occur. FFPC will act as the commissioner of the overall event and will have final say over all decisions related and regarding the FFPC. Entrants warrant that they are familiar with the workings of Elias Sports Bureau and SportRadar, and agree not to hold FFPC and FFPC, LLC. liable for any errors caused by, or potential failures of Elias Sports Bureau or SportRadar.

      In the event of a server failure or other technical issues, the last lineup that was submitted will be the official lineup for the week. FFPC, LLC. RECOMMENDS THAT PARTICIPANTS MAKE ANY OF THEIR LINEUP CHANGES AS SOON AS LINEUP SUBMISSION IS AVAILABLE EACH WEEK. In cases of extreme emergency, line up changes may be submitted to with the words LINEUP CHANGE in the subject line, or called into our 24-hour message center at 1-888-898-FFPC, as long as these changes are received prior to the weekly deadline for making such changes. The following must be provided for a valid email or phone transaction: League number & team name, login name and password, the name of the player(s) to be placed in the starting lineup, the name of the player(s) to be removed from the starting lineup.

      If you feel there is a scoring error, please email with the words STAT APPEAL in the subject line. Kindly detail the issue and we will look into it. We are using Elias Sports Bureau to automatically correct any statistical errors, so an appeal is not needed for an error which would be corrected by Elias. Typically, stat changes are received by Elias and SportsRadar on the Thursday following that particular week. Once the stat changes are received, the FFPC will update the standings and results of all FFPC leagues accordingly. All scoring for the prior week will go FINAL by 6 PM EST on the Friday following that particular week, and at that time all contestants waive their right to any further appeals. It will be the sole discretion of FFPC, LLC. to make any changes not noted by Elias Sports Bureau.

      If the NFL changes its season for any reason,FFPC, LLC. reserves the right to amend its FFPC league structure accordingly. Any regular season NFL games that take place prior to the FFPC Dynasty League drafts WILL count towards Week 1 point scoring in the FFPC regular season. If the NFL plays any games with replacement players during a formal league strike or lockout, statistics from those games shall not count for the purposes of this competition.

      Prize Distribution

      Winners will be notified by email or regular mail within 10 days after the final league and overall results are posted on the FFPC web site. All award money will be paid in U.S. dollars and will be mailed out no later than January 20th, 2025 to all participants that have provided their tax reporting information. All taxes associated with the receipt of any award are the sole responsibility of the winner. FFPC, LLC. will pay 100% of all FFPC awards directly to each winning principal participant unless a prize split is requested by the principal participant, as described directly below. FFPC, LLC. is not responsible for, or bound by, any agreement between the principal participant and any co-managers or group. FFPC, LLC. reserves the right to substitute any non-cash award by cash or by an award of equal or greater value.

      Prize splitting amongst principal participant and their co-managers is now available. The principal participant will always remain the sole legal prize winner and MUST authorize payment to his co-manager in writing. The principal participant will fill out and sign the authorization form indicating the name & address of his co-manager and the amount he should receive. Both the principal participant and the co-manager will each fill out a W-9. Once these documents are received and approved by the FFPC, LLC. the prize monies will be released to both parties. At year’s end, both the principal participant and the co-manager will each receive IRS Form-1099 for their prize awards.

      Limitations to prize splitting: prize splitting is limited to TWO persons only: the principal participant and the co-manager. Under no circumstance will FFPC, LLC. issue payment to anyone other than these two persons. Only total prize awards of $2,000 or greater will be eligible for prize splitting. This may be a combination of any CASH prizes won in any FFPC tournament, league or contest. FFPC Dollars or any non-cash prizes are not applicable for prize splitting. Each share of prize split awards must be a minimum of $600. FFPC, LLC. may, at its own discretion, refuse to accept any prize splitting request and process the entire award to the principal participant. Please email with any further questions regarding the prize splitting process.

      If your gross prize winnings exceed $600.00, the Fantasy Football Players Championship must file a Form 1099 with the IRS at the end of this calendar year. At that point, we may request your social security number (this will be kept strictly private unless required to be disclosed as a matter of law) to file your prize winnings with the IRS. This Form contains the amount paid to the award principal participant and/or the co-manager, in cases where the prize split has been processed. Award winners will receive a copy of the Form for tax purposes and are responsible for paying any taxes that result from your cash prize. Please consult your income tax advisor for filing advice. If you do not fill out this form and return it to us, you may not get your prize by our listed payout date of January 20th, 2025.

      Contingency Plans

      Please read the FFPC Terms & Conditions, section titled “Official Length of the NFL Season” for our contingency plans should the NFL have unexpected changes to its season.

      Please refer to Terms & Conditions for eligibility, prohibited players and other game rules.