FFPC Statement on Monday's Game

Statement on Monday Night Game

The NFL has decided not to play the previously postponed the game between the Bills and Bengals in Week 17, issuing the following statement:

We fully understand the magnitude of this game and its impact on our contests being that this is the final game of the FFPC fantasy season and has impact on championship games across the entire FFPC. While we had hoped the game would have been played in Week 17, the NFL has made it clear that this will not happen.

As NFL decisions are well beyond our control, we now are forced to make the tough decision guided by the FFPC's Terms & Conditions addressing this type of situation:

"NFL Game Suspension, Cancellation or Change:

For the purposes of official FFPC statistics, an NFL game(s) must be played before the following week's games begin and must be officially counted by the NFL for the particular NFL week number in order to be counted in the FFPC. Any NFL games which are moved to a different week will be counted for that particular week which it is moved to. Any NFL games which are cancelled will not be counted. Any NFL games which are suspended mid-game will be handled on a case-by-case bases. FFPC reserves the right to amend or to not amend its rules as it deems necessary as result of NFL games/season suspension, cancellation or change."

While this situation is seemingly unprecedented, the FFPC does have multiple cases of cancelled/rescheduled games due to weather events and COVID in its 15-year history of operation, and how those cases were handled at those times. We will continue using precedent and our Terms & Conditions to make the decision here.

As a result of the NFL suspending and not completing this game in Week 17, the FFPC will end Week 17 at the point of suspension of Monday night’s game. Stats accrued on Monday night will count as they are currently official and have not been deleted by the NFL. No future stats from this game will be counted as it will not be played in Week 17. FFPC’s Week 17 is now considered complete and official, pending any minor stat changes later in the week, as per our typical stat change rules.

Once Week 17 stats are final on Friday, all end of season prizes will be awarded and appear in player accounts.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Damar Hamlin and his family, and we hope nothing but the best for them.


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship