Asrani Stays Atop Main; Grimes Retakes FPC Lead

Asrani’s Redshirts Keep Lead

His Squad Maintains 10.15-point Lead in Main Event

Dave Asrani may have lost his matchup this past week in the 2017 FFPC Main Event, but he will remain the overall leader for at least another week. Led by Leonard Fournette’s 21.8, Marvin Jones’ 21.6 and the Texans’ defense’s 21, Asrani’s Redshirted squad stayed ahead of the Cracker Packers entry from Ron Hacker that moved up to second from fourth last week.

Don Metter’s winner winner chicken dinner team remained in third for the second straight week with Joe Stutesman’s Who Wants IV? moving up 11 spots to fourth. And in fifth place is Joe and Jason Reither’s Turduckens team, less than 15 points off the overall pace.

For a look at the top 20 teams in the Main Event, check out the list below:

  1. Redshirted ME 2    DAVEAsr    977.2
  2. Cracker Packers    RonHacker    967.05
  3. winner winner chicken dinner    DonMet    965.3
  4. Who Wants IV?    JoeStux    964.45
  5. Turduckens    Joe Reither    963.3
  6. Cocktails and Dreams VII    Chad Schroeder    961.35
  7. TheBrownNote    whodatdog123    950.65
  8. Manual Stimulation    MattKei    950.45
  9. Wyld Stallyns    Jack Haan    947.6
  10. 2 Gr8ts 4 THE GAME 2    Jay Reid    947.3
  11. Employee Retention Plan    Margrave    937.1
  12. Golden Bears    Joe Reither    932.25
  13. Chip and a Bear    eadano    931.85
  14. FC Toast    RonHacker    924.7
  15. Royale with Cheese    DarrenSum    920.65
  16. Straight Outta Whatcom    MatthewJon    918.9
  17. Smokin Acces    cmdi041    918.25
  18. MB Squad    mtb821    917.95
  19. KIMURA ME 4    Alex Blake    917.35
  20. Hot Sauce    BroncoBick    915.7


Grimes Back in Front of Footballguys

After a one-week respite from first in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship, Dallas Grimes’ KC Deacons once again find themselves ahead of everyone else. Thanks in part to Kirk Cousins (32.1), Larry Fitzgerald (29.8), and Rob Gronkowski (29.3), Grimes was able to tally a 163.6 to move his team 3.55 points ahead of Michael Cobb’s Boss Savage!!.

Adam Grossman managed to keep his team in third place for the second consecutive week, while last week’s overall leader (and guest on the HSFF Hour last week) Matthew Puskarich’s UMNRaider slipped to fourth. And Larry Erlichman’s AP15 remained in fifth place again after Week 6.

Here is the list of the top-40 teams in the FPC going into Week 7:

  1. KC Deacons    DallasGri    1024.5
  2. Boss Savage!!    MichaelCobb    1020.95
  3. Atom Bombs    AdamGro    1019.8
  4. UMNRaider FPCR    UMNRaider    999.05
  5. AP15    Innlarry    991.25
  7. G&B Enterprises    PaulGro    975
  8. S2YB 10    dwainmcf    967.65
  9. JD Harmeyer    RonnieMund    967.05
  10. Hagar01    wjwien    966.3
  11. Spaghetti and Lo Mein    Pinnacle4ever    963.75
  12. Ptery II    MakeMonayMonay    962.45
  13. LandsharkFC1    JD14    961.05
  14. Str8CashHomey    AuctionSports    954.75
  15. Wiley Tigers    GregoryPig    953.4
  16. AP13    Innlarry    951.85
  17. AlliedDog    Allieddog    951.55
  18. Tootin’ Gluten    Scrapman07    950.6
  19. 33 Jack    CJH    950.4
  20. RAY may DECKER 4    Ronnie Renner    949.95
  22. Mr Stats 3    MrStats    949.3
  23. Ball So Hard    Ryan Pohle    948.6
  24. Muncie Jeds Blue    megapowers    948.15
  25. Sideline Sage    RogerGon    945.75
  26. Black & Gold    David77901    945.6
  27. Straight Cash Homie    Bramult    944.95
  28. Jb/Ib10    ybwz    944.5
  29. Team Ramrod2    MikeyG311    944.4
  30. Rum_Ham 6 out    rabbott411    944.25
  31. Hammerheads 12    DanThox    944.2
  32. FPC BOOM 5    TheGreatGatsby    943.1
  33. Whodat4    AndrewRes    942.3
  34. El Grande Machine    moebeda    942
  36. Footballigans    Agrich    941.15
  37. The Nibiru lV    JDarling    941.15
  38. JettsonDean    joshnco9    941.1
  39. Addie    KurtPau    940.9
  40. Brass Dragons    HenryMuto    940.35


Verbit, Hubbard & Gromek on Pods

A previous winner of multiple FPC leagues, Paul Gromek–the current seventh place team in the 2017 Footballguys Players Championship–sits in the co-host chair with me Friday night. We’ll break down the Thursday night game, where the fantasy value lies in the Brett Hundley-led Packers and make our predictions on the Ezekiel Elliott saga. Plus we bring you up to speed on the latest in the 2017 Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event, too!

The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour normally airs Friday nights at 10/9c. You can always catch the replay of our show on the Fantasy Sports Radio Network as well as terrestrial radio stations all over North America in syndication. Plus, on-demand streaming is available for listening anytime via iTunesYouTubeGoogle PlayStitcher RadioTuneIn RadioSpreaker, or Overcast as well.

Tomorrow morning, remember to check out Rotoviz Radio‘s The High-Stakes Lowdown podcast with Nelson Verbit chatting with yours truly about Martavis Bryant’s future, what running back he thinks is now officially a bust and more! Plus 2016 Main Event Champ David Hubbard discusses the new Saints backfield sans Adrian Peterson and the problem with Mark Ingram.

You can check out a new episode of The High-Stakes Lowdown every Thursday on Rotoviz.comRotoviz Radio’s BlogTalkRadio channel or iTunes. I’d also encourage you to check out all of the other great podcasts that Rotoviz Radio has to offer including Fantasyland, a show that has already featured many FFPC players as well.


Bulazo Ahead of Pack in Terminator

Over in another one of the unique FFPC formats, the Terminator Tournament, Alex Bulazo’s Spearmint Rhinos finds itself in first place after six weeks of play. Bulazo’s squad tallied an impressive 210.7 Week 6 score in this DE contest because of performances like the Saints defense (33), Fitzgerald, Carson Wentz (25.6), Fournette and Evan Engram (21,7).

Bulazo is currently enjoying a 3.2-point lead over second place Tom Murphy’s T.Connection with Chad Schroeder’s Cocktails and Dreams lurking 5.05 points behind as well. Each owner in this 204-team tourney is forced to cut one player each week until Week 16 when they will be left with 10 players in their final starting lineup of the season. The overall winner will cash a $10,000 first place prize.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Terminator teams going into Week 7:

  1. Spearmint Rhinos    AlexanderBul    1101.75
  2. T.Connection-3    tommur    1098.55
  3. Cocktails and Dreams    Chad Schroeder    1096.7
  4. Magglios Gross Naked People    Magglio    1081
  5. Benjy Bronk    RonnieMund    1075.95
  6. Eye of the Needle    stuckeyjoe    1068.35
  7. Cocktails and Dreams IV    Chad Schroeder    1066.1
  8. Dazed and Confused    howkap    1063.75
  9. Redshirted Terminator 1    DAVEAsr    1061.1
  10. Fire and Fury    evanb1    1060.6


Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (10) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter of an NFL game between the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.


Houston & Detroit on Bye This Week

Only two teams on bye this week in the NFL, but you’ll still need to find replacements for DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Deshaun Watson, Golden Tate and others. And for a look at last week’s waiver details, check out the results at the link to Fantasy Mojo below:


Good luck in your bids tonight players, and I’ll see you in the chat room Friday night!


Eric Balkman
The Fantasy Football Players Championship