Asrani Captures Main’s Top Spot; Puskarich New FPC Leader

Dave Asrani Moves To First

Redshirted Tallies 178.4 To Knock Cocktails From Perch

After a two-week reign atop the 2017 FFPC Main Event, Chad Schroeder’s Cocktails and Dreams slipped to second after Week 5 with Dave Asrani’s Redshirted team moving into first. Asrani now holds a 18.25-point lead over Schroeder, and he had his lineup led by A.J. Green’s 31.9, Leonard Fournette’s 31.4, T.Y. Hilton’s 24.7 and Travis Kelce’s 21.8.

Don Metter’s winner winner chicken dinner team rose one spot to third place behind Schroeder with Ron Hacker’s Cracker Packers ascending to fourth. Rounding out the top five teams was Brian Owens’ No Mercy, fewer than 45 poitns off the overall lead.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below:

  1. Redshirted ME 2    DAVEAsr    853.8
  2. Cocktails and Dreams VII    Chad Schroeder    835.55
  3. winner winner chicken dinner    DonMet    827.95
  4. Cracker Packers    RonHacker    822.55
  5. No Mercy    BrianOwe    809.8
  6. Royale with Cheese    DarrenSum    805.8
  7. TheBrownNote    whodatdog123    797.2
  8. Manual Stimulation    MattKei    794.55
  9. Turduckens    Joe Reither    790.5
  10. Wyld Stallyns    Jack Haan    790.4
  11. Gambler & A Giver    RussAxe    785.4
  12. Hammerheads    DanThox    785.1
  13. 8th Wonder    slaner    784.55
  14. 2 Gr8ts 4 THE GAME 2    Jay Reid    783.3
  15. Who Wants IV?    JoeStux    782.35
  16. Chip and a Bear    eadano    778.25
  17. Ky Topdawgs    jcox17    776.9
  18. Grand Theft 2    Kimra    775.95
  19. Grand Theft    Kimra    774.15
  20. Golden Bears    Joe Reither    770.65


Baer/Puskarich Take Over FPC

Often times, it only takes one big week to shoot yourself up the leaderboard in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship. And while Matthew Puskarich (right) and Randy Baer (left) have been doing well all season, it was their 214.5 score from this week that vaulted them from 35th place all the way to first. Thanks to Fournette, Carson Wentz (31.3), the Jacksonville defense (29), Ed Dickson (25), Harrison Butker (23.2), Zach Ertz (21.1) and Will Fuller (20.2), their UMNRaider squad now holds a slim 0.15-point lead over last week’s leader Dallas Grimes. You can hear Puskarich talk about his team and more on a special episode of the HSFF Hour TONIGHT!

Adam Grossman’s Atom Bombs moved up to third place this week with Michael Cobb’s Boss Savage!! ascending to fourth. Larry Erlichman’s AP15 falls to fifth after five weeks of play to complete this week’s top-5 spots.

Here is the list of the top-40 teams in the FPC going into Week 6:

  1. UMNRaider FPCR    UMNRaider    861.05
  2. KC Deacons    DallasGri    860.9
  3. Atom Bombs    AdamGro    858.9
  4. Boss Savage!!    MichaelCobb    856.65
  5. AP15    Innlarry    839.75
  6. Spaghetti and Lo Mein    Pinnacle4ever    836.75
  7. AP13    Innlarry    836.75
  8. Ptery II    MakeMonayMonay    836.65
  9. Go Big Or Don’t Go At All    J Henson    829.6
  10. 33 Jack    CJH    828.25
  11. G&B Enterprises    PaulGro    826.3
  12. Addie    KurtPau    825.75
  14. Str8CashHomey    AuctionSports    822.5
  15. Sedona Scorpions XVII    SUDZ    819.05
  16. 35 Heisenberg    CJH    817.65
  17. JD Harmeyer    RonnieMund    814.95
  18. S2YB 10    dwainmcf    812.2
  19. Wiley Tigers    GregoryPig    811.5
  20. Muncie Jeds Blue    megapowers    809.1
  21. Hulking Out    donkurj    805.7
  22. Tootin’ Gluten    Scrapman07    802.7
  23. Cool Hand Book II    mjb7177    802.05
  24. Azzurri    Azzurri    800.6
  25. Hogs Smell Good FPC    MichaelCobb    800.2
  26. lion    makilabraham    800.05
  27. Whodat4    AndrewRes    799.3
  28. Hammerheads 15    DanThox    797.55
  29. Brass Dragons    HenryMuto    794.3
  31. Hammerheads 12    DanThox    793.3
  32. Mr Stats 3    MrStats    791.4
  33. Cock-of-the-Rock    MichaelCobb    790.35
  34. Jb/Ib10    ybwz    790.1
  35. KC Deacons    DallasGri    789.95
  36. DAK2TheRescue    MichaelSad    789.4
  37. The Hounds III    ToddRob    788.8
  38. The Dingo 1    Dingo    787.3
  39. 9/5 FBG    Primetimeandydalton    787.05
  40. Redskins8791    redskins8791    787



The 2017 Footballguys Players Championship has a new leader after Week 5, and his name his Matthew Puskarich. On a SPECIAL WEDNESDAY NIGHT EPISODE TONIGHT, we discuss with him the changing backfield in Philly and how he knew to start Ed Dickson on his biggest day of his career. Plus we bring you up to speed on the latest in the 2017 Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event, too!

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Tomorrow morning, remember to check out Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast with Darren Summer breaking down the Jets backfield and playing the waiver wire properly along with Nelson Sousa assessing what the new normal could be with the Steelers’ receivers.

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Dynasty IR Function Updated

Dynasty players, please take note that the IR capability in your leagues has changed. Thanks to the new automatic injured reserve enforcement feature for our dynasty leagues, a player’s IR status will be listed per Sportradar, the official stat provider of the NFL.

Only players with the official IR designation will be able to be moved to IR status. This way, no one in any of our leagues will be able to take advantage of IR-ing a player before his own NFL team does.If you have any further questions about this, feel free to email our dynasty commissioner Dave Gerczak.



With waivers processing tonight, make sure you are filling in your lineup this week with replacements for LeSean McCoy, A.J. Green, Ezekiel Elliott, Doug Baldwin and more who will be taking the week off. And for a look at last week’s waiver details, check out the results at the link to Fantasy Mojo below:


Gray/Jarosz Sit Atop Bare Knuckle

The Boobs: Love ‘Em! franchise is current;y ahead of the pack in the 2017 FFPC Bare Knuckle Challenge holding a 12-point lead over Michael Zucca’s Fighting Mongooses. Led by a pair of rookies in Week 5, Deshaun Watson’s 38.15 and Leonard Fournette helped the BLE squad to a 190.45 score in this unique DraftExperts format.

This draft took place live after the opening game in Las Vegas on Thursday night at Planet Hollywood. Players were not allowed to use any device, cheat sheets or any other draft aid as all 336 picks needed to be selected strictly from memory. The champ will take home a $4,500 prize in this 12-team league.


Good luck in your bids tonight players, and I’ll see you in the chat room TONIGHT!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship