Dynasty Orphans Available; 6 Days Left To Join Playoff Challenge

Dynasty Orphans Available Today

Good Teams Ready For You at Nearly All Price Points Now

For the best price possible, grab one of the new orphan teams we just listed and start playing dynasty fantasy football today! These teams are priced well and are in decent shape. Take a look at all of the FFPC Dynasty teams available now, and simply click the “Purchase Team” button to make it yours:

2019 FFPC Dynasty Teams For Sale

Prizes Applied To FFPC Accounts

In case you missed it, the majority of your 2018 winnings have already been deposited into your player accounts. While your prizes are indeed available for immediate withdrawal, you can also choose to use them for the 2018-19 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge as well. Only six days until the event kicks off, and we are once again expecting a complete early sellout like last season, so grab your teams now. You will be able to enter and edit your lineup all week up until kickoff this Saturday. The details for the contest are listed in the next section below.

In order to withdraw your funds, all you will need to do is click the “withdraw” button on your player profile account home page. From there, you can follow the prompts to request a check. For any withdrawal of $600 or more, we will require a valid W-9 tax form on file. Congratulations to all of you winners once again!

Enter the Playoff Challenge Today

More than a thousand teams have already joined, so please remember to enter the 2018-19 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge! Also, don’t forget that you’ll be able to apply your regular season winnings in your account right now to the Playoff Challenge as well.

NEW THIS YEAR: We’ve added more than $150,000 to the prize pool and will pay out an additional 50 more places than we did last season!

The main details of the Challenge are listed below:

  • Entry fee: $200 per team
  • Contest capped at a maximum of 4,250 entries
  • $200,000 Grand Prize
  • More than $750,000 in guaranteed prizes paying down to 600th place
  • Contest runs from the start of the NFL playoffs thru the Super Bowl
  • Each team consists of 10 players in an FFPC starting roster format
  • Each team chooses from 12 playoff teams but only 1 per team
  • All rosters will be locked on Saturday, January 5th at 4:30 pm ET
  • No roster adjustments will be allowed even for games starting later
  • For more details, see the full rules and payout structure on the contest page linked right here.

Register For the World Famous Playoff Challenge Now

Don’t forget to register for the Playoff Challenge while you can!

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