Kuekes & Morrell Take Home Points Titles

Kuekes Cashes Reg. Season Title

Altadena Assassin Pockets $2500 as Playoffs Begin

The 2018 FFPC Main Event, now enters the league playoffs, but not before some regular season cash prizes are awarded. Taking home $2500 for his regular season points title is Kurt Kuekes’ Altadena Assassin. Finishing strong with a 206.6 in Week 11, Kuekes was led by Patrick Mahomes’ 47.7, Tyreek Hill’s 43.5, Travis Kelce’s 33.7 and Philip Lindsay’s 26.6.

PrizeLock, owned by Craig Magnuson, shot up from fourth to second place to secure $2,000 while Chad Schroeder’s Cocktails and Dreams pocketed $2,500 for both third and fourth. Winning $750 for fifth was Brandon Shamy’s Gmen who stayed in fifth place for the second straight week.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below along with their regular season winnings::

  1. Altadena Assassin IV    SUDZ    2116.4    $2,500
  2. PrizeLock    CraigMag    1986    $2,000
  3. Cocktails & Dreams XIV    chadsch23    1982.7    $1,500
  4. Cocktails and Dreams IX    chadsch23    1964.75    $1,000
  5. Gmen    bshamy    1943.5    $750
  6. Cocktails & Dreams XVI    chadsch23    1937.7    $500
  7. West Coast Quakes    Kimra    1916.4    $500
  8. Altadena Assassin VIII    SUDZ    1904.9    $500
  9. Baby F’ING Whale    kramercentric    1903.4    $500
  10. The Gray Hood    MojoMofos    1898.5    $500
  11. Sideline Sage    RogerGon    1895.15
  12. TJ s Butthole Bangers    TWells324    1890.15
  13. MarvinGarden    RockMachine    1888.7
  14. Coach’s & Billy’s Mission    Scott Johnson    1888.15
  15. Straight Pearls    Kimra    1883.8
  16. JettsonDean    joshnco9    1876.95
  17. #11 Alexandra the Great    MichaelGio    1875.3
  18. The Godfather II    Jaberli    1874.6
  19. MarissChris 2    DavidMar    1874
  20. The Black Dog    MojoMofos    1871

2018 FFPC Main Event Leaderboard

Morrell Takes in $3,000 in Reg. Season

Guy Morrell’s Moe’s Dawgs couldn;t be stopped in the regular season of the 2018 Footballguys Players Championship. Thanks to Hill’s big Monday night, he closes out the FPC regular season with $3,000 for his efforts. Coming up in second place Were Blake Johnston’s Bio-Dome Scientists, 56 points off the leader.

Chris Carlson was the big mover this week ascending from 21st to third place with Rob Vieyra’s Confusion taking fourth. Steve Bumpas’ Roadkings took home $750 for fifth place as the FPC playoffs take center stage now in Week 12.

Here is the list of the top-40 teams in the FPC right now with their regular season winnings attached:

  1. Moe’s Dawgs #2    GuyM    2081.15    $3,000
  2. Bio-Dome Scientists    BioDomeScientists    2025.25    $2,000
  3. Think Big and Kick Ass    The Tickler    1996.35    $1,500
  4. Confusion    RobVJ    1990.7    $1,000
  5. Roadkings 4    SteveBum    1977.8    $750
  6. lion    makilabraham    1973.6    $500
  7. Dr J    TimKru    1969.8    $500
  8. dream team    robinlayhue    1962.35    $500
  9. Vader FBG4 Saquon ODB AT JC JUJU    Mikepor21    1955.8    $500
  10. EZ Game    DavidHub    1953    $500
  11. Heavy Metal    SlimPickens    1950.85
  12. AWB’s-Last Dude Standing    TroyHea    1949.6
  13. Mystery Tramp Who Owns Moon? Space Lawyer Answers    David Fowler    1943.05
  14. LA FLAMA BLANCA    ndraid73    1941.9
  15. TD    shelbjstew    1940.45
  16. Ironmen    ant1075    1936.8
  17. E2A 22    DavidHub    1936.5
  18. Johnnyptraveler    jpitloch    1933.55
  19. Bullseye    Redrambroncoskins    1929.7
  20. Missle9-06    Missle9    1928.95
  21. PES FPC 2    MatthewLiv    1928.15
  22. Ignite the Bern 2020!    ashatek    1925.8
  23. Cocktails and Dreams VII    chadsch23    1925.2
  24. Rum_Ham 3’s Please    rabbott411    1921.25
  25. GOATS    JAZZ    1917.5
  26. More Random Name    RobVJ    1917.1
  27. StuPrice    Marcelreece    1917
  28. Cocktails and Dreams X    chadsch23    1916.3
  29. Rum_Ham 8 men out    rabbott411    1904.15
  30. McGibblets    Gruz    1902.7
  31. CrakRok112    CrakRok    1902.1
  32. MCP 247    Mayho247    1900.3
  33. Better than 12th    IsaacMar    1898.1
  34. Moe’s Dawgs #3    GuyM    1897.4
  35. 4Realz2    JTF    1896.95
  36. Let It Be    AlwaysOpen7    1894
  37. NJRBOYS III    vinnydds    1890.9
  38. Laces Out    DannyGipx    1890
  39. Pretty Vegas    Lou Tranquilli    1887.1
  40. Gettysburg Gamblerz    uwilose    1885.1

2018 Footballguys Players Championship Leaderboard

A Well-Deserved Rest

Remember all, the Rams and Chiefs take a breather after that doozy they gave us on Monday Night Football. After this week, all the NFL bye weeks for the 2018 season will be completed.

And for a look at last week’s waiver details, check out the results at the link to Fantasy Mojo below:

Previous Waiver Wire Results in 2018


Greenwald & Mares on Holiday Pods

Don’t forget to check out Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast tomorrow morning to hear from Tom Greenwald, a former two-time FPC regular season points champ and 2018 Main Event contender. In this edition, we chat about Rex Burkhead’s return, what’s the one Bear you can trust in fantasy lineups and more!

You can check out a new episode of The High-Stakes Lowdown every Thursday on Rotoviz.comRotoviz Radio’s BlogTalkRadio channel and Apple Podcasts. I’d also encourage you to check out all of the other great podcasts that Rotoviz Radio has to offer including Fantasyland, a show that has already featured many FFPC players and covers our live events at Planet Hollywood, too.

Then you can join yours truly and David A. Gerczak this Friday night for a brand new episode of the HSFF Hour! Jon Mares, the 14th place team in the 2018 Footballguys Players Championship makes a Black Friday appearance to discuss Jarvis Landry’s dropoff, Cameron Brate’s rise and a lot more. Hop in the live chat room and hang out with the other high stales players as well!

The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour normally airs Friday nights at 10/9c, and the next episode can be heard here. You can hang out with the high stakes players in the show’s chat room if you want to listen live. Plus, on-demand streaming is available for listening anytime via the HSFF Hour websiteApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcher RadioTuneIn RadioSpreaker, or Overcast on your iPhone or Android device as well.

ALL Owners Please Read

Congratulations to you if you qualified for your league playoffs!

Please remember that stats are not final until Friday, and the NFL may issue changes as they do weekly.

If this should occur, stat changes may impact head-to-head results and playoff seeds which will then be adjusted retroactively, even though Week 12 games will begin Thursday. We encourage everyone to set their lineups for Week 12, especially if you have been involved in a close head-to-head game or missed the playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

The four (4) qualifying league playoff teams will be able to continue free agency on Wednesday and Friday in Week 12 & 13. All other teams no longer have access to free agency. 

Any team which did not qualify for either the Championship Round or the Consolation Round will compete in the Toilet Bowl. The Toilet Bowl will run during NFL Weeks 12 through Weeks 16. Each team will start the Toilet Bowl with a zero score. Toilet Bowl winner(s) will be determined based on each team’s total points scored during Weeks 12 through Weeks 16.

Should you have further questions, please email support@myffpc.com.

Zucca in 1st in Bare Knuckle Challenge

Michael Zucca’s Mongooses continue to hold the 2018 FFPC Bare Knuckle Challenge lead over second-place Matthew Jon and Monty Phan’s Straigh Outta Whatcom by a slim six points. Leading the way for Zucca in Week 11 was Kelce, Stefon Diggs (31.6), Kenny Golladay (25.3), the Rams defense (25) and Russell Wilson (20.85).

This draft took place live after the opening game in Las Vegas on Thursday night at Planet Hollywood. Players were not allowed to use any device, cheat sheets or any other draft aid as all 336 picks needed to be selected strictly from memory. The champ will take home a $4,500 prize in this 12-team league.

Regular Season Prizes & Waivers Info

As a reminder, all FFPC dynasty and satellite teams, as well as all league playoff teams in the Main Event and Footballguys Players Championship can submit waivers for processing both Wednesday night and Friday night this week.

All regular season cash prizes will be deposited into your player profile accounts this weekend after the Week 11 stats become final.

There is a quick turnaround this week between waivers getting processed and the kickoff of the first Thanksgiving Day game. I would encourage each of you to get those newly-bought players on waivers Wednesday night into your lineups as early as possible so you’re not scrambling to do so on Thursday when family and food take priority. 🙂

FFPC Quick Resource Links

In case you have any questions or want to check something at a moment’s notice, I will be including this section of the email every week. While you are ramping up for the 2018 season, consider this your guide to all things FFPC:

Happy Thanksgiving From the FFPC!

On behalf of Chris, Alex, Dave and Mike, I want to wish you each of you an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family, friends, and football. It goes without saying that it is a huge, huge privilege to run these leagues every year, and we could not be more thankful for all of your support of them. We will never be able to say it to you enough, but thank you so much, players!

Good luck in your league playoffs, players! Remember to get those lineups in early this week with football kicking off at 12:30 ET Thursday afternoon for turkey day!
Good luck in your bids tonight players, and I’ll see you in the chat room Friday night!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship