Muto & Lakhani Are 2020 Points Title-Winners

Muto Wins Points Championship

Cobras Cash Regular Season Prize with Huge Week 11

The Cobras--owned by Henry Muto--finished their steamrolling of the second half of the 2020 FFPC Main Event by cashing $2,500 for being the regular season overall leader board points leader. His squad put up a 187.15, thanks in part to Robert Woods (30.6), Tyreek Hill (27), Mark Andrews (23.1), Kyler Murray (22.95), and Melvin Gordon (20.4). Muto ended up beating out second-place John Tenley's Minnesota Football Team by 36.55 points. Tenley took home $2,000 for his efforts.

Holding at third place in the regular season was Mike Manchester's Do It That Way, edging out fourth place EmporioAmato, run by Daniel Amato. Completing the top five was Bo Berman's Esquires entry and winning $750.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below, along with their regular season winnings:

  1. Cobras HenryMuto 1895.3 $2,500
  2. Minnesota Football Team JohnTen 1858.75 $2,000
  3. Do It That Way Userrabble 1815.65 $1,500
  4. EmporioAmato EmporioAmato 1810.8 $1,000
  5. Esquires(2) bo berman 1792.55 $750
  6. Team Money MayerIsDead2Me 1792.45 $500
  7. Kenco12 ChrisKen 1780.9 $500
  8. Feeling Dangerous dcupps2 1776.05 $500
  9. PowerSpy jacosta2024 1774.55 $500
  10. Bill Murray's Band of Misfits 4for4John 1770.15 $500
  11. RunHotSports RunHotSports 1769.8
  12. cbrown74 ChadBro 1768.8
  13. Romosexuals 1 Ski & Barn Dawg 1767.15
  14. 2020...Hold my Beer scotthoy 1765.55
  15. Mojo Markowat 1763
  16. StuWhitStaKisha JoeStux 1762.7
  17. Country Gramma ChiefD 1761.55
  18. MoreCowbellME4 Frank LaPrade 1756.6
  19. Yosemite ABQ Yosemite 1754.65
  20. Manang Bambi Harry 1752.25

Zak Lakhani Is FPC Points Title Champ

Zak Lakhani knew it would take a big effort in Week 11 to cash that $3,000 regular season points title in the 2020 Footballguys Players Championship, but that's exactly what he got as he saw his squad tally a monstrous 209.55 score. Led by Keenan Allen's 36.5, Adam Thielen's 32.3, Travis Kelce's 30.9, Russell Wilson's 22.05 and Tyler Locket's 21.7, Lakhani beat out second-place Chris Birchby's Inflatables entry by a mere 3.1 points.

Josh Falcone saw his doubledown team slip to third place this week with Hudson Reeve's Dr. Strange's Odds unit also falling to fourth. Cashing $750 for fifth place were Chris Ondrus and Allen Martirossian's Sal's Spaghetti Revolution to close out the regular season.

Here is the list of the top-40 teams in the FPC heading into Week 12 with their regular season winnings attached:

  1. Zak FGPC #9 Zak L 1866.65 $3,000
  2. Inflatables RockMachine 1863.55 $2,000
  3. doubledown joshfalcone 1858.7 $1,500
  4. Dr. Strange's Odds Waspguy 1852.55 $1,000
  5. Sal's Spaghetti Revolution condrus87 1851.7 $750
  6. See What Happens 7 A-Martin 1849 $500
  7. Triple H Team Of Genius DH22 1843.4 $500
  8. Jump Around zzahl 1826 $500
  9. Da Gildz Won Time!! 14 Uncle Leo 1821.85 $500
  10. FPC2 RV16! 1818.85 $500
  11. NTFreight NateTheFreight 1818.4
  12. wegonwinffpc26 skywalka2001 1814.9
  13. Meatpies FBG7 JasonSZ 1814.45
  14. Danny Dimes LuckyLucas 1811.25
  15. Let'sFightingLove!! CHus 1806.45
  16. falsehope falsehope 1805.1
  17. 3503 1804.05
  18. Gucci Desperados A-Martin 1800.9
  19. Free Free MayerIsDead2Me 1799.6
  20. KGZ04 Kg1584 1798.55
  21. Royal Linkers RickRam 1796.65
  22. Triple H Raise Your Game DH22 1795.05
  23. Da Gildz Won Time!! 18 Uncle Leo 1794.1
  24. Hideous Hog CJH 1793.05
  25. Ryan rcgyorkos 1792.65
  26. LuckyStrike ScottLeise 1792.1
  27. PTSpat PTspat 1791.8
  28. Deadly Little Miho sghammer17 1791.35
  29. Rambling Runts 616 jrl2002 1791.3
  30. Trojans69 Trojans69 1790.9
  31. The Center 14 TheCenter 1788.4
  32. wegonwinffpc68 skywalka2001 1788.3
  33. Rallycap6 NickC1 1788.2
  34. Impaired Physicians 1787.7
  35. BigDeal FPC BigDeal8 1787.35
  36. Roadrunners Yosemite 1786.9
  37. Thielen is the Roof petricje 1786.45
  38. Gucci Desperados 3 A-Martin 1783.7
  39. Weiner's Winners mdw232 1783.35
  40. Spacex Machina Waspguy 1783.05

Everyone, Please Read This:

Congratulations to you if you qualified for your league playoffs!

Please remember that stats are not final until Friday, and the NFL may issue changes as they do weekly.

If this should occur, stat changes may impact head-to-head results and playoff seeds which will then be adjusted retroactively, even though Week 12 games will begin Thursday. We encourage everyone to set their lineups for Week 12, especially if you have been involved in a close head-to-head game or missed the playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

The four (4) qualifying league playoff teams will be able to continue free agency on Wednesday and Sunday in Week 12 & 13. All other teams no longer have access to free agency.

Any team which did not qualify for either the Championship Round or the Consolation Round will compete in the Toilet Bowl. The Toilet Bowl will run during NFL Weeks 12 through Weeks 16. Each team will start the Toilet Bowl with a zero score. Toilet Bowl winner(s) will be determined based on each team’s total points scored during Weeks 12 through Weeks 16.

Regular Season Prizes & Waivers Update

As a reminder, all FFPC dynasty and satellite teams, as well as all league playoff teams in the Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship can submit waivers for processing both Wednesday night and Sunday morning this week.

All regular season cash prizes will be deposited into your player profile accounts this weekend after the Week 11 stats become final. Withdrawals will become available upon completion of the league playoffs after Week 13.

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