Launched: Playoff Challenge #2, Divisional Round Through Super Bowl

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Challenge #2 Pays All the Way Down to 125th Place

If Wild Card Weekend didn’t go your way, fear not, players! We’ve launched the inaugural 2018-19 FPC Playoff Challenge #2 running from the Divisional Round to the Super Bowl! You’ll be able to pick eight players to form a lineup that will (hopefully) cash a $50,000 grand prize after the Lombardi Trophy has been awarded.

The main details of the Challenge are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $200 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 1,000 entries
  • $50,000 Grand Prize
  • $175,000 in guaranteed prizes paying down to 125th place
  • Contest runs from the start of Divisional Weekend through the Super Bowl
  • Each team consists of 8 players in an FFPC starting roster format
  • Each team chooses from 8 playoff teams but only 1 per team
  • All rosters will be locked on Saturday, January 12th at 4:30 pm ET
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.

IMPORTANT: You’ll have two empty spots on your roster, as you are only picking eight players in this contest, and not 10


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Aberli Leads Playoff Challenge

Sitting in first place after the opening weekend of the 2018-19 World Famous Playoff Challenge, is The Godfather III owned by Jason Aberli. Led by Allen Robinson’s 30.3, the Godfather also got big-time performances from Ezekiel Elliott (26.9), Lamar Jackson (22.1) and Michael Badgley (20.4) en route to a one-week score of 121.5.

Since GDF-II lost three players this week instead of two, it remains to be seen if it can hold its lead over the teams just behind it. Jamey Joseph’s ROJO is just 4.5 points off the pace in second place with Jorge Rodriguez’s Beehives sitting in third. The Raineyators–owned by Todd Karfs–are in fourth with Matt Minor’s Jawbone Kureker rounding out the top five.

For a look at the top-20 teams in the Playoff Challenge after Wild Card weekend, check out the list below:

  1. The Godafther III    Jaberli    121.5
  2. ROJO-35    TEXAS FELON    117
  3. Beehives    jorgerod07    116.3
  4. Raineyators    ToddKar    115.75
  5. Jawbone Krueger    mrm5231    114.45
  6. Don’t You Wish V    GiuseppeLia    113.3
  7. CF8    Jeff T    112.7
  8. Team Zwickel    gzwick26    112.65
  9. Sophies Choice 3    JohnGif    110.9
  10. Wadesworld    Mark Todd    110.05
  11. XposeYourTDs W    Sposito33    109.2
  12. Wingingit    slidelow    108.7
  13. MC20    DavidMar    107.65
  14. Beavis & Butthead # 3    Skywalker    107.15
  15. Rad Rockered    Radrocker    106.75
  16. sipemo6    sipemokid    106.1
  17. TheDegenerates    BearDown420    106.05
  18. Dick Olsen 2    Dick Olsen    105.2
  19. Aftermath9    SRT1720847    104.15
  20. Rising Stars    Risingstar    104.1

Challenge Ownership Stats Listed

The 2018-19 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge is in full swing, and many of you have asked us to see how the entries stacked up in regards to the percentages of each player owned. We are happy to bring that to you.

Just click on the link here to go right to and see how many people owned each player. Good luck, players–only seven games to go!

Thanks for reading, everyone! And don’t forget to register for the FFPC Playoff Challenge #2 before it fills up!


Eric Balkman
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