Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the FFPC, an operator of season-long fantasy football leagues and contests. Please read these Terms and Conditions before playing in the FFPC as they address your rights and obligations. All mentions of ‘FFPC’ refers to FFPC, LLC. and any other legal entity which is owned or operated by FFPC, LLC.

Acceptance of Terms

By registering for a FFPC player account, or participating in any FFPC leagues and contests, or using the FFPC league management platform in any manner, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between you and FFPC. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT USE THE FFPC WEBSITE OR PARTICIPANT IN ANY FFPC LEAGUES AND CONTESTS.

FFPC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace the Terms and Conditions at any time. You are responsible for reviewing and understanding any such modifications. If a revision to the Terms and Conditions is material, the FFPC will notify you by contacting you through the email address associated with your player account. Use of the FFPC by you after any modification to the Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as modified.


Individuals who are 18 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts) are eligible to create an FFPC account. Individuals physically located within the jurisdictions of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Delaware and Vermont are permitted to create FFPC accounts, however, they are strictly prohibited from making deposits or registering for FFPC leagues. The FFPC, at its discretion, may deny eligibility of any individual to participate in FFPC leagues and Contests. Under no condition shall the FFPC be held responsible for any loss or liability related to any expenses incurred by a denied entrant or anybody else affiliated with that denied entrant.

Prohibited Players

The following persons are explicitly prohibited from playing in FFPC:

  • Any member, officer, employee or agent of the FFPC
  • Any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of any member, officer, employee or agent of the FFPC
  • Any owner or employee of an operator of a fantasy sports website offering paid contests, or any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of such an owner or employee
  • Any individual with access to non-public confidential information about the FFPC leagues and contests.
  • Any amateur or professional athlete whose performance may be used to determine the outcome of a FFPC league and contest.
  • Any sports agent, team employee, referee, or league official associated with the National Football Leagues or any other sport or athletic event on which the FFPC leagues and contests are based.
  • Any owner or operator of a fantasy sports website offering paid contests.
  • Any minors under the age of 18

If the FFPC discovers that any of the prohibited individuals above are found to have registered or entered any FFPC leagues or contests, their account will immediately be closed and that individual will be disqualified from any league or contest that they have joined.

Registration for FFPC Player Accounts

To participate in any FFPC leagues or contests FFPC, you must register and create a player account. By registering, you agree to provide accurate, current and complete personal information when prompted during account creation. You also agree to maintain and promptly update this information to keep it accurate, current and complete. At its sole discretion, FFPC can terminate any account which it deems to have inaccurate, not current or incomplete information.

Only one FFPC player account per individual is allowed to be opened, maintained and controlled. In the event FFPC determines that an individual has opened, maintained and controlled more than one account, FFPC reserves the right to terminate any or all of accounts associated with that individual. The FFPC also reserves the right to terminate, withhold or revoke the awarding of any prizes in each of those accounts.

If the FFPC discovers that any of the prohibited individuals above are found to have registered or entered any FFPC leagues or contests, their account will immediately be closed and that individual will be disqualified from any league or contest that they have joined.

Participation Limits

FFPC leagues are made up of 12 teams. An individual is only allowed one entry into any single 12-team FFPC league.

FFPC contests are made up of multiple 12-team leagues. An individual may enter contests more than once but will always be placed into different 12-team leagues.

The maximum number of entries that an individual can enter into FFPC multi-league contest is 150 or 3% of the number of total entries for that contest, whichever is less.

FFPC may limit the amount a customer can deposit into his or her account in accordance with state-imposed deposit limits.

Protection of Prizes

FFPC Customer Deposits and Player winnings are held in a separate, segregated bank account held by ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC, the special purpose entity for FFPC, LLC. This Special Purpose Entity was created in compliance with various states’ fantasy sports legislation to ensure protection of consumer funds. The segregated account is established and held in trust for the benefit and protection of authorized FFPC players. Withdrawals will be made from this segregated account, and checks issued may bear the name ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC. ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC funds do not belong to FFPC, LLC, nor are the funds available to creditors, except for players whose funds are held in such account. FFPC, LLC and ForPlayers-ByPlayers, LLC are forbidden to commingle funds and will function as two separate legal entities.

Prize Distribution

Prizes will be deposited into winning player’s accounts within 48 hours of the results of the league/contest being declared as final. Upon deposit into account, funds will be available for immediate withdrawal pending submission of required documentation which may include but not limited to: valid government identification, affidavit of residence, W-9, etc. Upon receipt of requested documentation, withdrawals will processed within 48 hours and checks mailed to the prize winners.

If the FFPC has reason to believe that a player engaged in either fraudulent or illegal conduct, the FFPC may decline to honor the request for withdrawal for a reasonable investigatory period until its investigation is resolved. A notice and explanation of the nature of the investigation will be provided to the player.

Game Rules

FFPC and it’s officers will make the final decisions on all matters related to the FFPC rules, prizes, disputes and appeals. Any disputes or appeals regarding the rules will be decided by FFPC using its interpretation of the rules. In reaching its rulings, FFPC will consider the intent and spirit of the rules, the fairness to the fantasy players and the integrity of the FFPC leagues and contests, as well as the feasibility of accommodating any appeal.

All players must have Internet access to help manage their team throughout the duration of the FFPC.

If you have a concern about any league rule, you must email support@MyFFPC.com with the subject: RULES APPEAL on it. The deadline for submitting a rules dispute or appeal is by Friday, 12:00 AM EST, following the completion of that game or games in which the dispute has occurred. The deadline for submitting a rules dispute or appeal for any week when there is an upcoming Thursday or Friday game is by Wednesday, 12:00 PM EST, following the completion of that game or games in which the dispute has occurred. The deadline for submitting disputes related to the operation of any league draft is 30 minutes after the conclusion of the draft itself. Prior to leaving the Main Event, all owners must sign that they do not intend to appeal any aspect of the draft’s results. Leaving the Main Event without signing waives any right to challenge any aspect of the draft.

If you plan to file an appeal of any type, you must include a detailed account of the dispute and the resolution requested. FFPC will make a final ruling that is binding and cannot be contested.

We strongly urge players to double and triple check their lineup and free agent moves as FFPC cannot be held responsible for errors in entering lineups and free agent bids. FFPC will not intervene or alter a transaction after free agent or lineup submissions are due.

Team ownership is non-transferable at any time unless permission is specifically granted by FFPC in writing, and FFPC reserves the right to deny transfer of team ownership for any reason, or no reason at all. In addition, FFPC may reject any league or contest entry or revoke ownership of any prospective entrant prior to the upcoming FFPC draft, even for those participants who have paid monies to FFPC. Any rejected applications or revoked owners will receive a full refund.

For those attending the live Main Event, some complimentary drink tickets, which may be used for either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks may be made available from the cash bar at the Draft, at our sole discretion. Any participant, co-manager or observer who consumes alcohol at the draft must be at least 21 years of age, and agrees to do so at their own risk. FFPC shall not be held liable for any destruction or loss of property or physical injury (including death) due to drunken, disorderly, or otherwise negligent or irresponsible behavior. In addition, FFPC reserves the right to refuse or cut off the service of alcohol to anyone in attendance, as well as to evict anybody from the Main Event and disqualify any contestant without refund for drunken or disorderly behavior, as well as any other conduct that impedes the smooth operation of the Main Event, as well as any other contestant’s reasonable ability to enjoy the Main Event. If you choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

With regard to personal behavior, we believe in the golden rule, and we plan, if we deem necessary to enforce it. All those participating and/or viewing are expected to behave in a lawful, respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all FFPC events, throughout the entire FFPC contest and during use of the FFPC web site including, but not limited to, comments posted on the message board. Any conduct by a participant, co-manager or other person which is deemed by FFPC to intimidate, harass, offend or harm any participant, co-manager, guest, FFPC representative or the representative of any FFPC vendor, is strictly prohibited. FFPC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to ban any person from either current or future further participation in the FFPC if such person engages in such prohibited conduct. In addition, any participant engaging in such conduct forfeits any rights to a refund, as well as any potential rights to an award. If a participant is banned from further participation in the FFPC, the FFPC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to designate a surrogate participant at any stage in the contest, or to freeze the banned owner’s roster. FFPC shall not be responsible or held liable to any person for damage to property or personal injury or death arising from the acts or omissions of any participant, co-manager or other person. Any person engaging in an unlawful behavior at any FFPC event or in connection with the FFPC will be subject to legal prosecution.

Any attempt to tamper or interfere with the FFPC is a violation of criminal and civil laws. FFPC reserves the right to prosecute and seek damages permitted by law for any such behavior.

Any participants or co-managers who collude, or attempt to collude, in an effort to alter the standings, rankings, or fantasy point totals will be disqualified and be prohibited from winning any award money. In addition, any participant that alone attempts to sabotage the results of the league by not giving equal effort against all competitors will be disqualified and prohibited from winning an award. At the sole discretion of FFPC, in any of these above circumstances, the colluding or sabotaging owner’s team may be taken over by a surrogate or agent of FFPC, or be frozen by FFPC for the remainder of the season. This rule also applies to any participant or co-manager that attempts to blackmail, bribe, coerce or otherwise influence any officers or agents of FFPC in an effort to alter the standings, rankings, or fantasy point totals. Any participant that does this will be prohibited from winning any award money and will further have his or her team taken over by a surrogate or agent of FFPC. Any criminal behavior by a participant or co-manager which attempts to corrupt or alter the fairness of the FFPC may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution. Any attempt made to purposely damage or affect the web site, or to undermine the operation of this contest is a violation of civil and criminal law. FFPC reserves the right to seek damages and full criminal prosecution as permitted by law.

The use of unapproved, third-party scripts or scripting programs for any FFPC contest, nor to allow collusion, cheating, software programs to submit entry fees or adjust the selected athletes is strictly forbidden.

Participants are expected field a starting lineup on a weekly basis and to manage their team to the best of their ability for the duration of the FFPC season. We understand that some teams will stop actively managing their teams and may abandon them during the regular season. FFPC cannot manage abandoned teams and is not able to start and bench players for those teams. The FFPC will attempt to keep a record of owners who abandoned their teams and these participants may not be invited back to the FFPC event for next year and beyond. If FFPC believes that any team has been abandoned, For FFPC reserves the right at its sole discretion to either appoint a surrogate owner, or to freeze a team’s roster for the remainder of the season. Entrants recognize that in many cases, it will be most feasible for FFPC to opt for the freezing solution, albeit this result is sometimes imperfect. Participants assume this risk when entering the contest. FFPC reserves the right to intervene in team management of any team whose participant is willingly trying to field a less competitive team or is manipulating the contest.

FFPC is not responsible for any problem or technical malfunction which impedes or interferes with the transmission or receipt of any team transaction, including but not limited to free agent moves, or starting lineup submissions. FFPC is also not responsible for any problems of technical malfunctions caused by the league management software or related hardware and software. FFPC is also not responsible for the failure of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, equipment or software, or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site, phone lines, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to a participant’s computer related to or resulting from participation in the FFPC.

If, for any reason, the FFPC is not capable of running this competition as planned, including due to technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of FFPC which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the FFPC, the FFPC reserves the right to modify the rules or suspend the FFPC. Similarly, FFPC may modify or cancel the event due to any acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism, change in applicable state or federal law (including but not limited to changes to participant eligibility), interruption in the NFL season (including strikes, lockouts and/or use of replacement players), failure of operations by our fantasy league management platform, or failure to get the minimum number of intended registered participants. FFPC assumes no legal responsibility for any error, omissions, interruption, deletion, defect or delay in operation with transmission, communications, line failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to the league management website. All FFPC Main event players must have Internet access along with a viable e-mail address for communication. E-mail will be the primary method of contact and failure by a participant to check their e-mail, respond to our e-mail or lose e-mail use is in no way the responsibility of the FFPC.

Live draft participants understand that if for any reason the Online league drafts are not completed on the scheduled dates, replacement drafts may occur, in either part or whole, as time permits. Participants represent and warrant that they understand that the Live and Online drafts might not occur simultaneously or as scheduled, and will not hold FFPC liable in any way if the Online drafts occur, in part or full, subsequent to the Live Event. (For additional information, please review the Online draft rules addendum).

FFPC is formed under the laws of the state of New York, and this competition operates under the law of the state of New York. All terms of this agreement, including the operation of this contest, as well as all claims arising against FFPC, irrespective of whether brought under theories of contract, tort, or otherwise, shall be interpreted under New York Law, irrespective of choice-of-law principles.

Participants and co-managers hereby release and agree not to sue FFPC, their administrators, agents, officers, volunteers and employees, and other participants, organizers, any sponsors, licensors, vendors, media outlet, or advertisers. Further, participants and co-managers agree to hold those parties harmless from all liability, claim, demands, losses, or damages caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of FFPC. Participants and co-managers additionally agree that despite this waiver, if they or anyone on their behalf makes a claim against FFPC, participants and co-managers will indemnify, save, and hold harmless FFPC, their administrators, agents, officers, volunteers, and employees, organizers, sponsors, licensors and advertisers from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss liability, damage, or cost which may be incur as a result of such a claim. Finally, if for any reason the above waivers, releases and other liability-limiting provisions fail, still in absolutely no event (under any legal theory, including contract, tort or otherwise) may any entrant or potential entrant hold FFPC liable for any sum of money greater than the amount of the entrant or potential entrant’s entry free into the contest, subtracted by the amount that FFPC ultimately pays out, or promises to pay out, to all contestants in prize money.

Apple, Inc. and the Apple App. Store are not sponsors of the FFPC. Apple, Inc. and the Apple App. Store are not affiliated with the FFPC, its games, contests or tournaments in any way.

To the extent any participant may bring any sort of a claim against FFPC, such a claim, irrespective of whether arising based on this contract or under theories of tort, must be brought to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), which shall be the only forum for resolving disputes between parties to this agreement. If for any reason this arbitration clause is deemed inapplicable, then any remaining claims must be brought, if at all, in the Southern District of New York in the forum of New York, NY.

Participants and co-managers agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action emerging out of or related to use of the FFPC Website, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy must be filed within ONE (1) YEAR after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.

Any and all claims brought forth shall be arbitrated on an individual basis only, and shall not be reinforced or joined with or in any arbitration or other proceeding involving a Claim of any other party. Participants, co-managers and FFPC agree that the arbitrator shall have no authority to arbitrate any Claim as a class action or in any other form other than solely an individual basis.

If any provision of the Terms is found by an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nonetheless agree that the arbitrator or court should seek to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the Terms remain in full force and effect.

Participants and co-managers have read and fully understand the terms of this release, and further understand that they have given up substantial rights by completing the FFPC Participant Application, and have signed it freely and without any induction or assurance of any nature and intend it to be complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid, the balance, not withstanding, shall continue in full force. Participants fully understand that all decisions and rulings made by the FFPC Commissioners and the officers of FFPC are final.

FFPC is not responsible for any FFPC disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of FFPC or any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the FFPC. FFPC and any subsidiary, affiliated company, licensor or vendor including but not limited to the Host Casino are not in any way responsible or liable for any damage, loss or injury (including death) resulting from any participant’s or co-manager’s or other guest’s activity in the FFPC and related events, and/or acceptance and use of any award won.

FFPC reserves the right to use the likeness or image of any and all participants or co-managers, without compensation, in advertising, marketing or in allowing the media to cover any and all FFPC events or activities including the draft and all related activities. FFPC is solely responsible for enacting, administering, enforcing the rules, and maintaining the integrity of the FFPC. The FFPC and its web site are not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by the National Football League or the NFL Players’ Association.

In the event that the Online leagues cannot complete their drafts for any reason on the scheduled times, these drafts will be completed or redrafted on a newly scheduled date as time permits. Participants represent and warrant that they will be able to participate in a “make-up” draft, if necessary, on any available day and that they will not for any reason hold FFPC liable. If FFPC determines that a redraft, either in full or part, is needed. Online participants understand that if FFPC determines that a redraft is appropriate, failure to participate in this draft may lead to disqualification without any rights to a refund of the entry fee.