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The 2022 FFPC Main Event--our flagship event--continues this evening. In 2022, it's featuring a $1,000,000 grand prize--that's a season-long fantasy sports industry record, and you can be part of history if you take that cash home this year. If you're already registered, remember you can also add more teams and save $400 off each additional one. Multiple team discount pricing is $1,600 for Online and $1,725 for Live in-person drafts. Multiple team discount will be auto-applied on the payment screen for eligible owners. Simply click on JOIN button on the registration page to receive the discounted pricing.

Here is a quick overview of this year’s Main Event:

  • $1,000,000 grand prize
  • $5.91 Million total prize pool
  • $12,000 league prizes
  • Championship round payouts down to 150th place
  • A hard cap of 4,200 total entries
  • The FFPC is a licensed game operator
  • 122 draft times to choose from

Here's what's on the schedule today:

Main Event ONLINE - 6hr Slow #457738 of 12$2,000$5,918,000When Full
Main Event ONLINE - 2hr Slow #45229
7 of 12
When Full
Main Event ONLINE #175 of 12$2,000$5,918,0007:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #189 of 12$2,000$5,918,00010:00pm ET

Draft in the Main Event Live in Las Vegas

Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #12 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Thu 9/08 9:00am PT
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #26 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Thu 9/08 12:30pm PT
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #37 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Fri 9/09 9:00am PT
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #54 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Fri 9/09 6:00pm PT
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #66 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Sat 9/10 10:00am PT
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #74 of 12$2,125$5,918,000Sat 9/10 2:00pm PT

In addition, we once again have the services of our wonderful FFPC Live Event group host, Greg Sidoris who will help you with your stay and any other Vegas-related needs. Please contact Greg at (216) 299-5390. You can also email him at Greg@CasinoConnectionUSA.com.

HURRY! This group discount will expire shortly! Here’s a comparison of what you’d pay without our group discount:

Group Discount
Without FFPC
Group Discount
Resort Fee

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Draft For $500,000 in the FPC Today

Did you get your $50.00 credit in the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship yet? Remember, that while each team goes for $350, you'll automatically get a $50 discount on every third squad you pick up! For the second straight year in the Footballguys Players Championship, we will be awarding two separate six-figure prizes. Take your shot at the most lucrative grand prize in Footballguys history today, as the winner will take home a record $500,000 for his or her efforts, and the runner-up will pocket a cool $150,000 as well. Here are the details:

  • Slow and live drafts run through September 11th
  • $4,390,000 prize pool ($600,000 more than in 2021)
  • $500,000 grand prize
  • $150,000 runner-up prize ($50,000 more than in 2021)
  • Contest will pay down to 1,000th place (150 more places than in 2021)
Here's what we have available in the FPC today:
Footballguys #45831 4 of 12$350$4,395,750 When Full6 hrs
Footballguys #45808
7 of 12
When Full
2 hrs
Footballguys #370995 of 12$350$4,395,7501:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #3710011 of 12$350$4,395,7504:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #371019 of 12$350$4,395,7507:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #371377 of 12$350$4,395,7508:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #3713811 of 12$350$4,395,7509:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #371397 of 12$350$4,395,75010:00pm ET 60 sec
Footballguys #3714012 of 12$350$4,395,75011:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #3690512 of 12$350$4,395,75011:55pm ET60 sec

Join the 2022 Footballguys Players Championship Here

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'll see you in the draft rooms!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship