FFPC Terminator Tournament – Official Rules

Limited to 204 teams. $10,000 grand prize. $350 entry fee. Buy a 3-pack of teams for $1,000 (save $50)

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb? So what! The FFPC invented the Terminator format! And then we made it into a contest with a guaranteed $10,000 grand prize! This is truly a unique way to play fantasy football and we’re proud to call it an FFPC exclusive. The Terminator concept was created in 2009 by Alex & Dave of the FFPC and it is actually quite simple. By adding just a few tweaks to the standard Best Ball format, it completely alters it and creates this brand new format that has proven to be exciting and challenging. Did one of your players get injured or is under performing? Terminate him!

2017 FFPC Terminator Tournament is limited to a maximum of 204 teams (17 leagues) and will not be expanded. All prizes are guaranteed regardless of amount of final entries.

Regular Season League Prizes (Weeks 1-13):

Place Prize
1st Free Entry – 2018 FFPC Main Event ($1,800 value)
Cash Option: $1,450
2nd $350


Championship Round Prizes (Weeks 14-16):

Place Prize
Terminator Champion $10,000
2nd $4,000
3rd $2,000
4th $1,500
5th $1,000
6th $750
7th $750
8th $500
9th $500
10th $500
11th $350
12th $350
13th $350
14th $350
15th $350


Consolation Round Prizes (Weeks 14-16):

Place Prize
1st $500
2nd $350