Metter New Main Leader; Cobb Back Atop FPC

Winner Winner: Metter in 1st Place

180.2 Vaults ’10 Main Event Champ To Top of 2017 Contest

While being in the lead of a national contest his nothing new to Don Metter, I’m willing to bet that he loves seeing his winner winner chicken dinner franchise atop the 2017 FFPC Main Event. Carson Wentz’s 34.7 led the way for Metter in Week 7 with Todd Gurley (25.4), Zach Ertz (22.4), Jacksonville’s defense (22) and Mark Ingram (21) also having an impact on his 180.2 tally.

Ron Hacker’s Cracker Packers remained in second place for the second straight week, and Chad Schroeder saw his Cocktails and Dreams move up to third place from sixth. Joe Stutesman’s Who Wants IV? stayed in fourth place with last week’s leader Dave Asrani falling to fifth.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below:

  1. winner winner chicken dinner    DonMet    1145.5
  2. Cracker Packers    RonHacker    1137.55
  3. Cocktails and Dreams VII    Chad Schroeder    1112.2
  4. Who Wants IV?    JoeStux    1111.15
  5. Redshirted ME 2    DAVEAsr    1110.3
  6. MB Squad    mtb821    1100.45
  7. Wyld Stallyns    Jack Haan    1096.85
  8. Gridiron Mojo    WilliamBra    1090.5
  9. Chip and a Bear    eadano    1085.35
  10. UB 1    BrianPet    1081.1
  11. Rampage    rampage    1077.45
  12. We Diggs yo Girl    theluckyshow    1074.95
  13. Straight Outta Whatcom    MatthewJon    1074.05
  14. Sloppy Sunday    akamiller    1073.9
  15. Manual Stimulation    MattKei    1071.65
  16. O’Doyle Rules    TomWen    1071.65
  17. Roger Goodell has a Big Butt    bubmack    1071.05
  18. Naked Boot Legs 2    ShellyFos    1070.35
  19. TheBrownNote    whodatdog123    1066.1
  20. Royale with Cheese    DarrenSum    1066


Cobb’s 210.2 Has Him in FPC Lead

Since the start of the season, Michael Cobb’s Boss Savage!! has been no stranger to the lead in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship, Week 7 was no different because when the dust settled, Cobb was holding a 42.1-point lead over second place Dallas Grimes’ KC Deacons. In addition to Wentz, Gurley and Ertz, Cobb also saw Amari Cooper explode for 44 points as well.

Grimes holds a 13.95-point lead over third place Matthew Puskarich’s UMNRaider which switched spots on the leader board this week with Adam Grossman’s Atom Bombs. Dwain McFarland’s S2YB moved up three spots to round out the top five going into Week 8.

Here is the list of the top-40 teams in the FPC after seven weeks of play:

  1. Boss Savage!!    MichaelCobb    1230.15
  2. KC Deacons    DallasGri    1188.05
  3. UMNRaider FPCR    UMNRaider    1174.1
  4. Atom Bombs    AdamGro    1167
  5. S2YB 10    dwainmcf    1131.85
  6. Addie    KurtPau    1128.95
  7. JD Harmeyer    RonnieMund    1124.7
  8. Ptery II    MakeMonayMonay    1123.85
  9. Footballigans    Agrich    1122.6
  10. GPMP Stars    Theillmessiah    1121.1
  11. Sideline Sage    RogerGon    1120.25
  12. Spaghetti and Lo Mein    Pinnacle4ever    1120.05
  13. AP15    Innlarry    1116.3
  14. GXBX 08    Alex Blake    1113.9
  15. Muncie Jeds Blue    megapowers    1112.6
  16. Whodat4    AndrewRes    1107.7
  17. Edward Toilethands    odabashian    1107.65
  18. Ptery III    MakeMonayMonay    1106.2
  20. Hagar01    wjwien    1104.8
  21. G&B Enterprises    PaulGro    1104.4
  22. Free Fall 50 #6    Jack Haan    1104
  23. Ball So Hard    Ryan Pohle    1103.3
  24. Brass Dragons    HenryMuto    1102.8
  25. Hammerheads 12    DanThox    1099.05
  26. Wiley Tigers    GregoryPig    1098.8
  27. El Grande Machine    moebeda    1098
  28. 33 Jack    CJH    1097.8
  29. LandsharkFC1    JD14    1097.15
  30. Rum_Ham 6 out    rabbott411    1096.5
  31. Bo/Doc(2)    lilith bean    1096.4
  32. AlliedDog    Allieddog    1093.4
  33. AP13    Innlarry    1089.65
  34. Azzurri    Azzurri    1089.6
  35. Czar Lahr    Czar Lahr    1089.4
  36. Jb/Ib10    ybwz    1088
  38. HMMC    MichaelCobb    1087.3
  39. Jagaloons    Robbnoye    1087.05


New HSLD & HSFF Hour This Week

A previous winner of multiple FPC leagues, Paul Gromek–the seventh-place team heading into Week 7 in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship–join us Friday night. We’ll break down the Thursday night game, where the fantasy value lies in the Brett Hundley-led Packers and make our predictions on the Ezekiel Elliott saga. Plus we bring you up to speed on the latest in the 2017 Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event, too!

The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour normally airs Friday nights at 10/9c. You can always catch the replay of our show on the Fantasy Sports Radio Network as well as terrestrial radio stations all over North America in syndication. Plus, on-demand streaming is available for listening anytime via iTunesYouTubeGoogle PlayStitcher RadioTuneIn RadioSpreaker, or Overcast as well.

Tomorrow morning, remember to check out Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast with John Shaw discussing starting both Saints running backs, bidding real cash in the Off-The-Grid draft and Carlos Hyde’s rest-of-season value. Plus 2016 Main Event Champ Nelson Sousa leads off the episode with his thoughts on cutting Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder and the Cardinals offense with Adrian Peterson and without Carson Palmer.

You can check out a new episode of The High-Stakes Lowdown every Thursday on Rotoviz.comRotoviz Radio’s BlogTalkRadio channel or iTunes. I’d also encourage you to check out all of the other great podcasts that Rotoviz Radio has to offer including Fantasyland, a show that has already featured many FFPC players as well.


Lee Continues to Lead Pros Vs. Joes

Branon Marianne Lee’s 181.4 kept the entry atop the 2017 Pros Vs. Joes competition again. In Week 7, she had Kenny Stills (26.5), Gurley, Ertz, Jarvis Landry (22.3) and Blake Bortles (21.6) all help her keep a 23.9-point lead over fellow Joe, JJ Zachariason from Numberfire. Jeff Howle is leading the way for the FFPC Joes as he sits in third with another Joe Don Lacknett behind him in fourth. Completing the top five is Rotoviz’s Mike Beers after seven weeks of play.

Joining Lee, Zachariason, Howle and Beers as division leaders are’s Jared Smola and FFPC Joe Shelby Stewart. Each one of the division winners will take home a free 2018 FFPC Main Event team at season’s end.

Here is a look at the top-10 overall in this contest below (*-denotes division leader):

  1. 1261.45    PRO    Brandon Marianne Lee    *Brandon Marianne Lee –
  2. 1237.55    PRO    JJ Zachariason    *JJ Zachariason –
  3. 1237.05    JOE    Jeff Howle    *Jeff Howle
  4. 1235.35    JOE    Don Lacknett    Don Lacknett
  5. 1216.75    PRO    Mike Beers    *Mike Beers –
  6. 1201.95    JOE    Zach Jarosz & Shane    Zach Jarosz & Shane Gray
  7. 1198    JOE    Bryan Holzgen    DudePlatinum
  8. 1190.75    PRO    Izzy Elkaffas    Izzy Elkaffas – Dynasty Trade Calculator
  9. 1189.8    JOE    Chris Carlson    The Tickler
  10. 1187.85    PRO    Jared Smola    *Jared Smola –


Come On! 6 Teams on Bye This Week

With six teams on bye this week, the waiver wire will undoubtedly be hit pretty hard. Here are the teams that are out of action this weekend:

  • Arizona
  • Green Bay
  • Jacksonville
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • New York Giants
  • Tennessee

And for a look at last week’s waiver details, check out the results at the link to Fantasy Mojo below:


Football For Breakfast This Sunday

Enjoy your grits with a side of gridiron this week, players. Minnesota and Cleveland will kick off from London, England at 9:30 a.m. ET. Get those players in or out of your lineups before then!


Good luck in your bids tonight players, and I’ll see you in the chat room Friday night!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship