The FantasyPros Weekday Giveaway Returns Today

The 2023 FantasyPros Players Championship is starting to run hot, and we’re relaunching this promo to give away three FREE 2023 FantasyPros teams NOW:

Anyone who registers and drafts in the FantasyPros Players Championship from TODAY, Monday, July 10th through Thursday, July 13th is eligible. (Teams bought today prior to this announcement are included. Slow drafts must start prior to July 13th to be eligible.)

Three winners will be randomly selected and announced Friday, July 14th. Each winner will receive (1) FREE FantasyPros Championship credit valued at $350. Winners will be contacted by email.


When you’re strategizing to win $1,000,000 in the FantasyPros Championship, you'll want to know who to avoid. Nate Polvogt from FantasyPros lists those players for you here. Read it before you draft!


Rotoballer’s Scott Engel gives you the skinny on what you need to know before you set sail on your FFPC dynasty maiden voyages here. Find out the players you need to get and the best way to acquire them.


Eric Balkman & Dave Terpoilli cover a live FantasyPros Championship draft on the FFPC’s YouTube Tuesday at 8:30 pm ET. Get your draft broadcasted by signing up for League #58107 here!