Phan & Cobb Win Regular Season Points Titles

Phan & Jones Are Points Champs

Straight Outta Whatcom Cashes $2500 For Regular Season

Don Metter’s stranglehold on the 2017 FFPC Main Event finally ended this past weekend as Monty Phan and Matt Jones’ Straight Outta Whatcom snatched the regular season points title with a 177.55 Week 11 score. The Ravens defense (28), Mark Ingram (24.5), Latavius Murray (22.6), Jarvis Landry (21.5) and Davante Adams (20.6) led the way for Phan (who is co-hosting the HSFF Hour with yours truly Friday night) and Jones who won $2500 for their efforts.

Metter’s winner winner chicken dinner will begin the Championship Round just 4.8 points behind Phan and Jones. Tom Wentzel’s O’Doyle Rules ascended four spots to third with Eric Randall’s I guess we are stuck drafting on Thursday at 12:30 slipping one spot to fourth. Rounding out the top five as we head to the league playoffs is Clint Coyne’s Smokin Acces as it shot up 12 spots from last weekend.

Here are the top 20 teams after the completion of the Main Event’s regular season, along with the cash prizes for each team for their overall performance in the first 11 weeks:

  1. Straight Outta Whatcom    MatthewJon    1760.75    $2,500
  2. winner winner chicken dinner    DonMet    1755.95    $2,000
  3. O’Doyle Rules    TomWen    1714.3    $1,500
  4. I guess we are stuck drafting on Thursday at 12:30    nsusaint    1708.75    $1,000
  5. Smokin Acces    cmdi041    1708.2    $750
  6. Cracker Packers    RonHacker    1686.65    $500
  7. Esquires 1    bo berman    1684.25    $500
  8. UB 1    BrianPet    1677.45    $500
  9. Team Zwickel    gzwick26    1670.15    $500
  10. Ampipe Bulldogs    FelixLaPubelle    1669.75    $500
  11. Roger Goodell has a Big Butt    bubmack    1666.8
  12. Laces Out    DannyGipx    1665
  13. Redshirted ME 2    DAVEAsr    1662.55
  14. Royale with Cheese    DarrenSum    1661.8
  15. Who Wants IV?    JoeStux    1657.75
  16. The Mighty Underdogs    davidwal    1657.45
  17. Gridiron Mojo    WilliamBra    1655.5
  18. Cocktails and Dreams III    Chad Schroeder    1650.05
  19. Golden Sack    ActionJaxson18    1648.95
  20. Terminal Gravity    MANCL    1645.2


Cobb Cashes $3,000 in FPC

Boss Savage!! owned by Michael Cobb lost another nailbiter this week, but his Week 11 153.4 tally was enough to give him the regular season points title in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship. Antonio Brown’s 42.4, Alvin Kamara’s 25.6 and Carson Wentz’s 23.7 were the major contributions this week for Cobb’s $3,000 payday.

Jannet Thomas-Dodds’ TIGER 21 shot up three spots to finish the regular season in second place. William Ferracane’s Ramathorn 730 vaulted up from 11th to third, and Keith Barnhardt’s Irish Curtain moved up from eighth to fourth. Last week’s guest on the HSFF Hour, Rob Abbott, saw his Rum_Ham 6 out complete the top five after 11 weeks of play.

As we head towards the league playoffs in the FPC, here is how the top-40 leader board shakes out. Cash prizes won for regular season performance are listed next to the winners:

  1. Boss Savage!!    MichaelCobb    1795.7    $3,000
  2. TIGER 21    Sunshine    1780.65    $2,000
  3. Ramathorn 730    Irondog4    1760.5    $1,500
  4. Irish Curtain    kbarnhardt    1758.25    $1,000
  5. Rum_Ham 6 out    rabbott411    1757.55    $750
  6. Wiley Tigers    GregoryPig    1752.75    $500
  7. Black & Gold    David77901    1750.4    $500
  8. 1.21 Jigawatts    SteveSchx    1748.15    $500
  9. Atom Bombs    AdamGro    1747.45    $500
  10. Sideline Sage    RogerGon    1739.3    $500
  11. Ptery III    MakeMonayMonay    1738.05
  12. Jb/Ib10    bo berman    1737.75
  13. Straight Cash Homie    Bramult    1735.5
  14. Addie    KurtPau    1730.45
  15. Footballigans    Agrich    1724.85
  16. lion    makilabraham    1722.65
  17. Jagaloons    Robbnoye    1722.5
  18. UMNRaider FPCR    UMNRaider    1722.15
  19. Hulking Out    donkurj    1718.9
  20. BearJew & Donkey VI    EricYou    1718.65
  21. Killer Canaries    DavidD13    1717.8
  22. Czar Lahr    Czar Lahr    1717.45
  23. Other Side of the Pillow    dcupps2000    1715.25
  24. Cock-of-the-Rock    MichaelCobb    1712.35
  25. AP15    Innlarry    1708.15
  26. The Messiah    TheMessiah    1707.15
  27. MEAN MACHINE    CoachBiggie    1699.5
  28. Snuggles’ Accountant IV    carlvdh    1699.3
  29. StuPrice    Marcelreece    1697.75
  30. GPMP Stars    Theillmessiah    1697.55
  31. F6-I’ll Drive If We Walk!!    MikeFor    1694.95
  32. Hagar01    wjwien    1691.65
  33. Grasper    rdiaz72us    1688.75
  34. Ptery II    MakeMonayMonay    1686.95
  35. T-N-T    Tim -n- Jill Daneau    1685.05
  36. SojoSoldiers 10.0    TimothyKec    1684.15
  37. G&B Enterprises    PaulGro    1684.05
  38. PnP2    Jake220    1680.9
  39. Redemption of Golden Sack 2    ActionJaxson18    1680.85
  40. Hampton Beach Warriors    AnthonyVen    1679.35

New Thanksgiving Episodes of Pods

Fresh off his 2017 Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event regular season points title, Monty Phan co-hosts the show in place of David A. Gerczak this Friday. We’ll recap all of the Thanksgiving Dya games and help you get your 2017 Footballguys Players Championship playoff lineups submitted. Plus Phan will talk about how he built the team that’s currently leading the Main Event and much more!

The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour normally airs Friday nights at 10/9c. You can always catch the replay of our show on the Fantasy Sports Radio Network as well as terrestrial radio stations all over North America in syndication. Plus, on-demand streaming is available for listening anytime via iTunesYouTubeGoogle PlayStitcher RadioTuneIn RadioSpreaker, or Overcast as well.

While you’re submitting lineups the morning of Turkey Day, remember to check out Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast with Chris Puchowicz, a player who has cashed more than $40,000 in his career at the FFPC. In the episode, we talk about whether Kenny Stills is a good start if Matt Moore remains the quarterback, who he likes better between Latavius Murray and Jerrick McKinnon and his three top-100 FPC teams’ chances for the $250,000. Plus 2016 Main Event champ Nelson Sousa previews his league playoffs as well as discusses Eric Ebron’s resurgence and more.

You can check out a new episode of The High-Stakes Lowdown every Thursday on Rotoviz.comRotoviz Radio’s BlogTalkRadio channel or iTunes. I’d also encourage you to check out all of the other great podcasts that Rotoviz Radio has to offer including Fantasyland, a show that has already featured many FFPC players as well.


Gray & Jarosz Remain Atop BKC

Since we last checked in, not much has changed as the Boobs: Love ‘Em! franchise continues to pace the 2017 FFPC Bare Knuckle Challenge with a commanding 201-point lead over Main Event co-leader Matt Jones’s Straight Outta Whatcom. Kirk Cousins (29.2), the Baltimore defense, Brandin Cooks (26.9), LeSean McCoy (25.6) and Rishard Matthews (22.3) all helped lift the Boobs to rack up a huge 209.4 Week 11 tally.

This draft took place live after the opening game in Las Vegas on Thursday night at Planet Hollywood. Players were not allowed to use any device, cheat sheets or any other draft aid as all 336 picks needed to be selected strictly from memory. The champ will take home a $4,500 prize in this 12-team league.

ALL Owners Please Read

Congratulations to you if you qualified for your league playoffs!

Please remember that stats are not final until Friday, and the NFL may issue changes as they do weekly.

If this should occur, stat changes may impact head-to-head results and playoff seeds which will then be adjusted retroactively, even though Week 12 games will begin Thursday. We encourage everyone to set their lineups for Week 12, especially if you have been involved in a close head-to-head game or missed the playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

The four (4) qualifying league playoff teams will be able to continue free agency on Wednesday and Friday in Week 12 & 13. All other teams no longer have access to free agency. 

Any team which did not qualify for either the Championship Round or the Consolation Round will compete in the Toilet Bowl. The Toilet Bowl will run during NFL Weeks 12 through Weeks 16. Each team will start the Toilet Bowl with a zero score. Toilet Bowl winner(s) will be determined based on each team’s total points scored during Weeks 12 through Weeks 16.

Should you have further questions, please email

For a look at last week’s waiver wire results, check out the stats at the link to the Fantasy Mojo site below:


As a reminder, all FFPC dynasty and satellite teams, as well as all league playoff teams in the Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship can submit waivers for processing both Wednesday night and Friday night this week.

All regular season cash prizes will be deposited into your player profile accounts this weekend after the Week 11 stats become final.

There is a quick turnaround this week between waivers getting processed and the kickoff of the first Thanksgiving Day game. I would encourage each of you to get those newly-bought players on waivers Wednesday night into your lineups as early as possible so you’re not scrambling to do so on Thursday when family and food take priority. 🙂


On behalf of Chris, Alex and Dave, I want to wish you each of you an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family, friends, and football. It’s a huge privilege to run these leagues every year, and we could not be more thankful for all of your support of them. We will never be able to say it to you enough, but thank you, players!!


Good luck in your league playoffs, players! Remember to get those lineups in early this week with football kicking off at 12:30 ET Thursday afternoon for turkey day!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you in the chat room Friday night!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship