PLEASE READ: Important Change to How FFPC Verifies Eligibility

Changes To How FFPC Verifies Eligibility

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These following changes may (or may not) affect some players’ abilities to participate in the FFPC.

So what does this mean?

While you are physically located in an FFPC restricted jurisdiction (AZ, IA, LA, MT, WA, MO, VA, TN, IN, MS, DE & VT), you will not be permitted to:

  • Deposit Funds into FFPC Account
  • Register For FFPC Leagues

Players traveling or vacationing in the restricted states would also be restricted from making a deposit or registering for a league. However, access to draft rooms or any other league management pages for existing teams you already own will not be restricted.

Here is the new official language that is now posted on the FFPC Terms and Conditions page addressing these restrictions:


Individuals who are 18 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts) are eligible to create an FFPC account. Individuals physically located within the jurisdictions of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Delaware, and Vermont are permitted to create FFPC accounts, however, they are strictly prohibited from making deposits or registering for FFPC leagues. The FFPC, at its discretion, may deny eligibility of any individual to participate in FFPC leagues and Contests. Under no condition shall the FFPC be held responsible for any loss or liability related to any expenses incurred by a denied entrant or anybody else affiliated with that denied entrant.”

In order to enter FFPC leagues or deposit funds into your FFPC account, you must be physically located OUTSIDE of FFPC’s restricted jurisdictions (Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Delaware, and Vermont). Users physically located within these restricted jurisdictions will be denied entry into FFPC leagues and will not be allowed to deposit funds into their FFPC accounts.

If you do encounter an error when registering or depositing, and you feel it is a “false positive”, please email us with the Trouble Ticket number appearing on your screen. This geolocation change is going to go into effect on the site at roughly 12 pm ET today.

Thanks for reading, everyone! And if you have any further questions, please just email us. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Eric Balkman
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