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Empire Superflex Best Ball Dynasty Leagues

An FFPC Empire League is a dynasty league with a large progressive prize pool that grows yearly and is only awarded once there is a back-to-back winner. When that happens, the back-to-back champion wins the Empire Prize Pool, and the league disbands.

Everything you love about Empire combined with everything you love about best ball.

The FFPC Best Ball Superflex Empire format is a semi-managed format, with optimized weekly lineups, weekly waivers, trading, but with no head-to-head play and no playoffs. The highest optimized weekly scores after 17 weeks wins.

Superflex allows the use of the QB at the Flex position. A few other small differences as well:

  • QB can be used as a Flex, but only for 1 Flex position. The 2nd Flex can be RB, WR or TE.
  • Superflex QB passing scoring is 25 yards = 1 point. Interception are minus two points (-2).
  • Superflex Best Ball Dynasty leagues do not have limitations on QBs drafted or rostered.

Starting at just $100, there is a league for everyone.

$850 - $27,000
Entry Fee
$100 - $2,500

Empire Superflex Best Ball Dynasty

Startup teams available

Maiden and Rookie drafts

Trading allowed

Draft Type & Length

26-round online snake drafts with 8-hour or 60-second timers

Empire Superflex Best Ball Dynasty Leagues Details

Duration:17 week season
Entry Fee:From $100 to $2,500 per team
Startup Deposit:$100 leagues - $100 deposit, $250 leagues - $150 deposit, $500 leagues - $300 deposit, $750 leagues - $500 deposit, $1,250 leagues - $750 deposit, $2,500 leagues - $1,500 deposit
Prizes:Click Prizes tab for details - 50% Progressive Prize Pot
Draft Positions:Drawn at random & emailed to league when league is paid in full (startup only)
Maiden (First-Year) Draft Type & Length:26 round serpentine (snake) online draft
Slow Drafts with an 8 hour timer per pick (overnight pause 2 AM – 8 AM ET)
Live Drafts with a 60 second timer per pick
Roster Cutdown:Each team must cut-down from 26 to 16 players by March 31st in each year after the maiden season
Rookie/Free Agent Draft:Off-Season Drafts are 10 rounds, will include all rookies and free agents and will take place after the NFL draft as slow drafts, with an 8-hour limit per pick.
All team roster must cut down to 22 players prior to the start of the NFL season
Number of teams:12
Format (Full Season):Weeks 1-17, no playoffs
No H2H matchups, total points only
Optimized starting lineups are automatically started every week
League Winner:Team with the most accumulated points at the end of week 17 is League Champion
Free Agency:Waivers by way of blind bidding (FAAB)
Each team gets $1000 blind bidding “dollars” for entire season
Two (2) weekly free agencies on Wednesday & Sunday
Cutoffs on Wednesday 10 PM ET and Sunday 10 AM ET
NFL players whose teams played on Thursday may be dropped from FFPC rosters on Friday as long as they were not in that team’s Thursday’s starting lineup
First free agency is scheduled on the Wednesday after Labor Day (September 4)
Weekly Team Management:Yes. Free agency and trades. No lineup submission
Trades:Trades are allowed and must be approved by the FFPC League Commissioner
Scoring:FFPC scoring rules will be in effect
Roster Requirement:Twenty two (22) total roster spots during NFL season (varies other times)
Three (3) Injured Reserve (IR) slots
Starting Lineup:1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (1-Flex can be QB, RB, WR or TE, 2-Flex can be RB, WR or TE)

Important Empire League Dates

Team Renewal Deadline:

February 28

Cut Down Deadline #1: March 31
Cut Down Deadline #2: Sunday Prior to start of NFL Season
Rookie/Free Agent Draft: First Weekend after NFL Draft
Trade Deadline: Kickoff of Week 12