FFPC Main Event Resumes at 4 PM; Draft-A-Thon Day 2 Schedule

Jump in the Main Event Today

Drafts Filling & Going Off at 4 pm, 7 pm, and 10 pm

The 2019 FFPC Main Event rolls on today! And if you want to draft live at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, then we are coming up on your last chance to enter.

LIVE Main Event spots are getting limited now with only 10 spots left in Vegas.We are only filling drafts as needed at this point. Last year’s Main Event sold out early, and it could happen again this season. In any event, don’t delay any longer or you may miss your chance!

IMPORTANT: Draft times can and will close at any time.

Plus, here is what we have for online drafts in the Main Event popping off today:

League Openings Entry Draft
Main Event ONLINE #24 6 of 12 $1,850 TODAY 4:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #25 2 of 12 $1,850 TONIGHT 7:00pm ET
Main Event ONLINE #26 9 of 12 $1,850 TONIGHT 10:00pm ET

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Remember, it’s not too late to hop into the Main Event! If you haven’t grabbed a team yet, do so now to take your shot at the $3,100,000 prize pool and $500,000 grand prize!

Also, you save $350
on each additional Main Event team that you register today.

Here is a quick overview of this year’s  Main Event:

  • $500,000 Grand Prize
  • $3.1 Million total prize pool
  • $11,700 League Prizes
  • Championship round payouts down to 100th place
  • A hard cap of 2,400 total entries
  • The prize pool is protected in an attorney escrow
  • 59 draft times to choose from (7 Live and 52 Online)
  • Live events to be held at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

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FPC Draft-A-Thon Reaches Day Two

The 2019 Footballguys Players Championship Labor Day Weekend Draft-A-Thon officially launched yesterday. At only a $350 entry fee, can you afford not to play in this tournament?

This year, the FFPC and Footballguys are donating $50 for each Draft-A-Thon league that goes off this weekend to Home Boy Industries, an organization that provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. Now you can enjoy a draft and help out a lot of people who need it at the same time.

If you want to get into the 2019 Footballguys Players Championship, our suggestion is to sign up for the drafts you want now. This year represents the fastest pace we’ve ever seen in regards to a sellout. Also, 2019 is the first year we have added the following prize structure for league winners. Check out the options you’ll have below when you win your league(s) in the contest this season (new option highlighted in bold):

  • $1,500 Cash
  • (1) Free Entry into 2020 FFPC Main Event ($1,850 Value)
  • (5) Free Entries into 2020 Footballguys Players Championship ($1,700 value)
  • $500 Cash plus 2020 Footballguys Players Championship 3-Pack ($1,500 Value)

That means you’ll have five cracks at the six-figure grand prize in 2020 when you secure your league championship this season. Not to mention the possibility of taking down five MORE leagues next season, too!

This year’s FPC already has nearly 550 drafts in the books. More than $2,300,000 in prizes will be awarded after the 2019 season including the $250,000 Grand Prize.

You’ll get your draft slot as soon as your league fills–which won’t take long, we promise! The prize pool–paying all the way down to 800th place–has been increased, but the two preseason waiver wires we introduced last season remain. And the League Prize values are up to $2350 this season as well, so grab your preferred draft times and dates now!

Leagues Drafting TODAY Openings Entry Draft
Footballguys Players Championship #18241 9 of 12 $350 10:30am ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18268 8 of 12 $350 1:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18282 12 of 12 $350 2:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18283 12 of 12 $350 3:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18269 12 of 12 $350 4:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #17925 3 of 12 $350 5:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #13509 4 of 12 $350 6:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #17954 10 of 12 $350 7:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #17955 10 of 12 $350 8:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18199 7 of 12 $350 9:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #17956 5 of 12 $350 10:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #18272 12 of 12 $350 11:00pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #13542 10 of 12 $350 11:55pm ET
Footballguys Players Championship #17965 12 of 12 $350 12:30am ET

Fewer Than 900 Teams Left!

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The 2019 FFPC Main Event is going strong on Day #2! And the Footballguys Players Championship Draft-A-Thon is going to help this year’s contest sell out before you know it (probably Monday). Don’t miss out this season, and I’ll see you in the draft rooms today and tonight!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship