17 Days Left in the 2020 FFPC Main Event

7 Spots Left in Today's Drafts

Take Your Shot at a $500,000 Windfall in the Main Event

The Main Event rolls on today, players! I should let you know that with only two-and-a-half weeks of drafting left, the Main Event is only half full. Selling out is going to be next to impossible, so this potentially represents a significant overlay in the competition this year as our prize structure is guaranteed regardless of entries.

As a reminder, after grabbing your first team, each additional team is $1500 online, $1625 live--a savings of $400 per each additional team. Also, if you have any concerns, you can see our full contingency plans at the link here.

Here's the upcoming Main Event draft schedule for this weekend:
Main Event ONLINE #17 4 of 12$1,900TODAY 1:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #193 of 12$1,900TONIGHT 10:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #207 of 12$1,900Tomorrow 1:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #219 of 12$1,900Tomorrow 7:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #22
9 of 12
Tomorrow 10:00pm ET
Main Event - 2hr Slow 5 of 12 $1,900 Starts When Full
Main Event - 6hr Slow 12 of 12$1,900Starts When Full

The FFPC live events scheduled to take place from September 10th-12th have been moved to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, too. If you're wondering about the protocols for FFPC live events, we will be following everything that the Caesars properties have required. For full details, check out the Paris Health & Safety Protocols here.

In addition, we once again have the services of our wonderful FFPC Live Event group host, Greg Sidoris who will help you with your stay and any other Vegas-related needs. If you are still booked at Planet Hollywood and need to move, please contact Greg at (216) 299-5390. You can also email him at CasinoConnectionUSA@gmail.com.

Sign Up For the 2020 FFPC Main Event Right Here

FPC Drafts Begin at 1 This Afternoon

The pace as to which the 2020 Footballguys Players Championship varies. Right now, it is picking up a lot of steam with availability in the competition getting smaller by the day. This contest features a guaranteed prize pool with a $500,000 grand prize and over $3,000,000 million total prize pool. That's right--we've doubled the grand prize to $500,000! The 2020 FPC contest is capped at 10,800 teams. All prizes are fully guaranteed.

Here are all the details on this year's competition:

  • Drafts going off daily
  • $3,100,000 prize pool (Up $800,000 from last year)
  • Teams are $350 each (or a three-pack of teams for $1000--save $50!)

Remember, you now have the opportunity to draft to win $500,000 every day from now until the start of the NFL season.

Another new feature we rolled out is that switching or leaving drafts both in the FPC and the rest of our FFPC drafts just became a whole lot more user-friendly. If you need to bounce out of a league, you won’t need to send an email to us anymore. All you have to do is click on the “EXIT LEAGUE” button on the league homepage. You then will remove yourself instantly as long as it is not less than 15 minutes before the start of your draft and fewer than 10 teams are registered.

We already have numerous leagues filled, so if you want to join, check out the schedule posted here, including afternoon drafts today:
FPC 6hr Slow #25836 5 of 12$350Starts When Full6 hrs
FPC 2hr Slow #25849
8 of 12
Starts When Full
2 hrs
Footballguys #194278 of 12$350TODAY 1:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #194296 of 12$350TODAY 4:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #194309 of 12$350TODAY 5:30pm E60 sec
Footballguys #194318 of 12$350TONIGHT 7:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #2576511 of 12$350TONIGHT 8:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #2585212 of 12$350TONIGHT 9:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #194787 of 12$350TONIGHT 10:00pm E 60 sec
Footballguys #1947912 of 12$350TONIGHT 11:00pm E60 sec
Footballguys #1891812 of 12$350TONIGHT 11:55pm E60 sec

Register For the Footballguys Players Championship

Live Dynos Launch Sunday

Start-up season is drawing to its end, but we still have plenty of dynasty action going on, players! We are closing registration on the dynasty "slow" drafts on Sunday, but we are also opening "live" dynasty start-ups with 60-second clocks as well beginning that same day.

If you're looking at building your next dynasty from the ground-up, hop in any of the new dynasty-start up drafts we have posted for 2020. You can register for any of them by clicking right here. Dynasty start-ups are filling up at the $77, $250, $500, $750, $1250 and $2500 levels, and you can join any of them at the link below:

2020 FFPC Start-Up Dynasty Registration

Weekend Satellite Action For All

With the Main Event drafts already off and running, now's the time to start getting ready to plot your course with a best ball league. We have a ton of drafts with sixty-second, two-hour and six-hour clocks are available for our 2020 FFPC Redraft Best Ball leagues at entry fees of $35, $77 and $250 right now. You can pick whatever format you want to compete in as well. In addition to standard best ball drafts, we also have superflex, Terminators, classics, VP cash leagues and much more!

Also, players, remember that you can use the FFPC mobile app for drafting directly as well. You can get these apps with the newest updates for your preferred mobile software provider at the links below:

Download the FFPC iOS App Here

Download the FFPC Android App Here

As a reminder, if you've been searching for a "diet" version of our traditional Best Ball leagues, I invite you to hop into some of the new FFPC Best Ball Slim leagues we launched this season. Featuring 18-Round drafts with no kickers and defenses, these leagues will surely provide a new fun challenge to enjoy during drafting season. The starting lineup is as follows for this format:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 2 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 2 Flexes (RB, WR, TE)

To get into the drafting action, jump in now and draft a team or two today.

HSFF Hour Is Live in Louisville at 7pm E

Tonight at a special early 7/6c start time and broadcasting from just outside Louisville in the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship, your host yours truly is joined by FFPC Live Events Casino Host Greg Sidoris for anyone looking for info on drafting live in the 2020 Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Main Event. Plus Balky gets a little help in KFFSC and 2020 Footballguys Players Championship drafting strategy from former league champs Bob Butterfield, Jim Cole and Rob Fetcher. Plus the guys give their final 2020 draft advice for players in FFPC Best Ball Drafts and FFPC Dynasty Leagues, too. And the hosts also announce this year's "Hype Guy" and answer your calls, tweets, emails and more all on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour!

The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour normally airs Friday nights at 10/9c, and the next episode can be heard here. You can hang out with the high stakes players in the show’s chat room if you want to listen live. You can also access full on-demand streaming available for listening anytime via a variety of apps including the HSFF Hour website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, Spreaker, Podchaser, Audioburst, Breaker, Castbox, Overcast, PodBean, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Podcast Addict and Anchor on your iPhone or Android device as well.

Jump in the Terminator Tonight

The 2020 FFPC Terminator Tournament is already off and running with a guaranteed $25,000 grand prize! This is truly a unique way to play fantasy football and we’re proud to call it an FFPC exclusive, especially since it now has a $116,000 prize pool as well. The Terminator concept was created in 2009, and it is actually quite simple. By adding just a few tweaks to the standard Best Ball format, it completely alters it and creates this brand new structure that has proven to be exciting and challenging. Did one of your players get injured or is under-performing? Terminate him!

Terminator #18725 4 of 12$350TONIGHT 7:00pm ET
Terminator #1872612 of 12$350TONIGHT 10:00pm ET
Terminator #1873910 of 12$350Sat 8/29 1:00pm ET
Terminator #187279 of 12$350Sat 8/29 7:00pm ET
Terminator #1872812 of 12$350Sat 8/29 10:00pm ET

Register For the 2020 FFPC Terminator Here

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment's notice, I am including this section of the email every week. While you are ramping up for the 2020 season, consider this your guide to all things FFPC:

Thanks for reading, everyone! Remember to get into the 2020 FFPC Main Event and draft today along with adding more teams for $1500 to take advantage of that discount! And don't forget to register for some Footballguys, VP, Terminator, best ball and classic drafts this weekend. I'll see you in the chat room tonight in Louisville!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship