Hurry! Only Four Days To Join The Main Event

Jump In: Season Starts Tomorrow

Get in a Draft or Two in the Nearly $4,000,000 Main Event

NFL football returns tomorrow--do you have your Main Event teams yet? As a reminder, this year's champ is bringing in a record $500,000 for his or her efforts, and the runner-up will be grabbing a cool $100,000 as well! Register for the 2020 FFPC Main Event now right here! Here are the details:

  • 75 live draft dates/times (Up from 59 last year)
  • $3,900,000 prize pool (Up $800,000 from last year)
  • After grabbing your first team, each additional team is $1500 online, $1625 live--a savings of $400 per each additional team.

LIVE Main Event spots are getting limited now with only TWO open spots left in Vegas. We are only filling drafts as needed at this point. Last year's Main Event sold out early, and it could happen again this season. In any event, don't delay any longer or you may miss your chance!

IMPORTANT: Draft times can and will close at any time.

Here's the upcoming Main Event draft schedule for the next day along with the live Main Event drafts:
Main Event ONLINE #55 8 of 12$1,900TONIGHT 7:00p ET
Main Event ONLINE #561 of 12$1,900TONIGHT 10:00p ET
Main Event LIVE IN LAS VEGAS #3 2 of 12 $2,025 Friday 9:00a PT

Sign Up For the 2020 FFPC Main Event Right Here

FPC Set To Sell Out Today

The 2020 Footballguys Players Championship probably won;t be open for registration much longer. Only roughly 150 teams are still left, so get in now before it's too late!

Here is everything to know about this year's competition:

  • Drafts going off daily
  • $3,100,000 prize pool (Up $800,000 from last year)
  • Teams are $350 each (or a three-pack of teams for $1000)
Here is the schedule for today's drafts:
Footballguys #26299 6 of 12$350TODAY 2:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #196767 of 12$350TODAY 4:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #263736 of 12$350TODAY 8:00pm ET60 sec
Footballguys #195408 of 12$350TODAY 11:00pm ET 60 sec

Register For the Footballguys Players Championship

Terminator Closes Tomorrow

Here is your last chance to join the Terminator this year, players! Only four drafts remain open!

Created in 2009, the 2020 FFPC Terminator Contest is actually quite simple. By adding just a few tweaks to the standard Best Ball format, it completely alters it and creates this brand new format that has proven to be exciting and challenging. Did one of your players get injured or is under performing? Terminate him!

Here are the details on this year's competition:

  • $25,000 Grand Prize
  • $116,850 Prize Pool
  • 384 team cap
  • $350 entry
  • 3-pack for $1,000 (save $50)
And here's the remaining schedule for Terminator drafts:
Terminator #25703 10 of 12$350TONIGHT 7:00pm ET
Terminator #265079 of 12$350TONIGHT 11:30pm ET
Terminator #2644610 of 12$350Tomorrow 2:00pm ET
Terminator #264459 of 12$350Tomorrow 5:00pm ET

Want win your way into next year's Terminator Tournament? Click HERE to play the $35 Terminator leagues.

Thanks for reading, players! The 2020 FFPC Main Event remains your best deal out there with $400 off each additional team you pick up! Happy drafting, everyone!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship