Friends of FFPC

Strengthening our partnerships.

We are extremely proud of the friendships and partnerships the FFPC has formed in the fantasy football industry and highly recommend each one of these companies to the FFPC community.

“As an industry partner, has enjoyed collaborating with the FFPC in conducting the Pros vs Joes Draft challenge over the past 3 years. It’s one example of why the players at the FFPC are so loyal to the FFPC brand. They’re committed to providing the highest quality, most unique, and entertaining fantasy experience possible for their players. Their attention to detail spans every aspect of a fantasy player’s contact with them: customer service, game innovation, league administration, and event management. Their origins as successful high stakes players themselves is evident in the product they provide.”
Darren Armani
“Since attending my first FFPC draft in Vegas, I have been consistently impressed by the level of dedication that Alex and his team have to providing the best experience for all the players involved. The guys on the team are die hard fantasy players and dedicated to building a great community around the game. Whether it’s the in-person drafts of the online experience, FFPC is an awesome way to get some blood rushing by putting your money where your mouth is!”
Nik Bonaddio
CEO, numberFire
When it comes to high-stakes fantasy football, there is only one name you need to know. That’s the FFPC. It was built by players who participated in all of the high-stakes contests. The rules, structure, prize payouts all match the expectations we as high-stakes players crave. Others imitate, but the FFPC innovates. They have an active community (message board) and their kickoff party in Vegas is the best in the land. Their LIVE events are world-class and if you are lucky enough to win, you can expect your check within weeks of the season ending. I look forward to participating in their leagues and contests for many years to come.
David Dodds


As a partner, FFPC is one of the most reliable, dedicated and easy-to-work-with in the industry! Their attention to every single detail and commitment to their players inspires us to always provide the best customer service possible. As a player, I’ve played in FFPC leagues for a few years now and the drafts are always well-run and the leagues are competitive and fun. The prize structure and rules are top notch and they always pay out promptly when I request my winnings.
John Paulsen & Luis Escalante
I’ve played in just one high stakes contest the last five years in a row… the FFPC! They are clearly the BEST of the BEST!
Michael Nazarek
Dave, Alex and Chris run the best live fantasy event in the country — period. No one can match their commitment, integrity and customer service.
Lenny Pappano


The FFPC online user experience is great. The FFPC in-person drafting experience is great. Above all, the Fantasy Football Players Championship has always been synonymous with trust in the industry. We evangelize the platform, because this is where the best fantasy gamers play, and at every turn, the FFPC delivers for its customers and partners.
Matt Kelley
CEO, RotoUnderworld


FFPC represents an opportunity to test your skills against some of the best fantasy football players in the world. With an expanding portfolio of best ball and dynasty games to choose from at multiple price points, FFPC has something for everyone from casual fans to high rollers. Alex and the team also do a great job of listening to industry feedback regarding how to further enhance their offerings.
Curtis Patrick


RotoBaller has partnered with the FFPC because they are the industry leader in trusted high-stakes fantasy football leagues. It’s super important for us to recommend the best products and games to our readers, and the FFPC provides a top notch experience, community, and game variety, all with the highest level of trust you can ask for. Alex and Dave have created something really special here, and any competitive fantasy football enthusiast owes it to themselves to give the FFPC games a try.
Alex Roberts


Our analysts love helping our subscribers with FFPC dynasty fantasy football drafts and team management because of the standardized platforms and well-established rules. We’ve seen interest grow amongst our users and are focusing more of our content on FFPC over the past year.
Curtis Patrick & Ryan McDowell
Co-Founders, Dynasty Command Center

We were fortunate enough to have established a working relationship with the FFPC two years ago and still today, we are honored to be one of their power partners. Alex and his team represent not only a brand of excellence, but run their business with the utmost integrity and professionalism. The High-Stakes Fantasy Football space is constantly evolving and the FFPC remains at the forefront of innovation. Their willingness to listen to their fanbase, in an effort to meet their requests, while providing an impactful experience for their participants, is what makes the FFPC the premier platform for the High Stakes Fantasy Football experience.
Michael Goins
CEO/Managing Partner,

I recommend the FFPC in all of my fantasy football books for good reason and with pleasure. Why am I so excited about them that I encourage others to play there? The list is long and distinguished (pause for effect… great customer service, dual flex leagues, low cost entry options, innovative playoff scenarios and their December payouts all make for an extraordinary fantasy football experience. Did I mention payouts before Christmas? I am proud to say I have played since their inaugural season in 2008 and I brag about them to everyone who will listen. Now if they would just venture into fantasy baseball too…

Sam Hendricks
Author, ‘Fantasy Football Guidebook’
If you’re going to plunk down your money to play fantasy football, FFPC is the place to do it. Trust. You can trust Dave and Alex to run a professional contest, make smart business decisions, and listen and respond to what the players want. FFPC is the gold standard of the high stakes fantasy football industry.
Mike MacGregor
FF Today and Fantasy Throwdown
The FFPC continues to be a breath of fresh air. A solid business plan from the start has seen their Main Event contest steadily grow and smart decisions like partnering with FootballGuys for an Online Championship keeps the FFPC ahead of the curve. Besides the Main Event, I love the wide variety of leagues to choose from including the 77’s, Best Ball and Dynasty leagues. Yes, finally a high stakes contest offers Dynasty leagues for us die-hards! The products are great, but are only so because of the people behind them. Alex, Dave and Chris take care of their customers like no other and make you feel valued. And the best thing about the FFPC…the community it fosters. Going to Las Vegas last year was special, felt like a fantasy football family reunion, seeing old friends and making new ones, none of which would have been possible without the FFPC’s passion and commitment.
Jules McLean
We at FJ Fantasy Sports have been working with the FFPC since they started their business. The people at FFPC are professionals, know what they need to make their tournament first class, and convey these requirements in a clear and timely manner. They are extremely easy to work with. FJ Fantasy Sports is pleased to be a supplier to the FFPC and proud to be associated with them.
Jeff Peters
President, FJ Fantasy Sports Inc
I’ve played at the FFPC for the last three years, and look forward to representing scoutPRO in multiple FFPC leagues this year. I like the FFPC’s unique scoring system with TE’s getting 1.5 per catch and their use of double flex. Moreover, I respect and admire that Dave and Alex started the FFPC from scratch and built it into a popular contest that pays winners efficiently.
Nelson Sousa
High Stakes Expert at scoutPRO
I am extremely proud to support the FFPC, an event that Alex, Dave and I started back in 2008, as three guys who wanted to change the world of high stakes fantasy football. While I needed to step aside early on due to work commitments, I now get the joy of watching as Alex and Dave continue with that initial plan and have built an excellent business that supports the players and the entire High Stakes industry with a positive message. Playing the FFPC is a positive experience, plain and simple. They are players who became owners and their actions consistently show their commitment to being the best.
Louis Tranquilli