Bare Knuckle Challenge League Details

Duration:17 week season
Entry Fee:$1,000 (+$75 live events fee, + $75 live co-manager fee, if applicable)
Prizes:Scroll down for details
Draft Positions:Drawn at random 5 minutes before the draft
Draft Type & Length:Live, in-person in Las Vegas
28 round serpentine (snake) draft
30 Second Draft Clock
Number of Teams:12
Bare Knuckles:See Below for the unique rules that make this challenge so special
Format (Full Season):Weeks 1-17, no playoffs
No H2H matchups, total points only
No need to set lineups, no waivers or free agency
“Set it and Forget it”. Your drafted team is your roster for the season
Optimized scoring lineups are automatically started every week
League Winner:
Team with the most accumulated points at the end of Week 17 is League Champion
Free Agency:None
Weekly Team Management:None
Trades:No trading allowed
Scoring System:FFPC Scoring rules will be in effect (scroll down for scoring details)
Roster Requirement:Twenty eight (28) total roster spots
Starting Lineup:1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 2-Flex, 1-K, 1-D (Flex can be RB, WR or TE)

*The NFL approved an 18 week regular season in 2021, with each team playing 17 regular season games. Bare Knuckle Challenge rules have been adjusted accordingly.

Live, in-person draft at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas on Thursday September 5th, 2024, at 9:00pm Pacific

Entry fee is $1,000 (+$75 live events fee, + $75 live co-manager fee, if applicable)

Prizes are: 1st – $6,000, 2nd – $2,750, 3rd – $1,250

All Live Best Ball rules and prizes apply but what will make the Bare Knuckle Challenge so special are these exclusive rules:

– No cheatsheats, No computers, No smartphones, No pens or pencils, No paper, No using your palm or any other part of your body to hide notes. Nothing is allowed at the draft table other than food and beverage. The draft board will be the ONLY way for owners to keep track of the draft. There will be NO tolerance for breaking these rules! Period!

– Draft slots will be randomly drawn at the draft table, 5 minutes prior to start of draft

– 30 second time limit per pick. Strictly enforced! One warning will be given at the 25 second mark. If the announced pick is of a player that has already been drafted and the 30 second clock has expired, the owner will be skipped and will have 5 seconds to make his selection after the next pick is made.

– One drafter per team at the table. Co-managers are not allowed to sit directly at the table but may switch with the primary owner ONCE during the draft. Co-managers planning to switch into the draft must remain seated directly behind the primary owner, within view. They must abide by the same rules and cannot keep a draft tracker or papers of any kind, before or after they enter the draft.

– One 5-minute break will be allowed half way through the draft after Round 14

Contingency Plans

Please read the FFPC Terms & Conditions, section titled “Official Length of the NFL Season” for our contingency plans should the NFL have unexpected changes to its season.