2018/19 FFPC Playoff Challenge

Launched in 2003, the World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge is the largest and most exciting playoff contest in all of season-long fantasy football. This year’s contest will be capped at a maximum of 4,250 entries and will award a $200,000 Grand Prize and over $750,000 in total guaranteed prizes paying down to 600th place! All based on a $200 entry fee. This is the ONLY way to watch playoff football!


The 2018/19 Playoff Challenge is capped at 4,250 entries. If the contests reaches the cap, registrations close immediately. If the contest finishes under the cap number, participants still get the benefit of the larger guaranteed prize pool. The announced prize structure below is guaranteed regardless of final amount of entries.

Place Prize
1st $200,000 Grand Prize
2nd $35,000
3rd $25,000
4th $15,000
5th $12,500
6th $12,500
7th $10,000
8th $9,000
9th $8,500
10th $8,000
11th $7,500
12th $7,000
13th $6,000
14th $5,000
15th $5,000
16th $4,000
17th $4,000
18th $3,000
19th $3,000
20th $3,000
21st to 125th Free Entry – 2019 FFPC Main Event ($1,850 Value) or $1,500 cash
126th to 150th $1,000 each
151th to 175th $750 each
176th to 225th $500 each
226th to 425th Free Entry – 2018 Footballguys Players Championship ($350 Value) or $300 cash
426th to 600th $200 each