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Announcement on 2017 FFPC Main Event & 2017 Footballguys Players Championship prize structure

As many of you may be aware, legislative efforts throughout dozens of states in the country are being proposed for the purpose of legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports. Some of these states offer little clarity on whether the season-long companies like FFPC will also need to comply with the upcoming legislation and regulations, even though we do not offer DFS. There is also a possibility that the FFPC will be unable to continue operating within a certain state after their laws are passed. No set timelines exist for this and little information is available on what the final laws or regulations will look like or how they will affect the FFPC.

As a result of this uncertainty, the FFPC will be delaying the announcement of the 2016 Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship guaranteed prize structures until a later-than-normal time. It is very possible that the structures will remain the same as in 2015. But there is also a possibility that they may have to be announced at a modestly reduced structure to take into account potential state restriction on participation. Contest prizes for individual league, regular season and consolation round will not be affected. No other changes for the two contests are expected.

In the meantime, registrations will continue to stay open for all residents of the states that are currently listed as eligible in the official rules of the FFPC Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship.

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Note on lettering of drafts: B = 2nd league for that draft time, C = 3rd, D = 4th, etc.