FFPC “Off-The-Grid” Leagues – Prizes

$2,000 + $2,000 + $1,000 entry. Bid on your draft spots & weekly free agency. Live, in-person drafts on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019 at Planet Hollywood Resorts & Casino in Las Vegas.

Live Auction


Big Payback & High Society

Bare Knuckle Challenge

Live Best Ball

$2,000 Off-The-Grid League

Place Prize
Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-13)
Seed #1 $2,000
Seed #2 $2,000
League Playoffs (Weeks 14-16)
1st $10,000
2nd $4,000
3rd $2,000
Weekly Prize Winners (Weeks 1-16)
Each week, the team(s) with the weekly high score for each of weeks 1-16 will receive 1/16 share of all “Draft Position Bidding” money spent plus 1/16 share of all “Free Agent Bidding” money spent. As an example, if the entire amount of the initially deposited draft bidding and free agent bidding money is spent, there will be a total of $36,000 in the weekly prize pool which will amount to a $2,250 weekly prize for Weeks 1-16.